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Glenn Strömberg möter vinnaren

Thursday, December 1st, 2011

För några veckor sedan fick man ställa frågor till Glenn Strömberg på hans facebook-sida. De vinnande frågorna besvarade Glenn i en video. Den absolut bästa frågan ställde Yvonne Körgård, som fick ta emot sitt pris av Glenn Strömberg själv.


Ett stort grattis säger vi till Yvonne!



My last blog post for this summer

Wednesday, June 23rd, 2010

[Tobbe “Hippie hockeydynamit” from the northern parts of Sweden is an avid sports punter and customer since many years back. Tobbe has been with us on multiple customer events, last in New York for an exclusive NHL-weekend with our own ambassador Niklas Wikegård. Tobbe blogs mainly about ice-hockey and trotting.]

I decided some days ago that this will be my last blog post here for this summer as I, among other things, just have bought myself a house which will keep me occupied and as the only sports of interest right now is the World Cup and tennis from Wimbledon and I know there are people much more insightful then I am when it comes to these sports and I do like the different video-blogs here at expekt company blog.

Betting on the World Cup has been so-so for me this far and I’ve put all the money I had left on my expekt account on a favourite four-fold for today, mostly because this Wednesday brings on the teams I were most certain of getting through in advance (England, USA, Germany and Serbia) and even if I’m not all that sure anymore I feel I have to stick with my original idea this time.

Speaking of original ideas I thought the cup would end up going to either Argentina or Brazil and of course it still might but I must admit I thought the weather would be hotter and the team that have impressed most on me so far is Holland. Not because of their offensive skills as I think will grow with Robben on the field but for their defense and neither Denmark nor Japan, which I look upon as fairly good teams, were close to scoring against them and this can make Holland go all the way.

The sensation so far is of course Kiwis – the New Zeeland team are the underdogs I didn’t give a chance getting even one point and now they have two and can go even further by beating so far solid Paraguay tomorrow but this can’t happen, or…?

The really interesting part of the World Cup is of course from now on and I do believe the referees will have to step up quite a bit in their performances from now on. No real scandals so far (I think the 3-2 goal that was stolen from USA is the worst but that might be because I had a bet on them) but it’s from now on there will be stuff like “God’s Hand” etc. and this makes betting a bit different if not harder. Live bets might be the best way to make some winnings as you then can get some idea of what’s happening in the particular game you’re watching but that didn’t help me much last night when I thought Nigeria would score late in their game.

Well – I hope you’re enjoying the World Cup as well as the summer and will keep on doing so and good luck with your bets!

It’s almost impossible to lose if you just follow your brains, use statistics, bet on markets you know well [Guest blogger]

Tuesday, May 4th, 2010

Stupid, stupid, stupid and even more stupid, that’s the best way to describe myself when it comes to betting over the past few days. I’ve had just so many rights on my main bets starting with the Robertson-Spurs-Fenerbache three-fold which I mentioned in my latest blog followed by Chelsea’s win at Anfield, Xerez win against Almeria, Pens win in their first game (even a handicap bet there) against Montreal, the draw between Boston and Philly (etc…) and I even picked a winner on the trotting course each and every day since thursday but have managed to lose it all betting on systems, going all-in on other trotters and of course some bad luck in some games like the second battle between Sharks and Wings.

That brings me to speak some of the “bad luck” I don’t really believe in. I used to be just like many I know – blaming bad luck for my losses – but with the internet betting scene I’ve come to the conclusion that luck, or bad such, has nothing to do with wins or losses, nothing whatsoever. According to me “bad luck” is just another word for stupidity when it comes to betting.

If you just follow your brains, use statistics, bet on markets you know well and last but not least; NEVER follow your heart, then it’s almost impossible to lose. But that will of course take a lot of the fun of watching sports out of it :)

As an example from two nights ago I was watching Sharks vs Wings and Wings were wrestling down Sharks if not easily so at least they were in total control of the game. Usually I don’t bet on my favourite teams but in this case I did and watching the game I couldn’t keep from live-betting already from the first period and when I had in many ways already counted in my winnings.

What happens? Well – the ref’s sees a penalty on Bertuzzi that wasn’t there while closing their eyes for all the Sharks more or less obvious obstructions, Kronwall takes a stupid penalty in box-play and suddenly Sharks is 5-on-3 and scores. Okey, I thought, I have enough money on a draw to at least make a small winning, Detroit is starting to take over the game once more and then what happens? Yes, Lidströms stick break when he tries to take a shot up by the Shark’s blue line and suddenly the game is 4-3 in favour of the Sharks with only minutes to go… Bad Luck? Don’t think so!

I’ve been watchin hockey for too long, and as my fav team Timrå IK has a reputation of sleeping with the jinx I know what I’m talking about here, to know that this is hockey! At it’s finest, to be honest. Of course the refs would give the Sharks some advantages in the end of the game when they were playing at the Tank and Wings were in the lead. Composite sticks break a lot and it´s only when it comes to things like this it’s taken great notice of.

And when a team is being out-played as I believe the Sharks were most of the game (Well, I admit my eyes are somewhat coloured in red and white when it comes to hockey) and they score an equalizer they will even score the winner most of the times.

Well – that’s it for now and if you don’t believe in the jinx or that I’ve been cursed by it (sometimes I wonder myself, ha-ha…) you can always follow my example and bet for a trixie with draws on Valencia – Xerez tonight, remember Xerez is a totally different team now and that they still have a chance to stay in Primera, and on both the NHL quarter-finals and if Xerez manage to take a point in Valencia I will put in a small guard on a double with wins for Wings and Pens :)

Good luck with your bets!

NHL Sharks

What to do when you’re running bad for a couple of days [Guest blogger]

Monday, May 3rd, 2010

[SWeNetty is from northern Sweden now living in England and I have been playing poker at ever since. started up by playing Chicago, you know another name for 5-card draw but without the betting between rounds, with her brother and something they called knuckle-poker in school. SWenetty will contribute regularly here but you can also follow here at]

Today I’m not going to talk about how much I’ve been winning lately. Instead I’m going to talk about what to do when you’re running bad for a couple of days. You know the feeling, as if everything’s going against you in everything you do and you more or less are wondering why you even bothered to get up from the bed in the first place. Those kind of days I’ve been experienced almost every Friday and Saturday when it comes to poker making a huge dip in my statistics.

I’m pleased to see my statistics are going up steadily and I’m making profit in the long run but the Friday/Saturday-dips are annoying me making me ponder what’s making this happen. Is it just bad luck? Am I contributing to this? In that case how and why? I to my surprise found another one, kind of asked Scotty Nguyen the same thing on his blog but from the angle “if the amount of player’s playing during their time off work on holidays was the contributing factor of his bad poker days?” Scotty’s answer was that you have to consider luck as a part of it too but in my games yesterday there were less players than usual so the amount of player-factor was invalid! So what’s making my statistics dip and why always during these days.

Bad luck? If you have read Doyles super system and Sklansky, you’ve noticed that you’re not supposed to take luck in the calculation when playing poker if you’re a successful poker player. But even the most experienced players get unlucky from time to time. Is the luck just a factor you should take out of the equation in a long run and you still can count yourself as unlucky in short terms?

Here’s a couple of pictures to illustrate what I mean: I understand the initial raise from this player as I think he was trying to steal with his J8 off. It was a kind of a steep bet from that position with 3 people in better positions after him to consider . But I simply don’t understand his re-raise and why BB called all this with his J7 off?

Expekt poker AA vs J7 vs J8

Here’s another typical picture of how people aren’t afraid of loosing their chips on a very bad move. I mean why did the player re raise with KQ on that board? He pushed so quick on that board that I’m dead sure he never ever thought even for a split second about what we might have there, he just saw the K and woop-di-doo had the same card on his hand. The player with the pp 7s, short stacked more understandably pushed, so I’ve decided to categorise this as just bad luck even though there is one player doing a very bad move. I just got unlucky with my trips against his Full House.

Expekt Poker AJ vs KQ vs 77

I never stop being surprised how everyone thinks that any Ace is an unbeatable hand. They push with them like there’s no tomorrow. Like in this case, I raised with my Ace J suited and got re raised all in by A3 off suit. I don’t believe for one second that he was “just defending” his BB here. He looked down at any ace and thought it was the hand to push with, don’t mind the kicker or if the initial raiser might have had pocket pairs? This is such a regularly strategy that it almost ready for it’s own chapter in a poker manual soon! I’m not saying here that my AJ is a hand to always push all in with or that I should have called that it was the right thing to do but with the notes I have on the player it was a valid 50-50 call. I simply can’t understand this call with 24 from UTG?

This player called every hand no matter position, bet or hand. He called anything with any 2. This hand I categorise as bad strategy Another typical thing happening me Fridays and Saturdays LOL The only card that actually could make me lose after that flop, a queen came on turn. I simply don’t blame him from calling pre flop, that was a correct call by him just a category bad luck for me. This hand was a really bad play by this player.

First of all he minimum raised pre flop making it cheap for me to call. Second he never even stopped to think what was going on when I check raised instead it was an instant call. Same thing on turn he instantly called my bet chasing, just to river the only card that could save him and knock me out. This is exactly how my Friday and Saturday’s been. How do you all cope and manage your bad poker days? How do I cope with these days? Just by keep on playing, forget the game that I just finished, learn from something bad I did and head on to next one.

Looking on these games as practice and just have fun while I’m still in them no matter how I finish.

Until next time play well and have fun playing well!

Peter from Slovenia is Expekt’s facebook fan of the week #17

Friday, April 30th, 2010 wants to get to know all fans out there better, and this is your chance to show us who you are. Every Monday we are going to ask: who is our fan of the week, and then it’s up to you telling us why we should choose you.

This week we congratulate Peter from Finland who is getting an exclusive fan of the week t-shirt plus €5 on his account.

Tell us about yourself; where are you from and how long have you been playing with

I’m Peter Balazek, 19 years old. I come from Slovenia, Lendava city and I’ve played on for 1 year now. I registered when my friend showed me the site. I liked the very good odds, betting chances and of course the very good Casino.

Which are your main interests? And which teams do you support?

My main interests are playing football, of course betting and watching football matches. I support three football teams: Manchester United, my local football team Nafta Lendava and Red Star Belgrade.

We have noticed that you have been competing some in our blog contest, which contests do you find most interesting, do you want us to have different contest?

For me the most interesting blog contest is the one with correct score/first goal scorer prediction. I think that is the best type of contest, so I would miss it if it would change.

Is there anything you are missing from that we could do better?

I really don’t miss anything from But maybe you could be faster at adding odds for Slovenian football League. But this is not a huge problem.

Any last words from you Peter?

Stay the best and bet with Expekt! :)

Thank you Peter, we are delighted having you as a fan!

Stay tuned for Monday when we’ll ask who is our next fan of the week!

Expekt fan of the week t-shirt

PS. You can buy an exact replica of this t-shirt from our t-shirt store. Men’s Fan of The Week T-shirt costs € 29,90 plus shipping.

I go for a three-fold with Spurs, Fenerbache together with Neil Robertson [Guest blogger]

Friday, April 30th, 2010

Sitting here in front of my TV with this mornings first cup of coffee in front of me and Red Wings first loss in the semi-final against Sharks behind me I’m feeling a bit philosofical around my role as a supporter in contradiction to the way I react as a betting man.

The fan of the Wings puts the blame on the referees, thinks Nabokov was more than lucky making that save with only seconds left and Howard was on the other hand of course just unlucky when San José got the puck in the net via his “fifth hole” (between his legs) while the part of me who lost on betting on a draw sees upon the same game from a different view: Of course Sharks will have some benefits playing at their home, even from the referees.

Nabokov had a great game between the posts and Red Wings must get more shots on goal to beat him more than the three times they did so. The Detroit defence including Jimmy Howard were useless for a couple of minutes in the first period and that’s enough to lose a quarter-final i ice-hockey.

Simply a bad bet that might have worked for me anyway with some luck but you can’t rely on luck to win on the betting scene. Good for me I had some winnings from earlier on Thursday eve, betting on a double with wins for Liverpool and Fulham (speaking of luck…) and I’m now even more confident then before in my bets on Red Wings, as I know they have so much more to show, and Pens, as they most probably already have won their place in the finals in knocking out Senators.

This weekend has lots of good sport to watch (when I clicked on my saved favourite leagues at I had to scroll down quite a bit) but I don’t find that many good bets. I go for a three-fold with Spurs, Fenerbache together with Neil Robertson (in lead 6-2) against Ali Carter in the snooker championships to double my stake as a starter.

Bets on the NHL play-offs will be on draws except for Pittsburgh – Montreal. I believe 1.72 on Pens is too good an offer to refuse ;-) I think this will be all I put any money on this weekend as I don’t have any real feeling for any team in any other game, just a lot of maybes, so to speak, and/or odds not worth betting for.

When it comes to the Swedish trotting scene, which I like to bet on from time to time and also make a good profit from most of the time ;), that’s very much the same with great races but not so good betting opportunities. I will put some money in on a Trixie with place bets on Bobtail (Örebro race 5 saturday), Debbie Brodda (race 8) and True Q (race 10) but I can’t pick even one winner…

Good Luck with your bets!


I’m betting on Inter and Montreal [Guest blogger]

Wednesday, April 28th, 2010

Watching the Red Wings humiliation of Coyotes this morning I´m now even more certain I´ve placed my bets right ;-)

Three points to Zetterberg and a great game by goalie Jimmy Howard makes me think that I even have a chance with my bets on best point-scorer, best swedish goal-scorer and Jimmy to win the mvp for the play-offs. I also have bets on Zetterberg as mvp and Franzén as best swedish scorer so I feel great right now.

Anyway – as I´m in the middle of some things right now (buying a house not least) I will keep this short and simple:

Betting on a three-fold with Ronnie the Rocket to knock out Mark Selby in the snooker champ´s together with Inter and Montreal to go to the next round, A double with Inter + Montreal on the same basis and if Inter fails a single bet on Canadiens to progress.

Think my best bet is the one for Montreal to progress as I believe they will succeed in stopping Ovechin/Bäckström and the the Caps defence… well, it sucks, to be frank!

Good Luck!

Barcelona vs Inter Zlatan

A couple of Helsinki sit’n’go and my poker-day is on, racing for the bankroll at [Guest blogger]

Saturday, April 24th, 2010

Good morning everyone! 9AM Starting up my poker-day by register for a couple of Helsinki sit’n’go. This early I just start off with one table as a warm-up to get into the game after a good nights sleep.

Third hand in the game the guy immediately before me pushes all-in from early position, I know that this guy is capable of pushing with the most variety of hands like Q6 off since I’ve been playing against him a couple of times before. I call with my pp Qs and double up against his A4.

A couple of hands later I get pp Qs again and raise them up to 140 from 40 BB on the button. BB a new guy I’ve no notes on re-raises me up to 480, I call only to see A34 coming up on the flop. His C-bet of 320 makes me think he’s got at least on Ace in his hand so after a long time of thinking I fold my Qs.

Next round I get Rockets on the button so I raise them up and get myself one caller with K 10 off, the flop is K66 so I decide to make a cheap enough bet to give me information to whether he’s having the K or maybe A6 and at the same time giving me value if he’s not having anything at all. He calls and the 3, 8 on turn, river and the value-bets I get from him gives me a good 2500 chip-lead over second with his 3100.

After these three hands I see that people starting to be hesitant to call me so my table-image now is giving me really good opportunities to steal from position. Raising and C-bet portraying I’ve got the hand makes them fold their hands. Unfortunately it’s also that time in the game where people start feeling the pressure of the blinds which now have levelled up to 100/200, we’re 6 left out of 10 and the short-stacked with between 800-2000 are pushing with more dodgy hands but folding to my BB not willingly to get involved with my stack.

With 4 player left and I get AJ on my 400BB when UTG pushes all-in for 1400 more for me to call and since I still would be in chip-lead, I make the call. He turns over Q8 suited and I see 7JJ come up on the flop. 2 Spades so I notice myself keeping my breath here hoping the trips will hold up but when the third J landed on the turn sealing me winning that hand I jumped up and down screaming QUUUAAAAADS!

What a glorious beginning of this day! I’m singing loudly here to the dog keep starring at me with the expression “pleeeease stop and feed me” on her face! We’re now heads up and just after a couple of hands I won the first game of the day. Wooohooo this sure looks promising don’t you think?

So on to next couple of games this time I’m playing 2 tables this time but not getting along with any hands on the first table at all. Running cold there and when I do get a hand I don’t hit anything on the board. Getting called with any 2 there and bubbled out.

On the other table I’m at the moment second in chip-lead with 6 players left. It’s the allin-frenzy there at the moment. Blinds are 100/200. Well doing very well now with my second heads up with a guy who played pretty much ABC-poker bet when he have something and fold when he’s no-draw which means I could steal a lot.

Won my second first place out of 3 games. Overall it’s been a profitable day but since I’m going to be occupied tonight and tomorrow I have to leave the poker for now. Going to a birthday-party but I’ll see you around at the tables if you want to play :D Play well and have fun playing well.  Netty.

Expekt poker