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Expekt Special Poker Month – Cash Game Hero and Sit & Go Showdown

Friday, March 1st, 2013

March is a special month at Expekt Poker with two big races designed to satisfy every customer’s poker needs!
Expekt Poker's super month of races!


Expekt Poker’s Cash  Game Hero and Sit & Go Showdown! 



March is a big month on Expekt Poker with two big races set to spark the interest of poker players of all kinds. Whether you like cash tables or Sit & Go go tournaments, low or high stakes,  there is definitely no excuse not to play poker with Expekt during March.


If cash tables are your thing then Cash Game Hero will certainly suit you! Battle it out on the Expekt Poker cash tables and become the Expekt Hero by reaching the top spot in our weekly leaderboards by raking as many hands as possible and ultimately beating the competition.


Choose between the Micro, Low or Medium/High stakes levels and play for a share of over $32,000 and the much coveted title of Expekt’s Cash Game Hero.


More the Sit & Go type? Sit & Go Showdown on Expekt Poker for the most exciting Sit & Go tournament yet!   With three different buy-in levels: Gold, Silver and Bronze, we’re giving everyone the chance to win a share of the over $24,000 on offer.


And that’s not all! The top 250 players of the month across all the Sit &G0 Showdown leaderboards will get exclusive access to a special $5,000 freeroll which will take place on Sunday 3rd April at 19.00 GMT.


With over $56,000 to be won, and payouts given to over 200 players, Expekt Poker is definitely the place to be playing poker during the month of March.


If you don’t have our software yet, download it from our site today and all new players will get our Big Welcome Bonuses of a 200% deposit bonus and $10,000 in Welcome Freerolls.


Good luck – we hope to see you soon!


The Expekt Poker Team


Expekt Poker Irish Open 2013

Tuesday, February 5th, 2013

Expekt Poker Irish Open 2013 – Expekt Poker players now have the chance to fly to Ireland and play in the widely anticipated Irish Open 2013!
Expekt Poker's Irish Open 2013


Expekt Poker Irish Open 2013 – New Mega Satellite Added!



Expekt Poker has some of the best promotions running all throughout the year and the Irish Open 2013 is one of our favourites. This year Expekt Poker is guaranteeing 3 x €3,200 packages every Sunday to our top players!


We have tons of low cost satellites to suit every bankroll so all poker players can enjoy playing with Expekt Poker.


The Irish Open is taking place in Dublin from March 29th – April 1st 2013. To get in with the chance to participate, simply play in our qualifiers and win one of three guaranteed packages every week. Our satellites started on 22nd November 2012 and are running all the way to March 17th 2013.


Don’t miss out on this exciting opportunity. Our prize package includes:


€2,000 + €250 Buy In to the Main Event
€395 for a 5 nights’ stay at the Burlington Hotel in Dublin, from 28th March to 2nd April, 2013
€525 for flights and spending


It gets even better! Expekt poker has also added a Mega Satellite which is taking place on Sunday 10th March at 20:00 GMT with a buy of €235 + €15. On this day we’ll be giving away 30 packages to the Irish Open 2013.


Don’t miss out on Super Satellites taking place every Sunday at 20:00 GMT as well as satellites for the Mega Satellite which start on Sunday 17th February.


Take a look at our website and find everything you need about the Irish Open 2013 HERE.


Good luck!


The Expekt Poker Team


Expekt Poker player wins Maui Progressive Jackpot!

Friday, June 15th, 2012

An Expekt Poker player picked up over $20,000 after putting together a once-in-a-lifetime run of results and landing the Maui Progressive Jackpot.


Expekt Poker's Maui Jackpot


Expekt Poker’s Progressive Jackpots grow all the time!



Expekt Poker is known for having some of the best poker players around and this has never been more apparent than when “xxSitOutxx” recently won our Maui Jackpot.


Our Sit N Go progressive jackpots reward players with huge lump sums if they can finish in first place in successive 10-seater tournaments – which is no easy feat!


We have four different variations; Dirty Dozen, Maui, Rio and Fort Knox which offer up to $50,000 guaranteed if you can finish top of the pile several times in a row at varying stake levels.


“xxSitOutxx” managed to win his cash lump sum of over $20,000 by securing five consecutive $5 + $1 tournament 1st place finishes. Not a bad return for buy-ins totalling just $30!


We also have cash rewards if you finish 1st or 2nd to act as a cushion for any bad beats along the way!


Why not have a look at our Progressive Jackpots, which you can find HERE.


Each week the prize is unclaimed, the jackpots grow bigger – see if you can stop one climbing today!


Good luck!


The Expekt Poker Team


Expekt Poker Player Andre Klebanov finish third in London EPT

Saturday, October 8th, 2011

LONDON. Best friends Julian Kabitzke and Andre Klebanov have had a poker year to remember as Expekt players.


Earlier this year, Kabitzke won The One in Cannes, and this week Klebanov finished third in EPT London main event. In only his second EPT tournament, Klebanov took the field at Hilton Metropole Hotel in London by storm.


“I will be happy in a couple of day’s time, but when you make the final table you just want to win,” said Andre Klebanov. 


At the second level of the tournament, where a total of 691 players bought in creating a total prize pool of £3,351,350, the 21-year-old found himself down to 4,000 chips but he bounced back time and time again.

 Klebanov, who was born in Belarus but resides in Kemnitz in Germany, made it to the final 9 with the shortest stack of around 700,000 chips but after winning an all-in race with Ace, Jack against his opponent’s pocket eights he gained a much needed double up.


He was then able to build up his impressive stack to 2.7 million with some well-timed plays. At the final table he manoeuvred himself into a top-3 spot and was in a good position to double up but an unthinkable turn and river filled his opponents straight and Klebanov was out.


“I couldn’t believe it when the river filled his straight but that is poker,” he added. “Overall I am extremely happy with my performance and I’m sure I will be smiling about this in a few days time.”


Klebanov cashed £265,000 finishing third with Benny Spindler winning ahead of Steve O’Dwyer. Andre Klebanov started playing poker online when he was 18 focusing on sit/and/goes and later playing multi-table tournaments.


“I will play more live events going forward. A third place in EPT London is a great boost for me,” said Klebanov.

 You will probably spot Klebanov with his best friend Julian Kabitzke at some of the biggest poker tournaments in world in the future gunning for the titles. And they will be aiming for more wins – with Expekt Poker.



Expekt’s Scotty Nguyen hunting his sixth WSOP bracelet

Wednesday, June 29th, 2011

Scotty Nguyen, playing for Expekt Poker in the WSOP, is in the race to grab his sixth bracelet being one of 22 remaining players in event 47.


- “It feels so good to finally not only make it in the money but to still be in it to win it baby!” Scotty tells Expekt Poker.


Scotty Nguyen won his latest of his five bracelets when he scooped the $50,000 H.O.R.S.E. World Championship back in 2008. In event 47 this year, the Omaha/Seven Card Stud Hi-Low-8 or Better, Scotty Nguyen played a strong day 2 and is one of 22 remaining players ahead of day 3.


- “I started out today with 7,600 in chips and I finished the day with 134,500 baby. I look forward to play tomorrow. It feels so good!


- “The last several weeks I have played some good poker but luck has not been on my side.” Scotty is on 12th place in the chip count and is one of the most experienced players in the field.


- “I am in it to win it,” says Scotty with a smile.


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Scotty Nguyen: My view on the book, Black Friday and WSOP

Wednesday, June 8th, 2011

Scotty Nguyen eyes a long and successful WSOP tournament in Las Vegas. The World Champion and poker ambassador also reveals that he will write a tell all book about his dramatic life:



- The book is definitely something I want to do, and something I will do, Scotty Nguyen tells us at



Scotty Nguyen is one of the most respected and famous pros on the poker circuit and had a chat with the poker legend between the tournaments during WSOP, where the main event starts on July 7.



What will be your goals and tactics in WSOP?

- My goals for the WSOP are to do very well this year. I’m looking forward to all the opportunities I have before me to continue my consistent record. This is the tournament we all look forward to the most every year baby!



What is your view on Black Friday?

- Black Friday was good and bad baby! It was good because everything needs to become legal and regulated to keep people from getting hurt by cheating or other bad things. It was bad because so many people here in the U.S. have money that is tied up, or they have used the online gaming to be able to support their families during the economic hardships, and now they don’t have that you know baby!



How has the spring been poker wise?

- So far this year, poker has been good and bad for me baby! I’m glad I won the 1k at Bellagio baby, but I wish I would do better in other events. Don’t worry baby, there’s lots of opportunity ahead of me baby!



How are the family and kids?

- Everyone is good. The kids are getting bigger, the cats and monkeys are doing well, my wife she is doing well too. It’s all good at home baby!


How long will you continue to play?

- I don’t know how long I will continue to play. Poker is all I know and I don’t know that I could “retire” and not play, you know baby that would be very hard for me to do when that’s all I know baby!



Will there be a blockbuster movie about your life in the future?

- I don’t know if there ever would be a movie about me and my life baby! I would be honoured if one was made, who wouldn’t be baby! lol baby!



How are the plans to write a book going?

- The book is definitely something I want to do, and something I will do. Right now there have been some major book store chains with financial problems, so a lot is riding on how they come out of it. It’s no good to do a book if there’s not a place to physically sell it you know baby



- I would like to wish everyone the best World Series this year baby! I hope everyone’s doing well and is healthy baby!


Want to play poker att Click here!



Scotty Nguyen

Congratulations to the Expekt player who won the ONE in Monte Carlo

Wednesday, April 27th, 2011

Julian Kabitzke emerged as the victor in Everest Poker’s first ‘The One’ tournament. The 21 year old, who qualified through VIP promotions won a total of €300,000 in this prestigious tournament that was played in the luxurious Salle des Palmiers in Monaco last weekend.


221 players added to the prizepool, which totaled €1,071,850



“I have had a couple of fantastic days in Monaco and I wish to thank Everest Poker and Expekt Poker for this experience and great final,” Julian Kabitzke told after his triumph.



What was your strategy in The One?

“My general tactic was to stay patient, play my best poker and look for reasonable spots to increase my chip stack. More specific strategy was of course applied to my knowledge about each player and his/her weaknesses.”



Can you please describe some of the key hands that were involved in day 1?

“I pick three moments: 1. The first 3 hours were slow but in the 4th blind level the following occurred: Blinds (ante 25, 150/300). Early raise to 800 from early position, 3 callers, and I decided to call with Ah9h from the Big blind. Flop is A98 rainbow. It is checked to the fish at our table, which bets large, button calls and I go all in. Fish snap calls, and the button folds. Fish shows AJo and didn’t improve. This doubled my starting stack from 30,000 to 60,000. 2. 6th level in the blinds. I raised under the gun with KQ off suit. Button and big blind calls. Flop: Ah, Jh, 10c. Big blind checks, I fire a continuation bet, button calls. Turn: 10s. I immediately check. Button throws in a huge bet, I push all in and immediately call the floor manager to make sure the time is kept and to put my opponent on more pressure. He folds and I win a huge pot. 3. During day 2 I successfully abused the bubble play and raised almost any two cards to increase my chip stack, so that I managed to enter the final table as 3rd chip leader. “



When did you feel that you could win the tournament?

“I never really concentrated on winning the tournament, I was always thinking step by step and Alex was the chip leader through the entire final table until we reached heads up. In heads up I was able to play him step by step and slowly realized that I was probably going to win it.”



How long have you been playing poker?

”I have been playing for a couple of years. 99% of my poker career so far has been online and this is a huge step for me.” What will be your goal as a poker player in the coming years? “I have no plans for my poker career in the coming years. I am focused at being successful this year as well and then decide from there how I will continue. But after this victory I will definitely play more live events.”



Any final words?

“Thanks to all my friends and railbirds that cheered for me during the tournament. And thanks to Expekt for making this victory possible for me.”



Everest The One final table results:



Position Name Country Prize euro

1 Julien Kabitzke Germany 300,000

2 Alexander Debus Germany 170,000

3 Joel Dodds Australia 112,000

4 Alessio Isaia Italy 90,000

5 Xavier Carruggi France 75,000

6 Julien Pouchain France 58,000

7 Adrian Aston UK 47,500

8 Marc Sander Germany 37,000

9 Manuel Bevand Frankrike 26,350



Expekt player won the Monte carlo One

Expekts egen pokerräv Markus Klintborg ligger tvåa i poker-SM

Thursday, September 30th, 2010

Expekts Markus Klintborg ligger tvåa efter dag 1a av poker-SM på Malta. Unge pokerräven Markus, som jobbar med poker marketing på Expekt, spelar på hemmaplan eftersom han jobbar på den soliga ön.

 – Jag spelar på hemmaplan, hur ska man inte kunna segra? säger Markus med ett skratt.

80 spelare kom till start dag 1A på Casino di Venezia och när spelet summerades var Markus Klintborg tvåa av de 35 kvarvarande spelarna med 79 800 i markers. På torsdagen spelas dag 1B och på fredagen börjar det riktiga allvaret med dag 2.

 Här berättar Markus Klintborg om sina upplevelser vid bordet under dag 1A, där han bland annat fajtades med Ken Lennaárd:

”Jag saknade en hand ens värd att nämna när vi nådde middagspaus (efter 4 timmars spel) och låg kvar på 15K i chips (startsumman). Jag inledde hyfsat starkt tidigt efter middagspaus och fick en möjlighet att bygga utan några all in-bataljer… Efter några tidiga potter mot Ken Lennaárd och Gusten Sjöberg satt jag med kring 30K i chips.

En ihågkommen pott som fick diskuteras vid bordet en stund var en mindre där jag öppnar tidigt och Ken höjer min öppningsraise i sen position och jag slår tillbaka med en återhöjning och får Ken att lägga knektar och några minuter senare avslöjar för honom att jag själv satt och snurrade på knektar.

 Efter det flöt det på upp till 80K utan några större konstigheter. Jag fick möjlighet att värdesatsa en hel del och fick betalt rätt fint.

Detta är en live-turnering, man får hålla fingrarna i styr, sitta och dricka kaffe och käka fikabröd och spela en hand i timmen, vara social och sträcka på ryggen liksom. Det krävs tålamod och klonkskills om man ska ta sig vidare till lördagen.

Det är ett välorganiserat SM i övrigt, samtliga verkade nöjda med strukturen och bra med folk dag 1A. Och som sagt: jag spelar på hemmaplan, hur ska man inte kunna segra?”

Markus Klintborg i Poker-SM