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I’m building a bankroll from scratch at poker [Guest blogger]

Friday, April 23rd, 2010

Hey everyone! I’m SWeNetty, the guest-blogger here at I’m from northern Sweden now living in England and I have been playing poker ever since. Well time of dawn. At least it feels like that from time to time.

I started up by playing Chicago, you know another name for 5-card draw but without the betting between rounds, with my brother and something we called knuckle-poker in school. That’s pretty much 5-card stud but with a twist. The winner gets to punish the looser depending on what card the looser is drawing. Well needless to say you had to progress strategically, become a better player OR go home with bruises on you knuckles or arms. :D

My favourite games are 5-card draw and lowball. It’s just that it’s really hard to find a decent game of 5-card draw or lowball. 7-card stud is another game. I’m more than happy to sit down to play, find these games challenging since you’re completely lost if you don’t pay attention to what’s going on at the table.

I’ve been blogging about my poker-experience and other worldly stuff for a couple of years now at so you can catch up on me there too.

About 1.5-2 months ago I got challenged to see if I could make myself a bankroll at poker from absolute zero, I gladly accepted the challenge and planned to write about it in a blog, to document it. On top of that I have a new challenge going on which include the mini ECOOP events to be documented as well.


Since is having this really good deal for new customers, 90 days of freerolls to help you build your bankroll 5 times per day, in total 450 freerolls. It makes it a bit easier to get started as a poker player. The freerolls are capped at 500 registered and pays top 33 a ticket into a $0.60 sitngo where you can win $2.50. So if you calculate your odds there they’re pretty damn good, don’t you think!

The perfect scenario if you’re that good and have that much luck (which wouldn’t be much of a challenge and just theoretical but for the sake of calculation) you can make in 90 days time $1125 for your bankroll. More plausible would be something in between if you take this seriously. So far I’ve made 22 tickets. I’ve used 2 tickets winning me the first in both for a total of $5. Now I’m just using those $5 to just get my bearings around the sitngo-tables and up my game there.

Poker freerolls

To get familiar with the structure, players and more. I decided for this bankroll-challenge to use the 5% rule strictly, to have a bankroll-management that’s not going to ruin it for me when I run cold, I’m aware of that’s going to happen sooner or later realistically. well that’s pretty much all for now but the story will continue for everyone that are interested…

Play well and most of all have fun playing well. PS. You can follow me on twitter @SWNetty.

I’ve been making quite a good profit in the last days [Guest blogger]

Friday, April 23rd, 2010

After watching Senators vs Penguins last night I might just have had an od of hockey for a while, at least until Red Wings goes on the ice this morning :) Tonight I place my bets on Washington to knock out Montreal and Detroit to win together with draws in the other two games that’s on in a Yankee (if you don’t know what this is just click “bet system“) and if that fails I bet on Wings to win.

Thanks to swedish trotting and the snooker championship (an 8-fold on only favourites quadrupled my stake) I’ve been making quite a good profit in the last days even if my bets on the NHL didn’t go that well the last two nights. The 40-something ranked Martin Gould which I mentioned before as winning against Marco Fu in the snooker championships seems to be this years sensation as he now is on his way to knock out Neil Robertson but the big talkie is of course veteran Steve Davis that might be on his way to knock out reigning champ John Higgins! (This match is on right now while I’m writing with and 8-4 lead for Davis)

I haven’t checked out all the bets there is to choose from this weekend but I must raise a warning for Xeres in spanish Primera – they have lost only two of their last ten games (one in the last five) and Barca is too big of a favourite here. They have the CL title in their heads and before their eyes and things have gone too smoothly for them all season which showed not least in the derby against Espanyol last weekend as well as in their loss against Inter. Good Luck!


Betting predictions for the NHL play-offs are getting harder [Guest blogger]

Tuesday, April 20th, 2010

As I have been watching the NHL play-offs I must say the predictions of who is going to win their series is just getting harder to do. If anyone had told me during the last games of the regular season that Boston Bruins would stand a chance getting through I would have told that person he just have to be crazy – almost as crazy as the ones who predicted that Porto would stand as winners of the Champions League once upon a time and which brings me to tonights battle between Inter and Barcelona and my bet will be on “The Special One” to win the first leg as I am a big fan of expert Glenn Strömberg and his not so seldom used words “remember this is just first half” and this is just what it is also in this semi-finals.

Watching Glenn Strombergs latest video blog I can only say I’m with him all the way with my bets on the Champions League – I can’t see how Bayern Munchen will lose against Lyon at home and there will not be many goals in tonights game. My bet will be on a double with under 2.5 goals in Inter – Barca combined with a win for Bayern to triple my stake and one for just tonight on no goals for Barca to 3.65 and of course a livebet if/when Barca scores ;-) My bets on the NHL has been giving me quite a lot of winnings as I always bet on draws in tight games and together with draws in Finnish, Swedish and even norwegian ice-hockey my systems have been winnings almost all the way except for last night and the three-fold I mentioned in my last blog was as good as I thought.

My analysis of the World Snooker Championship was right as only favourites has won so far EXCEPT for Marco Fu who ruined my bet and believe it or not – this was the third time EVER I lost betting on snooker and the third time on Marco Fu, this time he lost against a part-time pro ranked 40-something and this was my last bet on him – ever! At last – if you have the possibility to watch the next Bruins vs Sabres game of the NHL play-offs you just have to do so: Boston is pure rock’n’roll as a city as well as a team and their fans rocks, their arena rocks, the music the play at their home rocks… everything rocks!

So – I’ll rely on Mourinho to make my (birth)day even though he and I don’t have a very nice betting history. I bet against him when he coached Porto and with him when he was in Chelsea but maybe we will both be winners at the same time tonight…? Good Betting Fun!

NHL Boston

I’m not all that worried about my bets on Red Wings and Penguins [Guest blogger]

Friday, April 16th, 2010

The NHL play-offs didn’t start up that well for me, even though I made break even, as well as making a minor plus in total betting on the draw between Canucks and LA Kings this morning.

However I’m not all that worried about my bets on Red Wings and Penguins as champions, even though they both lost in their first games. Sid the Kid and Malkin looked nice on the ice and goalie Fleury must be luckier in some of the games to come. The Wings were in control of their game most of the time and even if these series most probably will go to seven games I feel confident with my bets and I haven’t seen anything worth mentioning from the other series except that Capitals, Vancouver as well as Sharks (!) will all have a hard time getting through to the next round.

This weekend the World Championship in snooker starts and this is usually a good tournament to bet on the favourites in the first rounds. There is a huge difference in playing best of 19 frames in a tournament which is The One everyone wants to win then playing in the different tournaments during the year. My bet will be on a three-fold with wins for Higgins, Hendry and Marco Fu and they will hopefully double my stake.

Tonight I will also put some money in on Pens and Sharks as they can’t afford to lose another game playing at home and together with Wings, all on Double Chance, this will double my stake as well according to my plan. A lot of good football in the major leagues is on this weekend but as I haven’t followed almost any soccer games for the last two or three weeks except the Champions League and a couple of Primera games (couldn’t miss El Classico…) I will just bet on the games I might watch and then most likely live.

A friend of mine has a “no lose tactic” when it comes to this way of betting and that is calculating his bet as paying for the ticket for the match he

I bet on the Stanley cup at Expekt

Tuesday, April 13th, 2010

Although my betting season soon is coming to an end, the swedish summer is just too great to miss sitting in front of a TV or a PC despite the upcoming FIFA World Cup and the swedish elite fotball league allsvenskan is on the contrary just too crappy to follow – I will have some great betting fun in front of me in the weeks to come during the race for the Stanley Cup.

As a customer with I have, during the last three winters, succeeded in winning a couple of their NHL Challenges and each time it took me to NY and Madison Square Garden together with first my ex-girlfriend three years ago and this winter a friend and of course: Mr Hockey himself, Niklas Wikegård.

Some may argue this is just bragging and that it all was due to sheer luck but somewhere along the line I just got fed up with people who don’t seem to get that there’s a pattern in my winnings and I guess I just have to win a third time to make it a habit then ;-) This brings me to why I’ve been sticking to as my main betting site as they are one of the best sites when it comes to fairness, straightness and their customer-friendly style in giving each and everyone of their customers, big spenders as well as not so big, a fair chance to win in their competitions.

The one during the Winter Olympics was the latest in the (continuing, I hope) row and if the ice-hockey final Canada – USA had ended 3-3 instead of 2-2 in regular time I would have won that one too… But that’s history now and my up-coming winnings will come in betting on a third-in-a-row final between the Detroit Red Wings and the Pittsburgh Penquins. I’m not sure that’s possible but as they finished 4:th and 5:th in their conferences I guess the road for a third Clash of the Titans is open. In my opinion these two teams are totally out-standing in the NHL and with Crosby-Malkin-Staal and the Red Wings swedes fit for fight teams like Capitals and Sharks will not stand a chance in the long run for “Mr Stanley”.

My guess is that Red Wings will lift the Cup this year as they now have a great rookie goalie in (most probably “best of the year”…) Jimmy Howard and has been able to put their best team on the ice for the last weeks which also has shown in their great finish for the play-offs.

Other markets of interest is of course first of all the last games of The Premiership and the CL semi-finals, spains Primera and maybe italy as well. This brings me to the one thing I really miss betting with and that is to be able to bet on combos with winners of different leagues as well as being able to bet for league or play-off winners during the on-going season.

But now I’m mostly awaiting the next Expekt Challenge but my fear is that it will come during the FIFA World Cup and, good for you out there who don’t want the competition from me ;-) , then I will not participate with any real effort for the reasons I’ve described earlier. So – Go For It!!! And OF COURSE the Cup will find it’s way back not only to “Hockey Town” but also to Njurunda, Sweden – home of Henrik Zetterberg and Fredrik Modin! Good Betting Fun, Folks!!!

Hippie Hockeydynamit, dedicated customer and Timrå IK fan and follower!

Hippie Hockeydynamit and Henrik Zetterberg

Student won on a Nine-fold at 8720.60

Monday, March 15th, 2010

Nine is a magic number – ask the student
who won on a Nine-Fold at 8720.60 (!) in odds

Could this be the bet of the year? A Swedish student placed a bet on all nine NHL matches that were played in one night – and the Nine-Fold paid back an amazing 8720.60 (!) times the money at

- I couldn’t believe my eyes when I saw that I had won on this bet, says the happy winner, 29-year-old Swede Johan Putsén.

Match after match went in for Johan (pictured) who got the great surprise on Thursday morning that he suddenly was close to €9,000 richer from a €1 stake.

He tells us about the magic bet:

- I had made a winning single bet on a Swedish ice hockey match and took out that amount, but I saved €1 and put that on all nine NHL matches that was played that night in a Nine-Fold.  I filled in match after match after how I thought they would end, without looking at the odds to much, but the total odds ended up quite okay.  After that I went to bed and as usual in the morning when I woke up I switched on Teletext and checked the NHL results. I got a strange feeling that all results looked familiar, so I logged onto my account and couldn’t believe my eyes when I saw my account balance.

The coupon proved to be a jackpot. Among the nine matches two was draws and two other matches was upsets with the odds 3.30 and 3.70 respectively. The lowest odds were 1.68 on Philadelphia Flyers to beat lowly New York Islanders. Favorites Flyers was 1-2 down ahead of the last period but eventually scored the winning 3-2 goal with six minutes to play. In the last match of the nine, underdog Columbus needed to beat Anaheim away at 3.70 in odds. Columbus won 5-2 after scoring the two decisive goals in the last minutes of the match.

To bet on the North American ice hockey league NHL is a challenge and experienced bookmakers couldn’t believe their eyes when they discovered the winning coupon.

This is how the  winning coupon looked like:

Date Match Tips Result Odds
Wed 2010-03-10 01:00 Detroit – Calgary 2 (2-4) 3.30
Wed 2010-03-10 01:00 Toronto – Boston X (3-3) 4.05
Wed 2010-03-10 01:00 Atlanta – Nashville 2 (1-2) 2.50
Wed 2010-03-10 01:30 Philadelphia – Islanders 1 (3-2) 1.68
Wed 2010-03-10 01:30 Montreal – Tampa Bay 1 (5-3) 2.20
Wed 2010-03-10 02:00 Minnesota – Florida X (2-2) 4.10
Wed 2010-03-10 03:00 Colorado – Vancouver 2 (4-6) 2.45
Wed 2010-03-10 03:30 Edmonton – Ottawa 2 (1-4) 1.90
Wed 2010-03-10 04:00 Anaheim – Columbus 2 (2-5) 3.70
Odds: 8720.60
Stake: €1.00
Win: €8,720.60


Want to bet on NHL hockey? has the odds

Meet our Hockey Challenge Winners in New York

Tuesday, February 16th, 2010

A cold beer welcomed the Hockey Challenge winners, an exclusive NHL trip for 14 people, in the hotel lobby at the Time Square hotel in New York, ahead of a busy weekend with hockey, sightseeing and relaxation. Niklas Wikegård at named as Mr. Hockey also hosted the event.

Mr. Hockey is a famous former coach of a number of teams in the Swedish top division, he is also known as the Hockey expert in the Swedish national television. Mr. Hockey had prepared himself well by watching both NY Rangers – Washington Capitals as well as New Jersey Devils – Toronto Maple Leafs game. He then took the winners through a detailed pre-match talk as the coach he was, together with his fellow friend and NHL merited Robert Nordmark with not less than 236 matches with the Vancouver Canucks and St Louis Blues.

The big derby between NY Rangers and New Jersey Devils was the main attraction and Mr. Hockey and Nordmark had told us to keep close eyes on Rangers goalkeeper Henrik Lundqvist, Devils Parise and the just appointed Kovalchuck while trying to eat a 400 gram large New York strip loin steak!

The experts was right as the Rangers fans had reason to sing HEN-RIK, HEN-RIK during the whole game, Henrik Lundqvist won the game for his Rangers by stopping 41 shots! The Challenge winners were over the moon as it’s reached them we will meet with the star goalkeeper and also Olli Jokinen after the game. Autographs, photos and a hand shake will be memories for life!

Niklas “Mr. Hockey” Wikegard in New Yersey with customers

Saturday, February 6th, 2010

Niklas Wikegård, Mr. Hockey himself is with in New York with a couple of happy customers who won an all inclusive trip with NHL tickets. Mr. Hockey will be with us during the Olympics in Vancouver next week.