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Mr Hockey picks his best NHL bets

Monday, October 25th, 2010

Niklas Wikegård – the former coach leading ice hockey voice in Swedish TV – is Mr Hockey at!

Every Monday he picks his best NHL bets that night – here is his choices this Monday:

Hi NHL fans!

Nashville Predators are current nr 1 in NHL – that is so thrilling. Rookie goal-keeper Anders Lindbäck has really got a flying start between the posts winning three out of four matches and it will be interesting to see how long Nashville lasts.

This NHL Monday night I go for a double with home wins for Montreal Canadiens and Columbus Blue Jackets. Yes – I think Philadelphia will struggle against The Jackets.

My bet
Columbus Blue Jackets – Philadelphia Flyers 1
Montreal Canadiens – Phoenix Coyotes 1
Odds: 5.98

Columbus is a bit underestimated and they don´t have the big stars as we see in many other teams. But they are building for the future and beat champions Chicago 3-2 on Saturday. Their odds have really good value against a Flyers side that is not really on top as a team yet.

Montreal Canadiens is all about speed and putting the opponent under pressure. Phoenix will be without injured captain Shane Doan and I don´t think they will stand the pressure in Montreal.

- Niklas Wikegård, Expekt

I do have a strong belief in Philly taking the series to a seventh game

Tuesday, June 8th, 2010

[Tobbe “Hippie hockeydynamit” from the northern parts of Sweden is an avid sports punter and customer since many years back. Tobbe has been with us on multiple customer events, last in New York for an exclusive NHL-weekend with our own ambassador Niklas Wikegård. Tobbe blogs mainly about ice-hockey and trotting.]

Sitting here calmly on Monday morning, watching the news with a cup of coffee in front of me and a cigarette in my hand, reflecting a bit over how extremely wrong I was betting for under 5.5 goals as well as for a draw in the fifth game of the Stanley Cup final. My idea was that sooner or later two teams which ordinarily have great defences will prove that simultaneous over 60 minutes but that was certainly not the case this time. 7-4 in favour of Chicago was nothing like I expected the game to end and now Philly has to win both remaining games to win the cup.

At least I made some winnings on games 3 and 4 and I do have a strong belief in Philly taking the series to a seventh game and this is something that happens almost every time when one team knows they’ll have one more chance but of course Blackhawks will try to close the series already in game 6 and I think this game will be tight and not have lots of goals but then again – that was what I thought game 5 would look like as well but I’ll give my bets on less than 5.5 goals and a draw one more shot for the upcoming battle. And of course if Blackhawks will win game 6 expert Niklas Wikegård will have made the correct prediction with his 4-2 in games to Chicago and that’s not so good for my private little battle with him as he kicked my ass in round 2 and 3 of the play-offs.

The World Cup will start soon, as I believe almost everyone knows, and I’ve started up with bets on a couple of national friendlies with some success with Nigeria, Serbia and USA as winners, the draw between Switzerland and Italy and a five-fold to 11.09 in odds and these winnings were welcomed as I, as many else I guess, lost some money on France losing to China and as a banker this was frankly not a great choice.

The French Open was won by Nadal and my bet on Söderling to win the final was totally useless looking back at it. However, I do think we’re watching a shift in the top of the ATP as well as the WTA circus right now and players like Söderling and Berdych will make eyebrows lift in surprise again in the near future and for the WTA the French Open showed that you suddenly have 10-12 players that can win a grand slam.

For my upcoming bets other than on the Stanley Cup I will go for the FIFA World Cup but I’m not at all clear of how yet but I do know I will place some money on all of the four supertoto coupons Expekt is offering, each with a € 25 K guaranteed winning to a sole winner, and maybe place some bets on different trotting races but the trotting scene is really hard to predict during this time of year so I will only place bets with low stakes to high odds. Not the best way to bet maybe but putting in only pocket-change I’ll at least have some excitement watching the races to a low cost ;-)

Good Luck with your bets!

NHL Stanley Cup final, Chicago Blackhawks vs Philadelphia Flyers [Betting tips]

Wednesday, May 26th, 2010

[Niklas Wikegård is one of Sweden’s most iconic hockey profiles. Started out as assitant coach 1986-87 for Väsby IK and succesfully brought them up to Elitserien, the top league in Swedish ice-hockey. Last he was heach coach for Djurgården between 2002-2005. Today Niklas Wikegård works as Swedish TV commentator and is loved by a whole nation. Niklas is an ambassador of and will frequently provide you with blogs, videos and betting tips.]

We will witness a high tempo and a very physical game throughout the whole final series. Chicago are a small favorite in my eyes, they have a more skillful team including more potential match winners. Many people aren’t surprised to see Chicago in the final this year, me included, but to see Flyers in the final is definitely a surprise, especially after their start in the playoff. They have been the hard-working playoff team that never give up – and nobody want to meet!

Chicago have a very complete squad and a very qualified coach in Joel Quenneville, who has built this team from scratch for a couple of seasons. They were the worse team in the league a few seasons ago but Jonathan Toews has stepped up as the big leader every team needs. They have plenty of skillful players, both offensively and defensively, but I want to single out one player that has been very important throughout this playoff: Dustin Byfuglien! Eight goals so far and very useful for the Blackhawks. He weights 115 kg and is 193 cm tall, and is a nightmare for all the defenders and goalkeepers.

Chicago have so many tools to use in different scenarios and that’s why they have reached the final – and that’s why I see them as the favorite against the Flyers.

Philadelphia Flyers have just been better and better after every game in this year’s players, especially after both Gagne and Carter has returned back from injuries. Goalkeeper Leighton, who replaced Boucher in the series against Boston, has been amazing and saved the Flyers on numerous of occasions.

Their alpha male is Mike Richards, who is a copy of Peter Forsberg; tough, hard and reckless! He set the standard for the rest of his teammates. They also have, like Chicago, a lot of players to mention, but I will just mention two of the: Chris Pronger, the giant in their defense who I criticized during the Olympics earlier this year, has been the player he is paid be – ice time around 30 min per game is normal for him. The other player is Danny Briere (18 points in 17 matches so far) who is finally producing after numbers of seasons with injury problems.

Chicago Blackhawks to win the series 4-2!

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