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Tiger Woods is coming back to the US Masters, will you back him at odds 5.00?

Tuesday, March 30th, 2010

Tiger Woods is back where he belongs this week, on the golf course. We pay five times the money if he wins US Masters, and 81 times the money if Tiger Woods makes a hole-in-one.

Tiger Woods comeback will be the biggest live TV sport event in the world so far, bigger than the Winter Olympics. Tiger will have all eyes on him. We pay 6.00 in odds if Tiger does not make the cut and 26 times the money if he should withdraw or being disqualified during the tournament.

Phil Mickelson and Ernie Els are the closest rivals according to the odds, but US Masters is packed with mega-players with for example Retief Goosen paying 26 times the money and Jim Furyk 34.00.

The TV rating will surely hit the roof since everyone is so intrigued about what has happened and how Tiger will perform, and how the crowd and other players will act.

Tiger Woods US Masters

Now you can read our blog on your iPhone

Monday, March 29th, 2010

We’ve added support for your iPhone and mobile on our blog making it easier to read and comment. Just type in your mobile browser and will automatically detect that your browsing from a mobile device. Any problems let us know!

Wordpress iPhone

Følg det danske dynamit Sepp Piontek på hans Facebook Fanside

Monday, March 29th, 2010

Nu kan du følge Expekt.coms danske ambassadør Sepp Piontek på hans Facebook Fanside hvor han giver dig de seneste updates og kamptips.

Sepp Piontek startede sin fodboldkarriere som back i 1963 for VfL Germania Leer og var med til at vinde Bundesligaen i 1965. Senere flyttede han til SV Werder Bremen og kom endda på det Vesttyske landshold. Piontek afsluttede sin professionelle fodboldkarriere som spiller i 1966 og blev siden hen træner.

Efter at have trænet Fortuna Düsseldorf, FC St:Pauli og Haiti blev han landstræner for det danske landshold i 1979. Han førte dem til deres første VM slutrunde i 1986 og blev derefter kendt som manden bag det Danske Dynamit hold. Han stoppede som dansk landstræner efter 115 internationale kampe i 1990 og rejste til Tyrkiet. Efter hans tilbagevenden i 1990’erne blev han træner for henholdsvis Aalborg BK og Silkeborg IF, men også det grønlandske landshold.

Klik her for at blive fan af Sepp Piontek.

Sepp Piontek

Gissa hur mycket Glenn dricksade och vinn 50 kr

Monday, March 29th, 2010

Svensk flagga Vi befinner oss på Västmannagatan i Stockholm utanför Banan Studios, det är sensommar 2009, närmare bestämt den 15:e september. Vi är här för att fotografera våra ambassadörer till annonseringsmaterial. Hela gänget, Glenn Strömberg, Niklas Wikegård, Pontus Kåmark, Mats Wilander, Scotty Nguyen, Fredi Bobic, Zibi Boniek, Jari Rantanen och Sepp Piontek, är på ingång – vilket stjärnspäckat gäng! Om folk bara hade vetat vilket stjärngäng som gömde sig nere i källaren på Västmannagatan den kvällen förra året.

Vi var där för att producera nytt fräscht annonsmaterial, men jag tyckte det var kul att ta med min lilla pocketkamera och dokumentera det som fotografens stillbildskamera inte fick med, allt det roliga som vi fick vara med om den kvällen.

Ni känner igen de flesta från TV-rutan, Wikegård och Glenn med sin hejdlösa humor och  Scotty’s oändliga “baby!” kvällen lång, det kunde ju inte bli annat än kul detta. I ett par episoder har vi klippt ihop kvällen och kommer att rulla ut dem här på bloggen samt på, de första episoderna är på svenska och resten på engelska.

I första episoden myntar Expekts Dan Vikman “Jakten på Scotty” och Glenn suckar över att han “alltid måste ha koll på allt…”. När Glenn kommer i Taxin får chauffören en slant i dricks, hur mycket fick han? Skriv er gissning som kommentar här, närmaste rätt svar belönas med 50 Kr på ditt spelkonto.

Video compilation of Scotty’s European Tour 2010

Monday, March 29th, 2010

During seven days Scotty and his wife Julie visited five countries starting in Prague, capital of Czech Republic, where the poker world champion made several interviews and played poker with customers. In Warsaw, Poland, Scotty got the golden pin from the Polish Poker Sports Federation as the second person ever and 66 invited players took part in the Scotty Nguyen Cup, among them mega pop star Michail who have sold 12m albums in Poland.

In Riga, Latvia, Scotty joined the Norwegian invasion during the Norwegian Championship tournament and had 48 hectic hours in the Baltic jewel. In Helsinki he almost froze to pieces during a photo-session att Senaten square and later in the evening discovered what we all know already, that the Finns like their beer and poker.

Last stop was Stockholm and classy Grand Hotel were Scotty handed over the trophy to the first ever Freecopp winner, young Tobias who got an evening he will never forget. – I have had a great time and it has been so nice to meet the media and players at, Scotty said with a smile before he and Julie boarded the flight to Las Vegas after seven days of touring Europe.

“Red mad” rampage in Facebook Football – €5 if you beat him!

Sunday, March 28th, 2010

I’m scratching my eyes when, after having resulted this afternoons matches in the Expekt Football app on facebook, quickly checked the hall-of-fame to see if we had any new leader only to see that our pro punter “Red mad” crushed his previously 3 monster coupons. This time throwing in a winning coupon with a total odds of 36.27.

The winning coupon was three-fold with 1899 Hoffenheim – SC Freiburg, AS Livorno – AS Bari and Antalyaspor – VESTEL Manisaspor all backing the draw (X).

Can you beat “Red mad” or can he beat his own record? We challange you and “Red mad” and offer €5 to whoever wins with a odds higher than 36.27.

Take me to the Football betting app on facebook.

Expekt Football betting on Facebook player Geir is playing the Final Table in the Norwegian Championship

Sunday, March 28th, 2010

Geir Grønstad, player,  is sitting down at the final table at 2 PM today. He is playing for one (1) million Norwegian kronor (over €100,000) and a trip to this years WSOP in Vegas.

With approximately 500K chips he is shortstacked, average being over 1,000K and says he is planning to play aggressively and we are hoping that he doubles up within the first level.

The Norwegian Championship of 2010 has been a fantastic event but we can’t wait to see the final result today! Over 700 players bought in which is a record for the tournament and our guy has made it to the final nine which we think deserves extra applauds.

On top of this he will also get a package to next years Norwegian Championship 2011. The 5th floor at the Royal Casino in Riga is the place to be today, we will have a big crowd watching the tournament and I promise to update you on how Geir is doing.

Everyone cross their fingers for an winner in the The Norwegian Championship 2010.

Geir Grønstad player

Scotty’s European Tour 2010 – Day 6 Helsinki to Stockholm

Saturday, March 27th, 2010

I understood that I had been Scotty-fied when I said “thanks, baby” to the taxi driver when myself, Scotty and Julie left the taxi at the hotel with no Eurosport and a flooded bathroom in Helsinki. The kind taxi driver looked a bit strange at me I can admit.

When you spend so much time with these guys during a week things get a bit twisted and I am sure that I will say “what’s up baby” and “thanks baby” when I’m shopping in Sweden tomorrow and that I will get some strange looks, but that is life as a Scotty-fied person. I probably will need to find a place at a Scotty-fied rehab centre after this trip. Maybe that is a good business idea, Julie? People can check in at a cool place far away from Vegas and get “baby” out of their heads. We’ll see what happens.

During an eventful afternoon in Helsinki Scotty learned some things about the Finns, like that they enjoy their beer and their poker but that is noting new hey? Scotty was photographed outside the Senaten square church and if we would have continued a couple of more minutes he would still be there as a frozen statue with the cigarette in his mouth.

Anyway, all went well and we are in Stockholm now relaxing and chilling ahead of this night’s events. Scotty will meet and greet our proud and first ever Freecoop winner and I will do a video on that.

Tomorrow the Nguyen’s head back to Las Vegas via Nice (!) and Salt Lake City (!!) so I told them to jump off in Nice and chill but they want to see their beloved kids as soon as possible. And the hotel here in Stockholm has Eurosport so Scotty is not shouting about that, and at least so far the bathroom is not flooded.

I should say “thanks, baby” to the hotel personel here for that but reckon I should start my Scotty-fied rehab directly.

So see you, baby. Oh, damned, there it was again!

Scotty Nguyen in Helsinki