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Mackan siktar på att försvara SM-titeln i Poker

Tuesday, November 22nd, 2011

Marcus Petersson siktar på att försvara sin SM-titel i poker denna vecka.


- Det räknar jag iskallt med, säger Expekt-spelaren.


Pokerprofilen Marcus ”Mackan” Petersson slog till med storspel under finalbordet på Malta i förra årets poker-SM. Från ett shortstack-läge kammade han hem titeln och segerchecken på drygt 44 000 euro, en halv miljon kr.


Marcus, hur ser du idag tillbaka på SM-segern i Malta förra året?


- Det var självklart jätteroligt att knipa SM-titeln. Jag har alltid tyckt att det är en kul turnering och jag försöker spela den varje år.


Hur förberedde du dig inför den tävlingen?


- Om jag inte minns fel så var jag i Italien hemma hos Glenn Strömbergs dotters fina boutique-hotelli Bergamo på en realativt livlig helg med ett gäng goa Expekt-grabbar inklusive Expekts legendariska PR manager Dan Vikman. Vi hann precis med flyget till Malta från Milano.


Och bucklan står välputsad hemma i bokhyllan antar jag?


- Bucklan försvann under mystiska omständigheter under efterfesten. Nu har den tydligen dykt upp hos en okänd tjej nere i Skåne som har lagt ut en bild av den på Facebook.


Då hoppas vi att bucklan kommer till rätta till slut! Nu väntar SM i Riga. Kommer du att försvara titeln i Expekts färger?


- Det räknar jag iskallt med.


Vad är det som framför allt måste fungera i ditt spel för att du ska lyckas bra?


- Jag tror att tålamodet blir nyckeln denna gång.


Har du spelat mycket live-poker efter SM-segern?


- Det har blivit en hel del. Förutom Vegas har vi bland annat varit nere i Sydamerika och spelat i Chile, Argentina och Colombia. Poker är riktigt hett i hela Sydamerika och spelen är väldigt bra.


Är din radarpartner ”Tommy Terror” med och spelar i Riga?


- Tommy T kommer vara på plats. Nyss hemkommen från Colombia efter en avstickare till Ibiza räknar jag med att han dyker upp pigg och fräsch som vanligt.


Expekt Poker Ambassador Scotty Nguyen’s Monthly Column

Tuesday, November 8th, 2011

Expekt Poker legend Scotty Nguyen is a five-time world champion, so you can trust what he says when it comes to poker! Each month he will give us his thoughts and tips, check his first offering below.


Scotty Nguyen


Scotty Nguyen representing Expekt.


Scotty: US players are boring – European players are the entertainers:


Some players are making the sport so boring, we have to realise now that poker is watched by millions of people, so the players have to start mixing it up and making it fun baby!

I’m talking mainly to the US players here because they are so boring. European players are much livelier and they talk and make the game fun baby.


You got to have fun with the game and love it. You have to enjoy it and not just sit there and be mad at each other. That’s not the way to play poker baby.


Black Friday – Nothing can stop poker baby!:


Black Friday was quite a big shock to poker in the US but what I see is that nothing is really gonna change baby.


Expekt Poker had no problem whatsoever with the events around Black Friday and I am proud to represent such a trusted and reliable poker site as


Poker is the only sport that can make all kinds of people famous. Poker is good a good thing and no matter what, nothing can stop poker.


My thumbs up – Expekt player Andre Klebanov:


I need to give a big shout out to my fellow Expekt player Andre Klebanov for his third place finish in the European Poker Tour London event.


What a great achievement baby and I hope to see some more great things from him in the future!


My poker tip – Table Talk:


As the poker world knows I love to talk at the poker table and it’s not just for effect baby. Opponents often think too much about what you say to them, and if you can get into their heads, you can control their actions at the table.


If you have a good read on your opponent, and you can figure out what he is probably holding, then sometimes it doesn’t matter what two cards you have in your hand, because you can just play his.


The key is not to listen to what your opponent might say, but how comfortable he is when saying it. That is when you look for neck throbbing, slurred words, or a shaky voice.


My Favourite Promotion:


I love the Expekt Poker promotions. Expekt is the place to be for poker players of all skill levels baby!


The Weekend Warrior promotion for low-stakes players gives a chance to win big just for doing what every player enjoys – playing poker! That’s my favourite at Expekt at the moment baby!


Scotty Nguyen


Expekt Poker’s Scotty Nguyen at WSOP Cannes

Tuesday, October 18th, 2011

Expekt Poker ambassador and all-round poker legend Scotty Nguyen was playing at the WSOP in Cannes, France which ran 7th – 15th October 2011 and he provided us with some updates:


Scotty Nguyen representing Expekt at WSOP Europe, Cannes


Scotty Nguyen representing Expekt at WSOP Europe, Cannes


Day 1 thoughts ahead of the Main Event:


You know baby before the Main Event I try to do nothing but rest and clear my mind. I enjoy to look at the ocean here and the beautiful trees that remind me of my backyard.


I think about how much this would mean to me and everyone for me to make world history and win this event baby! I look forward to take this opportunity to do so baby!


Day Two:


Yesterday I played and when I was on the feature table I did very well baby! After the break I wasn’t catching any cards though. I ended the day with a little under 13k in chips and it’s all good baby!


Today I get up and swim, I feel good with what I have and look forward to getting more chips today baby!


Day Three:


You know baby, I play so good for this event and made no mistakes. It’s so very disappointing to work so hard and want something so bad and not get it.


The hand that knocked me out was unbelievable. I had pocket 10s and with the action I could tell I can raise here. I did and was called. The flop came 10-6-7 so I checked and the other guy bet, I raised him and he called.


The turn was then an 8 and I knew he did not have a 9 so I check, he bet and I got all my chips in the middle.


I could not believe he turn over 4-5! Until that time I had ran my chips up to a little over 60k. I was shocked by the action you know baby! As I always say “that’s poker baby!”


Now I will return home to the United States and look at the schedule to plan my next events.


I thank you all for supporting me baby!




The Expekt Poker Team


Expekt Poker Player Andre Klebanov finish third in London EPT

Saturday, October 8th, 2011

LONDON. Best friends Julian Kabitzke and Andre Klebanov have had a poker year to remember as Expekt players.


Earlier this year, Kabitzke won The One in Cannes, and this week Klebanov finished third in EPT London main event. In only his second EPT tournament, Klebanov took the field at Hilton Metropole Hotel in London by storm.


“I will be happy in a couple of day’s time, but when you make the final table you just want to win,” said Andre Klebanov. 


At the second level of the tournament, where a total of 691 players bought in creating a total prize pool of £3,351,350, the 21-year-old found himself down to 4,000 chips but he bounced back time and time again.

 Klebanov, who was born in Belarus but resides in Kemnitz in Germany, made it to the final 9 with the shortest stack of around 700,000 chips but after winning an all-in race with Ace, Jack against his opponent’s pocket eights he gained a much needed double up.


He was then able to build up his impressive stack to 2.7 million with some well-timed plays. At the final table he manoeuvred himself into a top-3 spot and was in a good position to double up but an unthinkable turn and river filled his opponents straight and Klebanov was out.


“I couldn’t believe it when the river filled his straight but that is poker,” he added. “Overall I am extremely happy with my performance and I’m sure I will be smiling about this in a few days time.”


Klebanov cashed £265,000 finishing third with Benny Spindler winning ahead of Steve O’Dwyer. Andre Klebanov started playing poker online when he was 18 focusing on sit/and/goes and later playing multi-table tournaments.


“I will play more live events going forward. A third place in EPT London is a great boost for me,” said Klebanov.

 You will probably spot Klebanov with his best friend Julian Kabitzke at some of the biggest poker tournaments in world in the future gunning for the titles. And they will be aiming for more wins – with Expekt Poker.



Expekt Poker’s Andre Klebanov makes EPT Final table

Thursday, October 6th, 2011

Expekt Poker player Andre Klebanov is going strong in London’s EPT main event and is on course for the £750,000 main prize. He has dragged himself from just 4,000 chips on day one to over 2.7 million chips ahead of today’s final table which starts at noon.


Andre Klebanov represents Expekt at the EPT


Andre Klebanov moments before going out to the final table to represent Expekt at the EPT


Expekt’s Andre Klebanov is making a name for himself in the world of live poker by making the final table of eight at one of the world’s most prestigious live poker events – the London EPT.


All the players are guaranteed at least £64,000 for making it to the final table and despite only playing poker for a few short years, Andre has his eyes firmly on the £750,000 first prize.


This will be his biggest tournament win to date no matter how he performs from now on and here at Expekt we are proud to back the up-and-coming German. Hopefully this is just the first in a long line of tournament successes.


Andre made it to the final 9 with the shortest stack of around 700,000 chips but after winning an all-in race with Ace,Jack against his opponent’s pockets eights he gained a much needed double up. He was then able to build up his stack to impressive 2.7 million with some well-timed plays and now has a real shot at taking the prestigious EPT Crown.


We wish Andre best of luck for the rest of the tournament and we will keep you updated with how he gets on.


The Expekt Poker Team


Monte Carlo Champion to represent Expekt Poker in London EPT

Tuesday, September 27th, 2011

Expekt Poker player Julian “fbritaIia” Kabitzke grabbed €300,000 when he won ‘The One’ in Monte Carlo last spring. Now he is eyeing new success in the London EPT which starts this Saturday at the Metropole Casino.


Julian Kabitzke wins 'The One'


Julian Kabitzke wins ‘The One’ in Monte Carlo last year


We asked him a few questions ahead of the big event to see what he’s been up to since his big win and his plans for the EPT:


What will be your tactics and ambition be in the EPT in London?


My tactics will be to play well, stay concentrated during the entire event and try to stay as cool as possible at the tables. My default game will be to play a rather tight game in the first rounds of the event and to become more and more aggressive as the tournament progresses.


Have you played any EPTs before?


No, the EPT London will be my first EPT event, but I’ve played several bigger tournaments before like APT Macau, IPT San Remo or “single” events like The One Everest event in Monte Carlo.


You won The One event in Monte Carlo earlier this year, how do you look back on the event?


I won the package for the event on Expekt Poker. Of course, I’ve got so many good memories about the whole event. Everything ran perfectly for me. I was highly focussed for the whole event and had the necessary luck on my side in some key hands. After having won the tourney, everything took a while to sink in and it took hours for me to realize my big fortune.


What have you been up to this summer in regards to poker?


I would have loved to make a trip to the WSOP in Vegas, but was unable to do so, because of my university exams. I was playing a bit less than I normally do and I enjoyed the summer holidays.


Will you move more and more to playing live tournaments?


Yes indeed. I’m going to try and concentrate more and more on live poker in the future, because I really like travelling all around the world and I like the atmosphere at the live tables, which is totally different to online poker.


What first attracted you to play on Expekt?


A friend of mine recommended Expekt Poker to me. After that I checked the site out reguarly and I really liked it. The customer support and VIP service made an excellent impression on me. The most important for me though was the brilliant promotions. They had the best value in the entire iPoker network and still do.


You currently play multiple tables on Expekt Poker at the high stakes sit n goes, but you started off much smaller. Do you have any advice for new players on how to build their bankroll?


I started my poker career with a mate of mine and began with just $50. We learned from each other and were able to discuss a lot about the game.


It’s important to understand not to orientate only on one’s own results of a single session. You can have played excellently, but have lost. You always should ask yourself critically whether your game was good or not and disregard short term results.


One last thing that helped me a lot was, and is, good old bankroll management. I’ve always been very conservative with my bankroll which helped me to stay cool during downswings. So I’ve hardly been on “scared money” during my career. Always keep in mind: Being the best poker player in the world doesn’t help if you are unable to control your bankroll.


We wish Julian the best of luck this weekend and we will keep you updated on how he plays, plus his thoughts along the way!


The Expekt Poker Team


Expekt Player Wins $200,000 GTD Tournament

Monday, August 8th, 2011

Expekt Poker offers everyone the chance to win massive guaranteed prizepools every single day, and the highlight is always the $200,000 GTD Freezeout every single Sunday.


Last night, on Sunday 7th August 2011, Expekt player “zurumbuque” bought into the $200,000 GTD tournament directly with $200 + $15 hoping to chance his luck.


Many other players chose to pay the entry fee, plus others qualified via the many satellites on offer for all of our bigger guaranteed tournaments.


The tournament started at 18:00 and just hours later, “zurumbuque” was over $45,000 richer – not bad for a night’s work! It just goes to show that all the best players know Expekt Poker is the place to be for huge payouts.


We run tournaments with guaranteed pots every single day so check out our tournament schedule to see what is running today. You could be just like “zurumbuque”, and many other Expekt players, by walking away with a life-changing sum of money.


WSOP Diary – Day Eight

Friday, July 15th, 2011

Expekt’s final hope at the World Series of Poker in Las Vegas was Lukas Soucek (suk12) from the Czech Republic.


After Scotty Nguyen and online qualifier Magnus Skumsnes were knocked out, all eyes were on Lukas…


Day Eight – Main Event Day Three


Las Vegas 12 July


I busted out from the Main Event after first hour in Day Three. I decided to four-bet shove my K,Qo against the most aggressive kid who was very aggressive at our table. He actually had A,K and the board didn’t help me.


I am not satisfied with how I played the end of Day Two. All-in-all I met a lot of great poker players in Vegas and I hope that I make some hits in online poker and will be back next year. Las Vegas is certainly the best place for playing live poker.


Lukas Soucek