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What to do when you’re running bad for a couple of days [Guest blogger]

Monday, May 3rd, 2010

[SWeNetty is from northern Sweden now living in England and I have been playing poker at ever since. started up by playing Chicago, you know another name for 5-card draw but without the betting between rounds, with her brother and something they called knuckle-poker in school. SWenetty will contribute regularly here but you can also follow here at]

Today I’m not going to talk about how much I’ve been winning lately. Instead I’m going to talk about what to do when you’re running bad for a couple of days. You know the feeling, as if everything’s going against you in everything you do and you more or less are wondering why you even bothered to get up from the bed in the first place. Those kind of days I’ve been experienced almost every Friday and Saturday when it comes to poker making a huge dip in my statistics.

I’m pleased to see my statistics are going up steadily and I’m making profit in the long run but the Friday/Saturday-dips are annoying me making me ponder what’s making this happen. Is it just bad luck? Am I contributing to this? In that case how and why? I to my surprise found another one, kind of asked Scotty Nguyen the same thing on his blog but from the angle “if the amount of player’s playing during their time off work on holidays was the contributing factor of his bad poker days?” Scotty’s answer was that you have to consider luck as a part of it too but in my games yesterday there were less players than usual so the amount of player-factor was invalid! So what’s making my statistics dip and why always during these days.

Bad luck? If you have read Doyles super system and Sklansky, you’ve noticed that you’re not supposed to take luck in the calculation when playing poker if you’re a successful poker player. But even the most experienced players get unlucky from time to time. Is the luck just a factor you should take out of the equation in a long run and you still can count yourself as unlucky in short terms?

Here’s a couple of pictures to illustrate what I mean: I understand the initial raise from this player as I think he was trying to steal with his J8 off. It was a kind of a steep bet from that position with 3 people in better positions after him to consider . But I simply don’t understand his re-raise and why BB called all this with his J7 off?

Expekt poker AA vs J7 vs J8

Here’s another typical picture of how people aren’t afraid of loosing their chips on a very bad move. I mean why did the player re raise with KQ on that board? He pushed so quick on that board that I’m dead sure he never ever thought even for a split second about what we might have there, he just saw the K and woop-di-doo had the same card on his hand. The player with the pp 7s, short stacked more understandably pushed, so I’ve decided to categorise this as just bad luck even though there is one player doing a very bad move. I just got unlucky with my trips against his Full House.

Expekt Poker AJ vs KQ vs 77

I never stop being surprised how everyone thinks that any Ace is an unbeatable hand. They push with them like there’s no tomorrow. Like in this case, I raised with my Ace J suited and got re raised all in by A3 off suit. I don’t believe for one second that he was “just defending” his BB here. He looked down at any ace and thought it was the hand to push with, don’t mind the kicker or if the initial raiser might have had pocket pairs? This is such a regularly strategy that it almost ready for it’s own chapter in a poker manual soon! I’m not saying here that my AJ is a hand to always push all in with or that I should have called that it was the right thing to do but with the notes I have on the player it was a valid 50-50 call. I simply can’t understand this call with 24 from UTG?

This player called every hand no matter position, bet or hand. He called anything with any 2. This hand I categorise as bad strategy Another typical thing happening me Fridays and Saturdays LOL The only card that actually could make me lose after that flop, a queen came on turn. I simply don’t blame him from calling pre flop, that was a correct call by him just a category bad luck for me. This hand was a really bad play by this player.

First of all he minimum raised pre flop making it cheap for me to call. Second he never even stopped to think what was going on when I check raised instead it was an instant call. Same thing on turn he instantly called my bet chasing, just to river the only card that could save him and knock me out. This is exactly how my Friday and Saturday’s been. How do you all cope and manage your bad poker days? How do I cope with these days? Just by keep on playing, forget the game that I just finished, learn from something bad I did and head on to next one.

Looking on these games as practice and just have fun while I’m still in them no matter how I finish.

Until next time play well and have fun playing well!