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Monday, May 31st, 2010

Are you our facebook fan of the week? Last week we got to know more about Antti from Finland. Now we want to know why we should pick you as our facebook fan of the week #22.

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Final day of Scotty’s Boot Camp, Tournaments, dinner and clubbing till 5 am!

Saturday, May 29th, 2010

After the long day of lessons yesterday we felt that our Scotty’s Boot Camp players needed a treat so we took them to one of the gourmet restaurants at the Venetian and then the renowned Lavo club at the Palazzo. It was a night to remember with a flow of bright drinks, great music, a lot of dancing and an occasional real live superman (true story) flying across the room with a bottle of champagne.

Let’s just say it’s a different kind of night club than what I am used to in Malta, and judging by the players faces, their countries too. When we left about 4 players at palazzo at 3 am I thought there’s a good chance they’ll miss this morning brunch and last day of the Scotty’s boot camp but amazingly enough they all arrived (maybe not on time.. ) and were eager to sit down and play Scotty who had a bounty on his head as did the instructor Alex.

The tournament brought many laughs at all kinds of situations. One of these was when Juzzu from Finland got a cramp in his leg conveniently at big blind and couldn’t move to the dealer’s frustration only to one hand later fold AK pre- flop. Scotty was wondering if he hadn’t listened at his lessons?! The players were fighting for an exclusive Word Series of Poker leather jacket signed by Scotty and the “lucky” winner in the end was Georgios from Greece.

The time came to say good bye from our end as we make our way back to Malta tomorrow. I assured my players that I’m way tired of them and would ignore there constant phone calls and text messages, but truth is.. I will miss them! On Saturday they enter the $1,000 #3 event and I will be sitting crossing my fingers all day that they make it through day 1 and show everyone what players are made off!

PS. Did you know that new poker players at poker get a $600 welcome bonus?


Stanley Cup Playoffs, Trotting and the World Cup – Read about my betting weekend [Guest blogger]

Friday, May 28th, 2010

[Tobbe “Hippie hockeydynamit” from the northern parts of Sweden is an avid sports punter and customer since many years back. Tobbe has been with us on multiple customer events, last in New York for an exclusive NHL-weekend with our own ambassador Niklas Wikegård. Tobbe blogs mainly about ice-hockey and trotting.]

Stanley Cup Playoffs

As I’ve had some days off not only from blogging here but also from following any sports as well as from betting on them I’ve almost lost interest in it as I tend to do over the summer.

Okey, I’ve been watching the NHL semi-finals and the Ice-hockey World Championship with at least one eye, and I send BIG congratulations to 19-year old Timrå IK player Magnus Pääjärvi-Svensson for making the all-star team as well as finishing in the top of most statistic listings for the World Championship and bringing home a bronze medal to Sweden with him!

Coming up soon is of course the World Cup in South Africa and I will watch it but not follow every game and I’m a little surprised to see so many seems to think Spain will win the cup easily and even more surprised that England is among the favourites. I think this Cup will be hot in more than one way. Because of that I believe either Brazil or Argentina will win it. As for surprise teams I’ll go for the African ones, and looking back at the last African Nations Cup I think there will be more nations than Ivory Coast and Nigeria to watch out for this time as Ghana, Algeria and Cameroon all are teams good enough to stir up some fuzz even if neither of them of course will stand there as winner in the end.

South Africa will most certainly leave with three straight losses as they are simply not good enough in my eyes. But there’s still a couple of weeks until the World Cup starts and for me as a trotting and ice-hockey fan I have the swedish Elitloppet to look forward to already this weekend as well as the first game of the Stanley Cup final on the same sunday and on saturday there will also be some great races on Solvalla to watch and bet on with Sweden Cup as the highlight.

In the clash between Chicago and Philly I will put some money on Flyers as I think they’ve had the most impressive play of the two so far and has a great defensive. Blackhawks are too big of a favourite here and I really think they’ve had an easier way to the final so despite the fact that they have players like Toews I believe they at least will have a hard time going all the way – my guess for the series is that this will go to 6 or 7 games and a couple of overtime wins will be in it so I put my money on a draw in 60 minutes for the first battle to 4.10 in odds.

In Elitloppet I already have a bet on Lucky Jim but that was placed long before I knew he would have grid 7 behind the starting car in his trial heat. Now the race looks quite open and the qualifying races will show more and I rest for now when it comes to betting on the winner of the final. In Sweden cup I would have liked the opportunity to bet on from which qualifying heat the winner will come from as I think heat 1 has all the best trotters in it.

Now I’ll sit back, watch and look for anything worth betting for in the final instead but a small tip is that french horses are the best in the world so 5.50 on Quito D’aveze as winner of trial 1 for Sweden Cup seems okey at hand but remember grid 8 is almost impossible to win from at Solvalla and most probably you will see a lot of horses winning from the lead as usual in the summertime and especially on Solvallas track.

As I look for some higher odds as I’m not betting with big stakes on these two days of great racing I look at some place bets (top-3) instead and will put them in some kind of system, most likely in a Yankee, Patent or Trixie but I’m not at all clear about on which horses yet – much depends on what kind of weather and what type of track there will be and the first races of the two days will show a lot more of what to expect in the ones later on even if a first glimpse at the racing form looks like a lot of favourites will win both days.

Well, that’s all the thoughts I’ve got when it comes to betting right now and if I have to recommend just one bet I would put it on Copper Beech NOT reaching the Elitloppet final to 2.10 in odds – this horse has done well but I think he’s up against too good horses to finish top 4 in his heat this time.

Good Luck!

World Cup Group B betting preview [Video]

Friday, May 28th, 2010

Argentina (ARG), Nigeria (NGA), Korea rep (KOR), Greece (GRE) – Group B in the World Cup is all about the stars in Argentina and Richie has a few tips on looking at the fixtures schedule and look out for surprises.

Scotty’s Boot Camp: This was one of the best days in my life! [Guest blogger]

Friday, May 28th, 2010

[Örjan Knutsson from Sweden won a full $10,000 Scotty’s Boot Camp package going to Las Vegas with Scotty Nguyen and playing in the WSOP. Scotty’s Boot Camp is being held in Las Vegas between 25-27th May.]

It was poker from morning until night on Wednesday and I picked up so much from Scotty and the instructor Alex. We started with chip stacks relevant to WSOP events and did a few hours of poker hands with a WSOP event profile. We analyzed hand selections, bet analyze, raise and re-raise, patterns, situational plays and reading hand quality at the table. Scotty gave us tournament strategy and filled in with tips all the time and special anecdotes from his long career.

The video session after lunch was great. Scotty showed situations from his most famous tournaments where he put in some tricks and overall view on choices. We got scenario based training with decisions and pre-flop and stack analyzes. It was very hands-on and we sat there all day like students eager to learn more.

We got specific situations to solve at the table and in the afternoon we were so filled with poker impressions that we needed a four hour siesta before we headed to the dinner and then a nightclub where we partyed till the early hours. This was one of the best days in my life!

Autograph Scotty Nguyen

(Image: Poker magazine)

Örjan Kunosson Scotty's Boot Camp

(Image: Poker magazine)

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Scotty’s Boot Camp, getting ready for the WSOP with poker lessons from the pro

Friday, May 28th, 2010

This was some heavy in depth poker lessons today. Starting off with Alex as our star instructor, teacher of the bracelet winners showing the Scotty Boot Camp players pre flop, bet size and pot size strategy with Scotty helping the players to get their play to a top notch level.

Moving on to some analysis off Scotty’s most famous hands such as the winning hand in 2008 WSOP Main Event, letting our Scotty’s Boot Camp participants give their opinion; how would they have played it? What did the players round the table do wrong? And who is showing the most obvious tells?

Today has been a most highly valuable day for our winners, mainly cause Scotty is preparing them hard core style for the #3 WSOP event starting on Saturday! No matter how talented and experienced our players are, they will shiver at the thought of sitting down at a table of the most prestigious tour in the world.

This is Vegas, this is where the legends of poker meet and its all new for our Scotty “Boot Campers”! But thanks to these last days they are more prepared than ever and Scotty will be proud to let them loose at Rio.

Jan from Czech republic is 22 years old and studies agriculture and is pretty amazed at finding himself at a one to one lesson with the Prince of Poker. He says he values the new knowledge of keeping focused on the pot at all times when playing live, even if you’re not in the hand, while Maris from Latvia who is doing his BA in law (!) Says he wants Scotty to teach him how to hide his tells before the event start.

The ten winners are all different people on different levels of poker but after this Scotty’s Boot Camp we know they have a shot in the WSOP event! What I know is, that after this day we definitely need to sit down for a nice dinner and then move on to the Las Vegas luxury night club that we put our sights on! Stay tuned for tomorrow when we will play a final tournament here at the Venetian and put the winners new knowledge to the test and don’t forget to check all the latest images from Scotty’s Boot Camp on flikr.

World Cup Group A betting preview [Video]

Thursday, May 27th, 2010

South Africa (RSA), Mexico (Mex), Uruguay (URU), France (FRA) – This is the line up for Group A in the South Africa World Cup 2010.

Richie Sheridan likes the chances for Uruguay to go through in group A where France are obvious favourites. But both Mexico and and Uruguay could spell trouble for France. The only hope we have for the host nation South Africa is just that, being the host nation, which has historically always qualified from the group stages.

Place your bets on World Cup Group A here.

Örjan Kunosson graduating from Scotty’s Boot Camp in Las Vegas [Guest blogger]

Thursday, May 27th, 2010

[Örjan Knutsson from Sweden won a full $10,000 Scotty’s Boot Camp package going to Las Vegas with Scotty Nguyen and playing in the WSOP. Scotty’s Boot Camp is being held in Las Vegas between 25-27th May.]

When I stepped into the Hummer limo outside The Venetian I at last realized that this dream was for real. It was an amazing feeling to cruise in Vegas and meet all the other winners and it was obvious that all of us were a bit gobsmacked when we sat in this huge special limo sipping on a beer.

Scotty greeted us at a bowling parlour where we had a VIP section and plenty of food and drinks. We laughed a lot as we tried and do those strikes and Scotty finished it off with showing some card tricks. Now we are waiting for the poker action to start and it will be an experience to remember for my whole life.

Scotty is so cool and relaxed hanging around with and I hope that we get a great day and night!

Örjan Kunosson Scotty Boot Camp

(Image: Poker magazine)