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Tottenham vs Arsenal: Premier League Match Preview

Wednesday, September 28th, 2011

It’s the North London Derby this weekend and in recent years it’s been a fixture which has thrown up plenty of drama — and goals. Jonathan Deeley expects this weekend’s game between Tottenham and Arsenal to be no different. Last season Spurs against the Gunners produced 16 goals in three league and cup matches so expect there to be plenty of action at White Hart Lane. Jonathan takes us through who he thinks will take the early season North London bragging rights.

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Monte Carlo Champion to represent Expekt Poker in London EPT

Tuesday, September 27th, 2011

Expekt Poker player Julian “fbritaIia” Kabitzke grabbed €300,000 when he won ‘The One’ in Monte Carlo last spring. Now he is eyeing new success in the London EPT which starts this Saturday at the Metropole Casino.


Julian Kabitzke wins 'The One'


Julian Kabitzke wins ‘The One’ in Monte Carlo last year


We asked him a few questions ahead of the big event to see what he’s been up to since his big win and his plans for the EPT:


What will be your tactics and ambition be in the EPT in London?


My tactics will be to play well, stay concentrated during the entire event and try to stay as cool as possible at the tables. My default game will be to play a rather tight game in the first rounds of the event and to become more and more aggressive as the tournament progresses.


Have you played any EPTs before?


No, the EPT London will be my first EPT event, but I’ve played several bigger tournaments before like APT Macau, IPT San Remo or “single” events like The One Everest event in Monte Carlo.


You won The One event in Monte Carlo earlier this year, how do you look back on the event?


I won the package for the event on Expekt Poker. Of course, I’ve got so many good memories about the whole event. Everything ran perfectly for me. I was highly focussed for the whole event and had the necessary luck on my side in some key hands. After having won the tourney, everything took a while to sink in and it took hours for me to realize my big fortune.


What have you been up to this summer in regards to poker?


I would have loved to make a trip to the WSOP in Vegas, but was unable to do so, because of my university exams. I was playing a bit less than I normally do and I enjoyed the summer holidays.


Will you move more and more to playing live tournaments?


Yes indeed. I’m going to try and concentrate more and more on live poker in the future, because I really like travelling all around the world and I like the atmosphere at the live tables, which is totally different to online poker.


What first attracted you to play on Expekt?


A friend of mine recommended Expekt Poker to me. After that I checked the site out reguarly and I really liked it. The customer support and VIP service made an excellent impression on me. The most important for me though was the brilliant promotions. They had the best value in the entire iPoker network and still do.


You currently play multiple tables on Expekt Poker at the high stakes sit n goes, but you started off much smaller. Do you have any advice for new players on how to build their bankroll?


I started my poker career with a mate of mine and began with just $50. We learned from each other and were able to discuss a lot about the game.


It’s important to understand not to orientate only on one’s own results of a single session. You can have played excellently, but have lost. You always should ask yourself critically whether your game was good or not and disregard short term results.


One last thing that helped me a lot was, and is, good old bankroll management. I’ve always been very conservative with my bankroll which helped me to stay cool during downswings. So I’ve hardly been on “scared money” during my career. Always keep in mind: Being the best poker player in the world doesn’t help if you are unable to control your bankroll.


We wish Julian the best of luck this weekend and we will keep you updated on how he plays, plus his thoughts along the way!


The Expekt Poker Team


Bayern Munich Vs Manchester City in Champions League

Tuesday, September 27th, 2011

Expekt betting expert Jonathan Deeley gives you his tips for Matchday 2 of the Champions League group phase. This week’s tips come from the Bayern Munich vs Manchester City. Agree with Johnathan’s tips? Fancy some Champions League shocks this week? Post your comments below and our betting expert will respond to all of your questions.

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