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Roger Milla’s tips and predictions for the African Cup of Nations at

Monday, January 18th, 2010

Of course Dan Vikman’s phone call to Roger Milla was a setup for the camera. But the fact that Roger Milla will give you daily betting tips and predictions at is no joke. If you’re a fan of Roger Milla you must also head over to and create your own Milla move and share it with friends.

Both favourites win for the first time in the African Cup of Nations

Monday, January 18th, 2010

With Ivory Coast cruising past a young Ghana side on Friday, those who have backed the favorites recent days are most probably happier now. Recently journalists have been calling and asking about the cup and the upsets at the start of tournament. Was something strange going on? No, not at all. It is quite clear that more and more African nations are learning to defend and play organized football in 90 minutes and I have a strong feeling that the favorites will rule from now.

I am quite certain that Cameroon will win on Sunday evening and Tunisia as well. Our own Roger Milla backs both to win and hopes to have a 100 percent strike rate in his tips this weekend after opting for a Nigeria and Egypt double. I was lucky myself, winning on a four-fold with Sheffield United, Crystal Palace, Brentford and Sheffield Wednesday. Or maybe it was skill? Let us see what this Sunday brings

African Cup of Nations enters its decisive days in the group stage

Monday, January 18th, 2010

African Cup of Nations enters its decisive days in the group stage and we’re facing a situation were all teams have a chance to go through. Both Roger Milla and our bookmaker Richie likes the odds at on Malawi to beat Mali, “we’re top price on this one” Richie adds.

Didier Drogba’s Ivory Coast at 1.80 in odds

Friday, January 15th, 2010

Didier Drogba’s Ivory Coast at 1.80 in odds, or Essien’s Ghana at 4.35? The only group game in African Cup of Nations on Friday is intriguing and Richie Sheridan and Dan vikman at are looking forward to a red-hot encounter in Angola.

Roger Milla backs Tunisia against Zambia in African Cup of Nations

Tuesday, January 12th, 2010

Let’s face it and be honest; we know little about some of the teams in African Cup of Nations and some of them hope for a fairy-tail ride in the tournament with hard-work and strong minds together with some skill and some luck. Just look at Zambia in the African Cup of 1994. Less than a year earlier, in April 1993, disaster struck Zambia. A small military plane carrying the Zambian team to Senegal for a World Cup qualifier failed to take off properly after a fuel stop in Gabon and crashed into the water outside Libreville airport. All 30 people onboard lost their lives, including the 18 members of the Zambian squad, management team and backroom staff. A year later, Zambia was still in mourning mourned.

They were back in the African Cup of Nations thanks to a heroic qualifying campaign and in the play-offs they reached the final against all odds. The team played for the team and those who lost their lives, Kalusha Bwalya captained the side that lost to Nigeria in the final 1994. They returned home as national heroes. Bwayla was not onboard the plane that crashed in Gabon due to his own travel arrangements coming from the Netherlands where he played for PSV Eindhoven. And yes, if you have a long football memory, it is the same Bwayla who scored a hattrick against Italy in the Olympic football tournament in Soul 1988 when Zambia stunned the world and won 4-0.

Fairy-tales are part of the football world and maybe we will see a new chapter in Angola. African Football Legend and ambassador Roger Milla says Tunisia, but our own Richard Sheridan sees Zambia having a good chance to nick a point against the favorites in the match. Never write Zambia off.

Roger Milla predicts both Cameroon and Tunisia will win this Wednesday

Tuesday, January 12th, 2010

Double of the day is served – or? Roger Milla predicts that both Cameroon and Tunisia will win their matches in African Cup of Nations on Wednesday, but Richard Sheridan feels that Zambia can upset Tunisia.

Roger Milla predicts a draw between Giants Egypt and Nigeria

Tuesday, January 12th, 2010

Giants Egypt and Nigeria are facing each other in the African Cup of Nations. Roger Milla predicts a draw. Mozambique and Benin are the underdogs in the group and Milla is going with Mozambique – but Richard Sheridan says Benin.

It wasn’t my 2,5-year old daughter asking for cereals, it was Drogba and Eto’o signing for Man City

Monday, January 11th, 2010

I woke up with this strange feeling that something odd had happened during the night, and this time it wasn’t about my 2,5-year old standing in the kitchen asking for cereals and strawberries at 2AM with a smile.

So when my head got a bit clearer I got the picture: All of a sudden Didier Drogba knocked on my door, I let him in and he started to juggle with a ball standing on one foot in the sofa. He then told me that a taxi was waiting downstairs and there was Fredrick, kind of Mr Taxi in Malta, with his shiny BMW. We jumped in, and guess who was sitting there? Samuel Eto´o.

Drogba and Eto’o did a high-five, they played some cool music, we drove towards St Julians and Spinola Bay and at the end, both agreed to sign for Manchester City… and then I woke up.

Cruel, cruel world. Has this something to do with African Cup of Nations? I guess so. Ivory Coast are playing on Monday and Cameroon on Wednesday. Some defenders might find it a nightmare to face Drogba and Eto ´o. But if you back them you might get lucky.