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Peter from Slovenia is Expekt’s facebook fan of the week #17

Friday, April 30th, 2010 wants to get to know all fans out there better, and this is your chance to show us who you are. Every Monday we are going to ask: who is our fan of the week, and then it’s up to you telling us why we should choose you.

This week we congratulate Peter from Finland who is getting an exclusive fan of the week t-shirt plus €5 on his account.

Tell us about yourself; where are you from and how long have you been playing with

I’m Peter Balazek, 19 years old. I come from Slovenia, Lendava city and I’ve played on for 1 year now. I registered when my friend showed me the site. I liked the very good odds, betting chances and of course the very good Casino.

Which are your main interests? And which teams do you support?

My main interests are playing football, of course betting and watching football matches. I support three football teams: Manchester United, my local football team Nafta Lendava and Red Star Belgrade.

We have noticed that you have been competing some in our blog contest, which contests do you find most interesting, do you want us to have different contest?

For me the most interesting blog contest is the one with correct score/first goal scorer prediction. I think that is the best type of contest, so I would miss it if it would change.

Is there anything you are missing from that we could do better?

I really don’t miss anything from But maybe you could be faster at adding odds for Slovenian football League. But this is not a huge problem.

Any last words from you Peter?

Stay the best and bet with Expekt! :)

Thank you Peter, we are delighted having you as a fan!

Stay tuned for Monday when we’ll ask who is our next fan of the week!

Expekt fan of the week t-shirt

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Predict the first goalscorer between Liverpool – Chelsea and earn €5 [Video]

Friday, April 30th, 2010 is highest in the world on Liverpool (4.15) ahead of Chelsea’s visit this weekend in premier League.  Chelsea eyes three points to stay clear of Manchester United at the top of the table. Meanwhile, Inter and Barcelona is firm favorites in their respective clashes in Serie A and La Liga. Listen what bookmaker Richie Sheridan has to say.

Do you back Richie’s view on the Liverpool – Chelsea game? First comment prediction the first goalscorer will get €5 on their account.

Follow a gut feeling [Guest blogger]

Friday, April 30th, 2010

Today I didn’t start playing poker until around 7 PM. My body was aching, my head too and I was so tired that I shouldn’t have registered for ANY games at all but I did. I had been occupied all day with a long overdue spring cleaning and we had a meeting late in the afternoon. I never stop getting surprised over how much sand that can be dragged inside from the beach across the road. It’s almost as if we had our own beach inside the apartment instead. The most annoying thing in the world is when someone empties a bucket of sand in the bed, it doesn’t matter how much or little sand there is in the bed. There’s no way in hell you can just brush it off and sleep comfortable afterwards. You just have to get the hoover, flip the mattress and get new sheets in the bed in order to be able to sleep. And with all that work I was just better off doing all the floors too, dust off all shelves and when I already started doing that why not continue the whole shabang and do a complete spring cleaning so I was completely knackered when I was done. But Oh my how nice it smells here now.

So there was only time for 3 of the freerolls.

In the first one I won my ticket but in the other 2, I felt I was just goofing around not doing any rational or logical decisions at all. But here’s a couple of hands in pictures anyway:

AK vs AJ

I looked down on AK off suit UTG which I raised to 100 on the 20 BB. Button re raised all in with his AJ off suit and got called by SB who just had 20 left and BB who was sitting on 66. According to my notes on these players I had them as loose aggressive pushing with mostly any hand so I called them. The flop 5d, 10c, 5h. Turn Ks and river Ac secured my win of the pot of 4620.

AK vs Bluff

Just a couple of hands later I stared down at AK off suit again and raised it 5xBB to 100 from cut off. Everyone folded to one player in middle position that I had played against before and I knew he could call with a wide range of hands. On the 6c, Js, Jh flop he threw out a 200 bet which I took as more of a feeler than that he had a Jack in his hand. He’s been pot betting before in order to try stealing the pot and this 200 wasn’t scary enough for me to fold my AK so I called him. The 10d on the turn came and he did a pot bet again. I still didn’t believe that he had either a 10 or a J, more got the feeling that he called my initial raise with A6 and that he was betting his pair of 6s so I called his 600 bet. On the river 8s came and he showed his weakness by just checking so I made a pot bet here which made him fold. My original reading of him was spot on this time, he didn’t have anything to call me with, he couldn’t even call with only a pair of 6s on that board :D.

K10 vs A10

This hand was a hand I followed a gut feeling, after two limpers from UTG and the cut-off respectively, on my SB when I called with 56 suited. The player in the cut-off made the mistake of not raising it with the A10 to try force me out of the pot pre flop. The push on the flop came way to late to make me step out of the way. The flop 7h, 10h, 4d gave me both an open ender and a flush draw so I called their almost 1500 bets and ended up against K 10 and A 10. They were just on top pair, then the turn of 6s gave me 7 more outs to play with and I got my straight when the 8c hit on the river. That gave me the 6587 pot and I kept my game up getting me the ticket.

I didn’t play anything more tonight, my head was spinning from tiredness so I made myself have an early night.

Play well and have fun playing well. Follow me on my private blog SWNetty that’s me


This is what I’m playing for, to see my name at the top of the leader board [Guest blogger]

Friday, April 30th, 2010

I’ve just heard that it’s been snowing in my old home town. It makes me happy that I’ve moved over to England from Sweden. The long winters back over there really drags your mood down even though the summers in Sweden in general are really sunny and hot.

The poker sessions of today:

I started Tuesday’s daily poker sessions by playing 2 Helsinki and 3 Darwin tables. Made second at one of the Darwin tables but played very badly at the others. Tomorrow’s events were very much hanging over my head. I have to do, a very much overdue, spring cleaning and we’re having a meeting later in the afternoon so I’m going to have to take a poker free day.Tried to play an “ahead of schedule” kind of a game today and I did fairly good. After these 5 games I took my lunch break and went out for a walk with the dog.The weather was really warm and beautiful even though the sun was hidden by the clouds.

When I came back I sat down at 2 Helsinki, 2 Darwin tables and 4 of the MTT freerolls again and oboy how much better I played after that break. It cleared up my head so good that I won first at the Helsinki, finished third in 2 tourneys and won myself one freeroll ticket.

Here are a couple of pictures from Tuesday’s tournaments:

Poker lobby

Ever since I started playing poker or any other game for that matter this view is the most exciting view I know in a game. This is what I’m playing for, to see my name at the top of the leader board. Now in this case I’m second but the game wasn’t over yet.

KK vs A6

One of the hands I had KK on my 60 BB. There was one player in seat 4 limping plus one in the SB, everyone else folded up to me so I raised it up to 160 to get calls here. Both players called me to see the flop 5c, 10d, Qc. SB threw out a 240 bet which I re raised up to 1200 to make it expensive to draw to either a straight or the flush. Player in seat 4 re raised all in. I was right here, he was drawing to a flush with A6 but I called the extra 140 while SB folded. My Ks held up and I doubled up.

Folding KK

Just a couple of hands later I looked down on KK again and this time I was in middle position so I made a stronger bet of 240 instead of the 160 last time. I had a bad feeling about my hand this time and didn’t want everyone to call and chase. One player called and to my horror the flop Jh, 6d, Ad came up on the flop. This time I only made a 240 continuation bet only to be re raised all in. I had the feeling from start he was going to do that and since I needed either a K, 2 diamonds or Q, 10 to win there were no chance for me to win this hand and any ace would beat me I folded still in good shape and only to a cost of 480. If his bet would have been smaller I just might have re raised to see how serious he was about his hand but he gave me no option to do so.

My challenge hasn’t been going the way I predicted so far but it’s still early so I’m not worried just yet. I do have stepped up the aggression a bit more but as usual when it comes to these cheaper tournaments people think it’s cheaper to just call everything with any hand and then buy in to a new one if they lose, rather than actually consider what I might be sitting with in my hand.

I have been saying this before that even if it is a $0.10 game or a freeroll you still need to play it at your best. It’s easy to just sit down and register for 10 x $0.10 sit and go’s, lose them and register for 10 more. 100 games is nothing when sitting online and play them. Just open your account and check your tournament history or better yet go to either Sharkscope or Bluff Magazine and check the status of your game. Then try to improve your game instead of throwing away money.

Quickly enough you do lose everything in your bankroll just because you don’t plan ahead how to and what to play.

Well now I’m going to head off to bed and sleep so play well and have fun playing well.

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I go for a three-fold with Spurs, Fenerbache together with Neil Robertson [Guest blogger]

Friday, April 30th, 2010

Sitting here in front of my TV with this mornings first cup of coffee in front of me and Red Wings first loss in the semi-final against Sharks behind me I’m feeling a bit philosofical around my role as a supporter in contradiction to the way I react as a betting man.

The fan of the Wings puts the blame on the referees, thinks Nabokov was more than lucky making that save with only seconds left and Howard was on the other hand of course just unlucky when San José got the puck in the net via his “fifth hole” (between his legs) while the part of me who lost on betting on a draw sees upon the same game from a different view: Of course Sharks will have some benefits playing at their home, even from the referees.

Nabokov had a great game between the posts and Red Wings must get more shots on goal to beat him more than the three times they did so. The Detroit defence including Jimmy Howard were useless for a couple of minutes in the first period and that’s enough to lose a quarter-final i ice-hockey.

Simply a bad bet that might have worked for me anyway with some luck but you can’t rely on luck to win on the betting scene. Good for me I had some winnings from earlier on Thursday eve, betting on a double with wins for Liverpool and Fulham (speaking of luck…) and I’m now even more confident then before in my bets on Red Wings, as I know they have so much more to show, and Pens, as they most probably already have won their place in the finals in knocking out Senators.

This weekend has lots of good sport to watch (when I clicked on my saved favourite leagues at I had to scroll down quite a bit) but I don’t find that many good bets. I go for a three-fold with Spurs, Fenerbache together with Neil Robertson (in lead 6-2) against Ali Carter in the snooker championships to double my stake as a starter.

Bets on the NHL play-offs will be on draws except for Pittsburgh – Montreal. I believe 1.72 on Pens is too good an offer to refuse ;-) I think this will be all I put any money on this weekend as I don’t have any real feeling for any team in any other game, just a lot of maybes, so to speak, and/or odds not worth betting for.

When it comes to the Swedish trotting scene, which I like to bet on from time to time and also make a good profit from most of the time ;), that’s very much the same with great races but not so good betting opportunities. I will put some money in on a Trixie with place bets on Bobtail (Örebro race 5 saturday), Debbie Brodda (race 8) and True Q (race 10) but I can’t pick even one winner…

Good Luck with your bets!


Ola Billmont is the winner in Scotty’s photo contest

Thursday, April 29th, 2010

It’s been 29 long days, 48 lovely photos and hours of judging them. However, we’ve together with Scotty himself picked the final winner in Scotty’s photo contest, “Dress up for Scotty’s Boot Camp”, Ola Billmont from Sweden, Stockholm!

Ola will play Scotty’s Boot Camp super satellite this Sunday May 2nd 20.00, a 10-seated tournament where the winner receives a full $10K Scotty Boot Camp package in Las Vegas.

Ola Billmont

Runners up: Tobias Harhoff, Caroline LECLERC, Glen Royea and Anette Larsson.

Champions League Barcelona vs Inter 2nd leg match preview [Video]

Wednesday, April 28th, 2010

Inter stunned Barcelona and won 3-1 at San Siro. Messi and his team-mates will attack at Camp Nou and 2-0 is enough to go through. Check out what Richie Sheridan at has to say before you place your bets on Inter – Barcelona.

As a small extra blog competition we give away €5 to the first comment having correctly predicted the first goal scorer. Will Abidal surprise at odds 41.00?

I’m betting on Inter and Montreal [Guest blogger]

Wednesday, April 28th, 2010

Watching the Red Wings humiliation of Coyotes this morning I´m now even more certain I´ve placed my bets right ;-)

Three points to Zetterberg and a great game by goalie Jimmy Howard makes me think that I even have a chance with my bets on best point-scorer, best swedish goal-scorer and Jimmy to win the mvp for the play-offs. I also have bets on Zetterberg as mvp and Franzén as best swedish scorer so I feel great right now.

Anyway – as I´m in the middle of some things right now (buying a house not least) I will keep this short and simple:

Betting on a three-fold with Ronnie the Rocket to knock out Mark Selby in the snooker champ´s together with Inter and Montreal to go to the next round, A double with Inter + Montreal on the same basis and if Inter fails a single bet on Canadiens to progress.

Think my best bet is the one for Montreal to progress as I believe they will succeed in stopping Ovechin/Bäckström and the the Caps defence… well, it sucks, to be frank!

Good Luck!

Barcelona vs Inter Zlatan