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England vs France, Argentina vs Brazil, Portugal vs Brazil – betting preview

Tuesday, November 16th, 2010

The international friendlies are like an old enemies fiesta with England clashing with France, while Argentina are locking horns with Brazil and Spain are heading over the boarder to face Portugal.

Richie Sheridan and Jonathan Deeley thinks France have a great chance to get a result at Wembley and Richie goes for 3.30 in odds on England not to score.

Well, they don´t seem to have that fire-power up front this time England!

Check out this video preview before placing your bets at!

My last blog post for this summer

Wednesday, June 23rd, 2010

[Tobbe “Hippie hockeydynamit” from the northern parts of Sweden is an avid sports punter and customer since many years back. Tobbe has been with us on multiple customer events, last in New York for an exclusive NHL-weekend with our own ambassador Niklas Wikegård. Tobbe blogs mainly about ice-hockey and trotting.]

I decided some days ago that this will be my last blog post here for this summer as I, among other things, just have bought myself a house which will keep me occupied and as the only sports of interest right now is the World Cup and tennis from Wimbledon and I know there are people much more insightful then I am when it comes to these sports and I do like the different video-blogs here at expekt company blog.

Betting on the World Cup has been so-so for me this far and I’ve put all the money I had left on my expekt account on a favourite four-fold for today, mostly because this Wednesday brings on the teams I were most certain of getting through in advance (England, USA, Germany and Serbia) and even if I’m not all that sure anymore I feel I have to stick with my original idea this time.

Speaking of original ideas I thought the cup would end up going to either Argentina or Brazil and of course it still might but I must admit I thought the weather would be hotter and the team that have impressed most on me so far is Holland. Not because of their offensive skills as I think will grow with Robben on the field but for their defense and neither Denmark nor Japan, which I look upon as fairly good teams, were close to scoring against them and this can make Holland go all the way.

The sensation so far is of course Kiwis – the New Zeeland team are the underdogs I didn’t give a chance getting even one point and now they have two and can go even further by beating so far solid Paraguay tomorrow but this can’t happen, or…?

The really interesting part of the World Cup is of course from now on and I do believe the referees will have to step up quite a bit in their performances from now on. No real scandals so far (I think the 3-2 goal that was stolen from USA is the worst but that might be because I had a bet on them) but it’s from now on there will be stuff like “God’s Hand” etc. and this makes betting a bit different if not harder. Live bets might be the best way to make some winnings as you then can get some idea of what’s happening in the particular game you’re watching but that didn’t help me much last night when I thought Nigeria would score late in their game.

Well – I hope you’re enjoying the World Cup as well as the summer and will keep on doing so and good luck with your bets!

World Cup 2010, Argentina vs South Korea, Greece vs Nigeria, France vs Mexico [Video]

Wednesday, June 16th, 2010

Diego Maradona probably had a good night’s sleep after his Argentina side had beaten Nigeria in their first match in the World Cup. South Korea impressed and beat Greece 2-0 and they will challenge Messi & Co in Johannesburg.

Argentina is the favorite but the Korean’s eyes a point. Nigeria showed some talent and healthy organization when they played Argentina and are favorites against Greece. Will Greece lose their second match in a row? France and Mexico both need a win when they clash but with the French inability to score a draw could be the bet to do in that match.

World Cup 2010, South Korea vs Greece, England vs USA and Argentina vs Nigeria [Video]

Friday, June 11th, 2010

Richie Sheridan states rule number one during the World Cup: Don’t get married! Get all your things done in time, but if you still have gardening works to do, make sure to do it when South Korea plays Greece. Richie says it will be the dullest match of the tournament.

The odds are obviously in favor to England when they face USA, question is what the score will be and if Wayne Rooney manage to keep his mouth shut.

Argentina comes armed with former super star striker Diego Armando Maradonna. We all know what he did for Argentina as a striker in Mexico ’86 – but can he coach?

Matches Saturday 12th June:

13.30  South Korea – Greece

16:00 Argentina – Nigeria

20.30 England – USA

For all our blog readers, post a comment with your prediction for the correct score for England – USA. The first correct posted prediction will be rewarded with €5 on his account.

World Cup Group B betting preview [Video]

Friday, May 28th, 2010

Argentina (ARG), Nigeria (NGA), Korea rep (KOR), Greece (GRE) – Group B in the World Cup is all about the stars in Argentina and Richie has a few tips on looking at the fixtures schedule and look out for surprises.