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The German national team – a winning machine

Friday, March 25th, 2011

No Bundesliga action this weekend but instead we have some qualification games to look forward to. As I usually try to put the focus on the Bundesliga I have this weekend chosen to cast some light on the German national team, also called die Nationalmannschaft in German.

The German national team is a success story. As individuals the Germans aren’t the best players in the world, but when they come together they form a group that grows and become stronger than most other teams in the world. It doesn’t seem to matter in what form the players are in when coming in to the team, they always seem to come out on top of their game. A good example of this is the German striker Miroslav Klose. He hasn’t been very successful in Bayern Munich the last couple of years, but as soon as he puts on the white shirt with the eagle on the chest he transforms in to a world class striker who scores for fun.

But what is it that actually makes the German players grow and become better players than the English, the French and the Italian players who often perform well in their club teams but don’t seem to bring it when playing for their countries? My theory is that tradition and mentality play huge roles. The German national team has a winning tradition. They have always been successful and managed to grow a winning culture within the team and their surroundings. This winning mentality is something that is cultivated in many youth teams in Germany. They are brought up to be winners with a winning mentality. In many countries young players are hindered from competing at a very young age since the focus is on participating and having fun rather than competing. In Germany the tradition of competing and winning is greater than participating and socialising. Arguably you could have opinions about this. But on the other hand, this mentality will bring winners. Winners that won’t complain about the media pressure and other things when failing in the world cup. Pressure is nothing new to the German players, they have dealt with pressure since being 7 years old and competing in their local youth team.

Have a look at this weekend’s qualification games!

2010 World Cup Final, Netherlands vs Spain [video]

Friday, July 9th, 2010

Holland or Spain? It is time for the big World Cup final in South Africa and Dan and Richie can’t wait for the kick-off in Johannesburg on Sunday evening. Richie likes the odds on Holland, 3.65, and ten times the money on Robben to become first scorer is also worth having a look at. David Villa and Wesley Sneijder are at the same time fighting to become Golden Boot trophy winners. Both stand on five goals each and Villa is the favorite to become top scorer at 1.75, while Sneijder pays 3.75 in odds. Spain is the favorite to win the match at 2.15 but Holland is in great form being unbeaten in their last 25 games and will be well backed. Also, watch out for a special-guest in the show – Paul the Octopus!

Final Match Sunday 11th July:

20:30 Netherlands – Spain

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World Cup 2010, Uruguay vs Germany [video]

Friday, July 9th, 2010

Uruguay has done a great World Cup and eyes a bronze medal when they clashes with Germany this Saturday. Uruguay pays a massive 5.10 in odds and Diego Forlan is still in reach of the Golden Boot title. The same goes for Miroslav Klose who will equal Ronaldo’s all-time record with 15 World Cup goals if he scores a goal. So plenty to play for here, and Dan and Richie at takes a look at the 3rd place match and gives you the best tips and odds.

Bronze match Saturday 10th July:

20:30 Uruguay – Germany

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World Cup 2010, everyone remembers the top scorer

Thursday, July 8th, 2010

While we are preparing for the final and the bronze match in South Africa and comparing the teams and checking the odds inside and out, I have gone down memory lane looking back at some World Cups. What all big, memorable World Cups have in common is that they have a crowned king of the tournament. Mention 1986 and you think Maradona. 1982 spells Paolo Rossi. 1998 Zidane. And so on. As we approach the two last matches in South Africa it looks likely that either David Villa or Wesley Sneider will be the crowned king of South Africa 2010. I am not so fancied by Villa, he is a great player in a great team and nothing more sticks out, but I am truly amazed by Sneijder.

A friend told me that Inter coach Moruinho texted Sneijder some tactical orders when his transfer from Real Madrid was completed in August last year. The day after the contract was signed Sniejder made his debut and played a starring role when Inter thrashed AC Milan 4-0 in the San Siro derby. Mourinho is a clever coach and he knew that Sneider, educated in the Ajax academy getting all the goodies you can ask for as a youth learning the trade, would adapt easily tactically only with a couple of text messages. After that, Sneijder have never looked back winning the treble with Inter and now leading Holland to the World Cup final.

Sneijder have scored five goals so far, same amount as Villa, and yet he has not shown his classiest touch on the field yet: the set-pieces. It would be a true saga if Sneijder would score on a free-kick and lead this stubborn team to the title. At the same time, Spain is the favorite and Villa himself will equal Raul´s all-time record as Spain´s  best goal-scorer if he scores in the final. Not to mention that he probably will grab the Golden Boot.

Meanwhile, in the bronze match, Mirsolav Klose eyes Brazilian Ronaldo´s all-time record in the World Cup with 15 goals. One goal and Klose is on the same level in the history books, and if he scores two he passes the great Roanldo and could even win the Golden Boot. So let us wait and see who will be remembered as the king in South Africa 2010. But I must admit I hope for Sneijder.

The odds:

Final match (Sunday 20.30)

Holland – Spain  3.65  3.20  2.15

Bronze match (Saturday 20.30)

Uruguay – Germany 5.20  3.70  1.70

Top scorer:

D Villa 1.75

W Sneijder 3.60

M Klose 5.50

T Muller 15.00

D Forlan 15.00

L Suarez 67.00

L Podolski 67.00

A Robben 151.00

World Cup 2010, Germany vs Spain semi-finals [Video]

Tuesday, July 6th, 2010

It’s time for the second semi-final in the World Cup, Germany vs. Spain. Both England and Argentina where favorites against Germany and if you take a look at the odds Germany are underdogs again today against Spain. Klose needs one more goal to level with Ronaldo as top scorer in the World Cup and he’s 7.00 to score the first goal or 3.20 at any time. David Villa is the top scorer at the moment with 5 goals and pays 4.50 to score the first goal and 2.40 at any time. You can also place a bet on which team will have the most off-sides and Germany pays 1.95, a steal if you ask Richie.

Today’s semi-final Wednesday 7th July:

20:30 Germany – Spain

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World Cup 2010, Vorsprung durch Technik – Germany knows all about it

Tuesday, July 6th, 2010

Germany has probably been the best bet for many neutrals during this World Cup.  It was a bit ironic to be honest that they were underdog against England, and to back them at almost three times the money against Argentina was a gift when the goals started to rain in and the biggest icon of them all, Diego Maradona, was driven close to tears.

I chatted with a friend afterwards – one of those many good punters in betting-mature Sweden – and told him that Germany will probably be underdog odds-wise against Spain as well and you better place your stake early before the odds is getting shortened. And of course that was the case; Germany has been the best team in the tournament so far but in all play-off matches, from last 16 and onwards, they have been the underdog odds-wise. Bookmaking is an odd trade sometimes and I guess there are some neutrals out there who will cheer for Germany being priced as they are.

The reason is of course that Spain has been viewed as the nr 1 team on the planet since two years, and that everyone is waiting for their slick and beautiful football to kick-in 100 percent in the semi-final, but who knows? If you put all the quality you have seen in Germany’s free-flowing, blistering football together, you don’t have to be an Einstein to fancy their chances against this Spanish side that have some issues to solve. Don’t mention Torres. It could be all over after 90 minutes and you can only be a humble admirer when you look at the German football school.

This is Germany’s 11th semi-final in a World Cup – yes, please read it again – and if everything works out well for the team they can grab the nations fourth World Cup title. All players in the German squad play in Bundesliga and with the youthful touch it has, this could become a legendary side. I remember Paul Breitner and Gerd Muller from the ‘74 team, and the Brehme’s and Völler’s from the Italia ‘90 team, two great sides for sure, but not as entertaining and filled with pace and trickery as this side.

Germany steps into the pitch thinking they are in the semi-final when the tournament starts and this has been in their World Cup genes for such a long time, generation after generation. Implement some of that mentality in some other teams and even England could reach the semi-final in a World Cup in the future maybe. But I don’t want to rub any more salt into Rooney’s red face in Barbados: I guess he will watch the game under the sun and probably place a flutter or two on Germany. They say it is about Vorsprung durch Technik when it comes to German excellence in industry and manufacturing. This colorful national team knows all about it too.

World Cup 2010, Uruguay vs Netherlands semi-finals [Video]

Tuesday, July 6th, 2010

It’s Uruguay against Netherlands in the first World Cup semi-final. Uruguay miraculously survived their quarter-final against Ghana in a game that had everything. But the price of a place in the semi-finals was Suarez who had to save the ball with what he calls “gods hand” and he’s therefore suspended against Netherlands. This is a major setback for Uruguay as they have Suarez along with Forlán to thank for the place in the semi-finals. Netherlands defeated Brazil in their quarter-final and they are clear favorites to reach the final.

Our bookmaker Richie Sheridan gives you a perfect preview ahead tonight’s clash. Will Robben score the first goal at 6.50 in odds, will it be most goals in the second half at 2.05 in odds or will you back the Netherlands to win on penalties at 11 times the money?

Today’s semi-final Tuesday 6th July:

20:30 Uruguay – Netherlands

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World Cup 2010, Germany vs Argentina, Paraguay vs Spain quarter-finals [Video]

Friday, July 2nd, 2010

Will this be the match of the tournament so far? Well, Argentina v Germany has class written all over it with players such as Messi, Tevez, Higuain, Oesil, Muller and Klose. Plus the rest, of course. According to many this could easily be the final but now we have to enjoy this clash of the giants among the last 8.

It would truly be like a saga if Maradona would lead his side to the title and he hopes for a goal from Messi but so far the little wizard have zero on his goal account and if you think that Messi will leave the pitch empty-handed again you get 1.45 in odds.

More tempting is maybe to bet on Higuain to score at anytime at 2.85 or back him at 6.00 if he becomes the first scorer in the match. Tevez pays 7.00 in odds if he scores first. Richie Sheridan likes 2.15 in odds on Germany to qualify and Joanthan Deeley is tempted by the over 2.5 goals odds at 2.02.

This could be an attacking, free-flowing affair with plenty of goals if any team scores an early goal, and if Germany can reach the height they had against Australia and England no opponent will have an easy ride. Spain is another red-hot title contender with David Villa scoring the goals that counts.

Considering Spain is still waiting for Torres to deliver, the team will fancy their chances against Paraguay, that has reached their first ever quarter-final in a World Cup. Paraguay has a solid defense and should give Spain problems and eight times the money on Paraguay to win could be a nice outsider-bet, even if the big money will come on Spain at 1.50 in odds.

Today’s quarter-finals Saturday 3rd July:

16.00 Germany vs Argentina

20.30 Paraguay vs Spain

Argentina currently pays 2.40 to win over Germany, but if you don’t like the odds why not challenge any of your facebook friends with your own odds and stake. Try our new facebook betting challenges here.

Post your correct score prediction between Germany vs Argentina and we’ll give away €5 to the first correct prediction.