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Successful EPT for new “Expekt Pro Team”

Monday, February 6th, 2012

The Expekt Pro Team launched last week at the EPT Deauville and a great week was had all by all, culminating in two players making a deep run and cashing.


Expekt Poker's Julian Kabiztke at the EPT Deauville


Expekt Poker’s Julian Kabiztke at the EPT Deauville



Team Captain, Scotty Nguyen, was unlucky to bust on day 2, but the ambassador could cheer on two of his new teammates right up until day four.


“It was an awesome experience to meet Scotty, he is so much fun”, said Julian Kabitzke, who ended 45th of 947 players, cashing for €15,000.


German Julian Kabiztke (pictured) was joined in Deauville by fellow Expekt players Bernhard Mössner, Andre Klebanov and Jack Salter. Plus long-time poker ambassador Scotty Nguyen of course.


Bernhard Mossner was very unlucky to exit in 20th place getting all-in with aces pre-flop against tens only for a ten on the river to end his hopes. Bernhard was obviously disappointed with the final hand but had a great week in Deauville including meeting Scotty and is looking forward to the next Expekt tournament.


Julian Kabitzke went out in 45th losing a huge pot with Ace King versus Kings and Tens. If only an ace hit the flop he would have been almost chip leader.


“Unfortunately I didn’t reach the final table as it looked so promising, but I enjoyed playing the tournament with other players from and to meet Scotty was just incredible. He is so much fun and nice guy!”, said Julian Kabitzke.


So a promising start from the new Expekt Pro Team and with more events lined up it looks be a bright future. Check the Expekt Promotions page soon to find out how you can become part of the team.



The Expekt Poker Team


Scotty Nguyen, and his Expekt Poker prospects, aim for glory in EPT Deauville!

Wednesday, February 1st, 2012

To team up with world champion Scotty Nguyen for a live tournament is something of a dream for many poker players, but Expekt player Julian Kabitzke from Germany knows all about it now.


Expekt Poker’s Scotty Nguyen at the EPT Deauville


Expekt Poker’s Scotty Nguyen and the rest of our players at the EPT Deauville



Scotty is really a legend and a he is such a character, it is very special to play together with him, Kabitzke said.


Scotty Nguyen has entered Europe again and after a day in France he has already signed more autographs and has had more photographs taken than most of the close to 1,000 players will collect together over the next few days in this year’s EPT in Deauville.


In Deauville, a hot-shot coastal resort two hours from Paris, the winter has taken its firm grip, and the jet-setters that flock the streets during summer are nowhere to be seen.


But the buzz is alive and kicking around the Casino Barriere where Scotty and his prospects from will battle it out on the poker tables from day 1B on Wednesday.


Around €4 million will be in the pot. Can anyone of the Expekt players be up there next to Scotty challenging for a place in the final table?


Scotty, with five WSOP bracelets and over $11,000,000 in total career earnings, says:


These players have talent above the ordinary, I will do all my best to support them during the tournament, the Las Vegas poker daddy says, while watching his four young team members in the tournament while they try to sort their clothes and hair before the photo-shoot at the casino.


If they can copy some of Scotty’s success in the live poker world they will get used to the attention.


Julian Kabitzke, the 22 year old from Chemnitz in eastern Germany, is one of the young, hot prospects in the online poker world. He is a high-raking player at and showed glimpses of what is to come in live poker when he won The One tournament in Monte Carlo last year, cashing €300,000 for the title


Jack Salter, two years older than Kabitzke and living in London, is another of Scotty Nguyen’s prospects with charisma and that young slugger attitude that he hopes will bring him success in the live world poker world.


One of my goals in 2012 is to win a major live tournament and if it happens here it would be fantastic but I know it is really tough on the live circuit and a lot is about preparation and patience, says Jack.


Bernhard Mössner, from Austria, and Andre Klebanov also teams up with Scotty in Deauville. Klebanov, 22, has already tasted success in EPT when he came 3rd in London in October last year.


While Scotty Nguyen smiles he gives his followers at a final advice:


The most important thing on the first day of a main event is to read the opponents and the table. Stay calm and don’t rush into things. Then you will be eaten. Find the easy targets on the table and you can build your stack for the coming days baby.


So shuffle up and deal. Let us see if the prospects at take Scotty’s advice up.


The players from in EPT Deauville:


Name: Julian Kabitzke
Age: 22
Lives in: Chemnitz, Germany
Played poker since: 2007


Name: Jack Salter
Age: 24
Lives in: London, UK
Played poker since: 2007


Name: Bernhard Mössner
Age: 28
Lives in: Vienna, Austria
Played poker since: 2000


Name: Andre Klebanov
Age: 22
Lives in: Chemnitz, Germany
Played poker since: 2008



The Expekt Poker Team


The PCA finished and we’re looking forward to the next live event!

Wednesday, January 13th, 2010

So the Main event of PCA is over and Harrison Gimbel became the youngest winner ever of the PCA Main with his mere 19 years. He cashed out $2.2 million and perhaps he is lucky to not be let in to Vegas where the money can be easily spent.

Our ambassador didn’t experience as much luck as Gimbel. After finishing in 10th place in the 8 game mix (buy in $5,000) Scotty opted for skipping the highroller event and go home to spend time with the family.

But if you’re a live event lover you won’t be disappointed in this year’s coming events. We will continue with some heavy live cover of the EMOP Gran Canaria where our two colleagues Steve and Kevin will be seated, thanks to winning an employee tournament. So if the guys think they can slack of and enjoy the hotel pool they’re mistaken. I will make sure to put them to work purely for your amusement. Don’t be shy! If you have any requests or wishes for the EMOP tournament give us a shout.

While we’re waiting for the Gran Canaria I’d like to hear your latest stories. Have you ever been to a live event? Or do you prefer playing online or at home with friends? Which tournament would be your dream tournament to play? Personally I wouldnt say no to the PCA considering it’s location:) There are plenty of them up and running right now including Irish Open and the Deep-stack championship  also in Dublin. One thing is for sure and that’s that they all beat the infamous Casino Dragonara in St.Julians, Malta!

There’s  nothing better than the sweet joy of beating your colleagues!

Didn’t Scotty know he was busted from the tournament? The PCA adventure continues

Thursday, January 7th, 2010

Is he in, is he out? After just thinking we had it confirmed that Scotty was alive, well and doing good with a chip count of approximately 51,000 after having read it on his twitter, it seems as though Scotty missed a minor detail… That he busted the tournament. So the Prince of Poker is out of the PCA.

But he isn’t called the Prince of Poker for nothing! Scotty made sure to let his opponents know who rules the live stage. During the 2nd blind level he didn’t think it was enough to beat his opponent and let him muck his cards. He told him to show the cards and if the player had him beat Scotty would give him $500, if he didn’t Scotty would give him $100. The player’s cards remained mucked followed by Scotty’s; “Who do you think you’re messing with baby?”

After chasing down Scotty we find out that his premature joy over still being in the tournament was a bit of an editorial error and that he was busted thanks to a bad beat, Scotty says: “Poker is poker, baby. I busted on a bad-beat against 8,4 when i had pocket tens. Today I play 8 game championship, baby. New day!” So we are still in luck to see some more action from the Caribbean.

Scotty is at 20.00 pm (local time, CET -6) playing the 8 Game Championship, something for the multi skilled poker players, which is something we know Scotty is after winning the WSOP H.O.R.S.E in 2008. The tournament is expected to give some real interesting action and fellow stars such as Daniel Negreanu is one mentioning the prospect of playing the $5K tournament, so stay tuned for more of the action in the Bahamas and cheer on for Scotty here.

The Prince of poker plays the PCA event of European Poker Tour

Tuesday, January 5th, 2010

If you are like me (beach, poker and pina colada lover) you’re dreaming about being where Scotty is right now: The Caribbean!

Last year 1,347 players joined in the Bahamas for the Main Event and the winner grabbed a whopping $3,000,000 in cash. It’s the event we all dream about and our Scotty starts the adventure tomorrow (Wed, 6th Jan) at day 1B. Join me and follow him on facebook and cheer him on, because for every day he passes in the ME we will add $50 to our Scotty progressive PCA Freeroll which will play on Tuesday next week 12th Jan. The Freeroll is for all the Scotty Facebook fans, so if you’re not already a fan, become one now!

It’s not only Scotty’s chance to cash in some money, you can get your share too. Bet on Scotty and get your moneys worth, we have odds 41.00 that he will reach the final table

If you ask Scotty he has his eyes set on the title. He says:

“I still havent won an EPT, I want to win everything and that is my next goal. I am here to win Baby”

Do you think Scotty will go all the way? Does he have what it takes? Share your thoughts in the comment field and perhaps a prize awaits you  if you’re right.