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International friendlies World Cup warm-up predictions with Glenn Strömberg [betting tips]

Tuesday, May 25th, 2010

It’s time for the final warm up friendlies ahead of the tournament everyone has been looking forward to this year. I will give you my thoughts in this week’s matches, where both France and Netherlands will be looking for wins. It’s always hard to predict the friendlies ahead of a big championship. The managers are testing and fine-tuning their last options and it might affect a lots of outcomes this week. But I still think that Greece are the bank of the week.

Greece – North Korea (1) odds: 1.75

We will see two motivated sides here, and tow very good teams defensively – maybe the two most defensive teams in the World Cup together with Paraguay. Greece have more experience and better players than North Korea, who are still young on this stage. The home win at 1.60 feels like a safe bet after all.

Ireland – Paraguay (X) odds: 3.10

Highly motivated Paraguay are extremely hard to beat and are very good defensively. They only conceded 16 goals in 18 matches during the qualification in South America. Ireland on the other hand doesn’t want to lose at home in Dublin, so I will go for a bet on the draw – 3.10 is a very good odds here.

Netherlands – Mexico (1)

France – Costa Rica (1)

Total odds: 2.02

Mexico are playing their second match in three days and might be a bit tired compare the the Netherlands, who will be fresh and motivated. They are therefore my first choice in this week’s double bet.  It’s very important for France to boost the self-confidence ahead of the World Cup and they have a perfect opportunity to do so at home to Costa Rica on Wednesday. I think that France will win with a few goals here.

Glenn Stromberg VM

NHL play-off betting tips [Video]

Sunday, May 16th, 2010

[Niklas Wikegård is one of Sweden’s most iconic hockey profiles. Started out as assitant coach 1986-87 for Väsby IK and succesfully brought them up to Elitserien, the top league in Swedish ice-hockey. Last he was heach coach for Djurgården between 2002-2005. Today Niklas Wikegård works as Swedish TV commentator and is loved by a whole nation. Niklas is an ambassador of and will frequently provide you with blogs, videos and betting tips.]

Can Portsmouth upset Chelsea in the FA Cup final at Wembley? [Video]

Thursday, May 13th, 2010

Can Portsmouth upset Chelsea in the FA Cup final at Wembley? Well, the odds speaks for themself with Chelsea being massive favorite to win the title and grab the double in England. Jonathan Deeley and Dan Vikman at eyes the match and the best odds.

What’s you view on the match? Post a comment predicting the correct score, the first correct prediction will get €5 on their account.

Barcelona and Inter to secure the league victory [Video]

Thursday, May 13th, 2010

Barcelona and Inter are both top in their leagues respectively. They now face the last round this weekend with Inter travelling to Siena and Barcelona taking on Real Valladolid. Check out our odds and livebetting.

Comment on the video and we’ll give away a free Expekt t-shirt to the most insightful comment.

How I bet on Superscore [Guest blogger]

Monday, May 10th, 2010

[Tobbe “Hippie hockeydynamit” from the northern parts of Sweden is an avid sports punter and customer since many years back. Tobbe has been with us on multiple customer events, last in New York for an exclusive NHL-weekend with our own ambassador Niklas Wikegård. Tobbe blogs mainly about ice-hockey and trotting.]

As I’ve been more or less knocked out by a cold for a couple of days I haven’t been betting that much neither watching any sports, at least not a full game, for some days now. Feels quite good that I didn’t have to watch the Red Wings getting knocked out of the Stanley Cup play-offs and as the swedes of the Canucks made a couple of points in their game this morning the only long-term bet on the NHL I have left is the one on Penquins as winners.

Put a bet in on a trotter on Saturday and that was OK as it came in second to four times my stake in odds but it would have been better if it could have put it’s nose first to 12.50 in odds and that’s a good way how to describe my bets right now – I seem to be finishing second all the way… But you can’t win’em all, right?

And my betting season is more or less coming to an end now and when I summit it I’m satisfied with my winnings in accordance to my stakes and this is a good thing with the betting site as it’s quite simple to check your history month by month. When you make some good winnings it’s not all that easy to keep track of your losses and at least I want to be able to check out my betting history once in a while.

In the weekend that’s passed I had my eyes on betting on Superscore as there was some great fotball games in the big leagues and I don’t know if I should be glad or not over sleeping away that opportunity. I would of course not have had a 8-0 victory for Chelsea or any other of the Premier League results for that matter but in Spain as well as in Italy I would have been somewhere in line with the results but that’s nothing I give any thoughts now but I thought I would push some for superscore (the more money staked – the greater the pott for me to win, ha-ha…) and at the same time explain a little about how I bet on superscore, so far with at least some netto winnings.

I usually go for one result in each game put in three systems. Let’s say I believe in 2-2, 1-1 and 1-2, I bet on these results in each system but in each bet I put in guards with two of them.

For example:

System 1: 2-2 + 0,1,2-0,1 + 1-1,2,3 goals

System 2: 1,2-1,2 + 1-1 + 1,2-1,2 goals

System 3: 1,2-1,2 + 0,1,2-1 + 1-2 goals

Betting like this I’ve had some success and when it comes to my stake I would have had to put in 144 times my chosen amount in a mathematical bet but like this it’s only 40 times my chosen stake.

Of course this is just an example and most of the times I gamble a bit more with up to 4 or 5 goals. Well, that’s it for now and look up Mr Hockey’s blog here – he’s a bit hotter than I am right now when it comes to betting on ice-hockey haha.

Good Luck!

Expekt Supertoto Superscore

Niklas Wikegård’s preview of the Ice-Hockey World Championship 2010 in Germany

Thursday, May 6th, 2010

The World Championship of Hockey is starting tomorrow in Gelsenkirchen, Germany and’s expert Niklas Wikegård is there to follow the matches. He will provide you with the latest news and betting tips during the whole World Championship, stay updated at Niklas Wikegårds blog.

- The World Championship in Germany will be the big focus for the European ice hockey in May and I will pick a double each match-day.

My first bet is though on Russia to win the gold – they are clear favorites in my eyes. Finland is my big outsider in the tournament.

Here is my view on the teams – and don’t miss to follow my betting tips during every match-day in Germany:

My gold favourite

Russia is my title favorite in this World Championship. They flopped in the Olympics, but their squad in Germany has a golden touch with Kovalchuk and Ovechkin among other big guns. In fact, it is a long time ago that I saw such a clear favorite in a World Championship than this Russia and they should make it as long as the players avoid stumbling into the bierstube culture.

My final contenders

Canada has a really exciting team with Mark Messier as GM. Ryan Smith is the squad’s father figure and Mason is a good goalie. The defenders look less impressive but consist of younger, eager players and Buffalo’s Tyler Myers is a truly special player with his height (2.03m) and still being skilled with the puck. Corey Perry is the only player from the Olympic squad and the Canada forward-line is extremely talented with players like Evander Kane and Matt Duchene. The opponents should also watch out for Steve Downey, who is a bit of a mad-man on the ice.

Finland has Jukka Jalonen as head coach and I like his approach; we see a very good connection between the players and the staff in Finland. The squad is well composed and Finland is a clear semi-final candidate and is close to being on the same level as Canada in my books. Jussi Jokinen comes from a strong season in Carolina and will be valuable for the team.

My semi-finals contenders

Sweden has a young and promising side but will not compete about a gold or silver in this tournament. Compared to for example Finland their team is better all through and if Sweden can reach a semi-final they have done more than anyone could ask for, but this adventure could as easily stop in the quarter-finals.

USA has quite an anonymous side in Germany but the players will work hard and use their speed. Jack Johnson is the big star among the defenders and USA will show a lot of attitude but a quarter-final or maximum a semi-final looks likely for the Americans.

Czech Republic has a fantastic ice hockey tradition but this generation is a bit weak and I wonder if the players of today have the same hunger as earlier national teams from this country? The old players looked really tired in the Olympics and I don’t think that this weakened Czech Republic side will have that much to cheer about in Germany to be honest.

Best of the rest

Switzerland starts a new era after the Ralph Kruger époque and Sean Simpson is the new head-coach. Switzerland will be entertaining to watch and the only thing they lack is the killer instinct in front of the goal. We find some of the most promising players in Switzerland: Nino Niederreiter, born -92 and ranked top-3 in the world in that cull, and Roman Wick, the best forward in the Swiss league this season, and most likely he will play in a bigger league next season.

Norway have very well educated players and they have enough skill to kill-off the smaller nations and threaten some of the better teams, but during the span of a long tournament they will not have what it takes.

Slovakia has some skilled players but the lack of depth is extreme in this squad and they can not compete with the best teams.

Belarus will play defensive and tight and will cause some problems for the bigger nations, but not in a bigger way.

Germany will have a massive support and will play with a lot of heart. It will. For the tournament, it would be great if Germany could reach the quarter-finals, but I doubt that they will make it.

Denmark will be just above the bottom side with a couple of international players but also with some much weaker ingredients in the squad. Swedish coach Per Bäckman will play a vital role in how Denmark will succeed against the weaker sides. I turned down an offer to manage Denmark 1.5 years ago and have turned downaround ten offers from four countries during the last five years. I still love being a commentator and expert to much to move back to coaching.

In the bottom

Kazakhstan, France and Italy will struggle to make an impact in the tournament and will be on the losing side in this tournament.

Good Luck and Warm Regards, Niklas Wikegård a.k.a “Mr Hockey

This week’s Inside Expekt videos on Youtube, suggest matches and earn €20

Monday, March 1st, 2010

Last week we asked you about matches and other sports you wanted to see in Inside Expekt. “Davelin” had the winning suggestion of Dart Premier League and earned €20, easy money. Other suggestions was more American sports, NBA and NFL. Swedish ice-hockey with Elitserien.

Now we think that our Swedish ambassador Niklas “Mr. Hockey” Wikegård covers Elitserien better than anyone else. He would honestly be very upset seeing Richie Sheridan trying to have an opinion on ice-hockey.

To limit the choices and make the best possible videos we have lined up a selection of: Football with Richie Sheridan, chose your match and he’ll predict it for you, mind his speciality is English Premier League. Andreas “Barry” Bardun, covering American sports, NBA or NFL, fancy a tip on the NFL combine?

There you go, Richie or Barry? €20 up for grabs for the winning suggestion. on YouTube

Champions League action 1st leg betting tips

Tuesday, February 23rd, 2010

Holders Barcelona travel to Stuttgart in Tuesdays 1st leg. Will we see Messi magic? Meanwhile Olympiakos host surprise package Bordeaux. The French outfit are top on their Ligue and will test the dogged Greek defence. Hear our bookmaker Richie Sheridan’s betting tips in the video below.