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Expekt winners enjoyed an unforgettable weekend in Munich

Friday, March 2nd, 2012



Last weekend Expekt hosted a football weekend in Munich for five punters who had won their trip through a monthly betting challenge at – this particular one was arranged last autumn. All the winners, four from Poland and one from Norway, brought a travel partner each and they were joined by Expekt representatives Gosia and Niklas for the Bundesliga clash between the mighty Bayern München and Schalke 04.


Allianz Arena with Expekt


The winners and the Expekt representatives are lined up outside Allianz Arena before the match.


Relaxed start to the weekend
The winners flew in to Germany on Saturday the 25th of February and made their way to the Maritim Hotel near the central station. Each and everyone enjoyed a nice and rather warm winter day on their own in central Munich, including a bit of shopping, sightseeing, traditional German food – and some also visited to the city’s famous and historic beer hall; the Hofbräuhaus, where Schalke fans and Bayern fans drank beer and sang together throughout the whole evening.


Bayern Munich shirts at Allianz


Piotr and Tomasz are posing in their new Bayern Munich shirts inside the stadium.



Bayern München vs Schalke 04 (2-0 FT)
The following day the two representatives Gosia and Niklas had agreed to meet all the winners in the hotel lobby at 1pm. Everyone arrived well on time – excited, happy and full of expectations. The group of 12 showed great teamwork skills right from the beginning and made their way together through the Munich U-Bahn network in style, before entering the Allianz Arena with over an hour left to kick off. After a few minutes in the Bayern souvenir shop, and the purchase of a few replica shirts and scarves, the group enjoyed a pre-match beer and had a light bite together before the two teams entered the pitch. Bayern had the most of the possession and chances in the initial stage of the game and should have scored within the first ten minutes. But Frank Ribery finally broke the deadlock in the 36th minute and the crowd exploded to the tunes of a remix of White Stripes’ hit “Seven Nation Army“. Bayern doubled their lead in the 55th minute when Ribery shot past Schalke’s goalkeeper Timo Hildebrand. The home side then controlled the lead throughout the rest of the game and took three well deserved points to 69,000 fans’ delight.


Aliianz Arena, Germany with Expekt


Yet another group photo, this time after the game in front of the massive Allianz Arena.


March Betting Challenge
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March Challenge



On behalf of Expekt, we wish everyone good luck with their bets in March and we would also thank all the winners, Piotr, Monika, Marcin, Tomasz, Henrik, for an unforgettable weekend in Munich.


Betting challenge on Expekt

The German national team – a winning machine

Friday, March 25th, 2011

No Bundesliga action this weekend but instead we have some qualification games to look forward to. As I usually try to put the focus on the Bundesliga I have this weekend chosen to cast some light on the German national team, also called die Nationalmannschaft in German.

The German national team is a success story. As individuals the Germans aren’t the best players in the world, but when they come together they form a group that grows and become stronger than most other teams in the world. It doesn’t seem to matter in what form the players are in when coming in to the team, they always seem to come out on top of their game. A good example of this is the German striker Miroslav Klose. He hasn’t been very successful in Bayern Munich the last couple of years, but as soon as he puts on the white shirt with the eagle on the chest he transforms in to a world class striker who scores for fun.

But what is it that actually makes the German players grow and become better players than the English, the French and the Italian players who often perform well in their club teams but don’t seem to bring it when playing for their countries? My theory is that tradition and mentality play huge roles. The German national team has a winning tradition. They have always been successful and managed to grow a winning culture within the team and their surroundings. This winning mentality is something that is cultivated in many youth teams in Germany. They are brought up to be winners with a winning mentality. In many countries young players are hindered from competing at a very young age since the focus is on participating and having fun rather than competing. In Germany the tradition of competing and winning is greater than participating and socialising. Arguably you could have opinions about this. But on the other hand, this mentality will bring winners. Winners that won’t complain about the media pressure and other things when failing in the world cup. Pressure is nothing new to the German players, they have dealt with pressure since being 7 years old and competing in their local youth team.

Have a look at this weekend’s qualification games!

Leverkusen – the team that never win

Friday, March 18th, 2011

It’s been an intensive week for all Bundesliga lovers. Last weekend we saw Bayern destroy HSV at home (6-0), Dortmund lose to Hoffenheim and Stuttgart win another crucial game in the relegation battle. In the week Bayern had a golden opportunity to knock out Inter of the Champions League. They were 3-1 ahead on aggregate at half-time, only to concede two goals in the second half and leaving their fans in grief and despair. It’s quite apparent that Bayern have one of the best attacking lines in Europe with Robben, Ribery, Gomez , Müller etc. It’s, however, just as apparent that their defensive line-up is way too poor to compete on an international level. I guess the board of Bayern Munich will have defenders on their shopping list this summer.

Looking ahead of the upcoming weekend, we have some really interesting encounters to look forward to. Tonight we have a battle in the releagation zone between Mönchengladbach and Kaiserslatuern. Tomorrow evening we will see if Dortmund can bounce back after last weeks defeat, when facing Mainz at home. On Sunday we have a derby in the West of Germany when high-flying Leverkusen take on the Champions Leauge team Schalke 04. Speaking of Leverkusen, the West German club is one of the clubs that never has managed to win the Bundesliga. The club has been very close some times, but never gone all the way. 1997, 1999, 2000, 2002 the club finished second in the league which rendered in the nick names “Vize-kusen” and “Neverkusen”. They have, however, won the UEFA cup and the German cup in the years of 1988 and 1993.

This year, the chances to win the Bundesliga look slim. If Dortmund would completely lose track of their winning style  they would probably be in for it. The odds on Dortmund not to win the league are very high at the moment, but everything can happen in the world of football. At the moment you would get 15 times the stake on Leverkusen to win the Bundesliga. Why not take a shot and celebrate alongside the fans of “Neverkusen” when they finally gets to call themselves “Deutsche Meister” (eng. German champions).


HSV vs. Werder Bremen – Battle of the North

Friday, February 18th, 2011

The media reports from Germany this week have been dominated by the Hamburg derby that took place on Wednesday evening.  St Pauli, the smaller of the two clubs, had not won a derby since 1977 but managed to cause an upset in the Nordbank arena. Obviously in a derby like this the reactions were strong and the sport director of HSV announced that he wanted to throw up when having to witness the St Pauli fans celebrating their glorious win in the stadium of HSV.

Despite the derby loss Hamburg have got to get their mind and body rehabilitated very quickly because on Saturday they entertain Werder Bremen. Next to the derby this might very well be the most important game of the season for HSV. Hamburg and Bremen are two popular clubs in the north of Germany and both of them have been quite successful in the past. Throughout the years the rivalry between these two clubs has grown and the fans consider this to be the “Battle of the North”.

If you have a look at the table you can spot Werder Bremen at the bottom end of the table and HSV in the upper half. Of course this is a huge disappointment for the “Hanseaten” from Bremen who wished to challenge for a Champions League place this season. As a measure to improve the situation the board of the club brought some new players in the winter break. The Brazilian defender Samuel was bought from FC Sao Paolo and the Swedish promising young striker Denni Avdic was bought from IF Elfsborg. Avdic has not started a game yet but on Saturday he seems to have good chances of a place in the starting line-up! As for HSV the most famous players in the squad are the high flying Dutch striker van Nistelrooy, the Brazilian ze Roberto, the German national player Marcel Jensen and the Dutch star Elia.

What’s your pick on this clash? Do you think HSV will have recovered from the derby loss or will Bremen be able to deliver another blow? Take a look at our odds and give it a go!

HSV vs. Bremen

FC Bayern Munich – a club with many faces

Thursday, February 10th, 2011

This week we have had international friendlies and therefore there is no Bundesliga game on Friday night. We have – however – nine exciting Bundesliga matches to look forward to on Saturday and Sunday. One of the games is between FC Bayern Munich and Hoffenheim. Bayern Munich is an interesting club for many reasons; it is not only the most successful club of German history but it is also a club that people tend to have strong feelings about. When traveling around in Germany you easy get the feeling that people either hate the club or love it. Why is it that people tend to be so opinionated about the southern club?

As mentioned above Bayern is the most successful club in Germany and with success you usually get a lot of enemies. Success makes people envious of you but this might not be the whole truth. People who oppose the club claim that they – the Bayern – tend to disregard other German clubs by using their financial muscles unfairly when buying up young talented German players. The fans of the club dismiss this argument and claim that Bayern – as opposed to many other clubs – at least by German players and try to make them grow and develop in a proved environment. Another reason for people to dislike the “reds” from Munich is the attitude of the officials of the club that many Germans name as “Überheblich” (eng. arrogant). The president of the club Uli Hoeness is often accused of being over-confident or big-headed. The proponents of Hoeness argue that you have to have a self-confident attitude in order to lead a club with very high ambitions.

On top of the club’s high-profile officials Bayern have had a culture of signing players that tend to be very vocal and outgoing in many ways. One of these players was Stefan Effenberg. In the World Cup of 94 he gave the finger to the German fans at the stadium following a poor performance of the German team. On another occasion he was fined 10,000 euro after having called a police officer “asshole”. To top it all off he married the highly controversial Claudia Effenberg who is the ex-wife of former team mate Thomas Helmer. Some other famous Bayern stars that are worth mentioning are Oliver Kahn, Mario Basler and Frank Ribery. Kahn was famous for his immense desire to win which sometimes brought him into disrepute. In a game against Dortmund in the year of 1999 Kahn tried to kick the Dortmund player Chapuisat which rendered in the nick name “Kung Fu-Kahn”. Mario Basler was a very talented player but he was also in the habbit of living a wild private life which included heavy smoking and fights in bars. Frank Ribery is the player in today’s squad that most frequently appear in the yellow press. Last summer he went to see a prostitute that at the time of the encounter only was 17 years of age. Ribery later denied having known about the girls age and also denied having paid for the sex although he admitted giving her 100 euro in pocket money.

Regardless what you think about Bayern Munich and the officials of the club you can never take away their success nor their ability to entertain people who like football. Let’s be honest – we all like to read about players who don’t act like media trained robots all the time.

Bayern firar

Did you know that Dortmund – Schalke 04 is one of the most prestigious derbies in Germany?

Friday, February 4th, 2011

Which European league has the highest attendance rate?

Which league has for years been the league with the most goals?

That’s right, it’s the German Bundesliga! Many football fans out there haven’t really discovered this exciting league but in order to provide you with some interesting facts and previews on the upcoming games we are going to publish a post about the league every Friday here on the blog! This Friday we are kicking off with a very big clash between the local rivals Schalke 04 and Dortmund.

Revierderby is the historical name of the match played between the clubs of the Ruhr Area (Revier). Both clubs enjoy good support not only in their local area but throughout the whole of Germany. Dortmund are constantly represented among the top 3 clubs with the highest attendance rate in Europe. Their bitter rivals – Schalke 04 – have got over 90,000 members which makes them the second largest sports club in Germany.

There have been some real memorable clashes between these two clubs throughout the years. In the recent years the second derby in the season 2006-2007 stands out. Schalke had been league leaders for almost three months and were on their way of winning their first Bundesliga title in many years. On the penultimate match day they travelled to Dortmund and the chances of a win looked good. Dortmund went on to beat Schalke with 2-0 and the fans could celebrate not only a derby win but also the fact that they destroyed Schalkes hopes and dreams of winning the title. This was massively celebrated among the BVB-fans and special t-shirts were designed as a reminder of the glorious win. This time the roles are opposite; Dortmund are at the top of the table and Schalke´s fans are out for revenge.

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Dortmund vs. Schalke

United och Real tar revansch – och sitter helgens trippel? (SWE)

Thursday, December 2nd, 2010

I Inside Expekt hittar du helgens hetaste försnack inför spelhelgen:

– Ska Manchester United och Real Madrid ta revansch efter de svidande förlusterna mot West Ham (!) respektive Barcelona? Motståndarna Blackpool och Valencia ger 8.75 respektive 9.00 gånger pengarna!

– Ska Niklas Joelsson sätta sina tre valda spel i helgen? Ett av lagen är Dortmund och trippeln ger över sex gånger pengarna.

Kolla in trippeln här och försnacket i Inside Expekt!

Bayern München vs VfL Wolfsburg, Bundesliga Preview [Video]

Friday, August 20th, 2010

The Bundesliga is back and we are also back with yet another video preview ahead of a new campaign. Last season’s champions Bayern München are at home to 2008/09 season’s champions VfL Wolfsburg in the first match of the year. What’s your thought?

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