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This is what I’m playing for, to see my name at the top of the leader board [Guest blogger]

Friday, April 30th, 2010

I’ve just heard that it’s been snowing in my old home town. It makes me happy that I’ve moved over to England from Sweden. The long winters back over there really drags your mood down even though the summers in Sweden in general are really sunny and hot.

The poker sessions of today:

I started Tuesday’s daily poker sessions by playing 2 Helsinki and 3 Darwin tables. Made second at one of the Darwin tables but played very badly at the others. Tomorrow’s events were very much hanging over my head. I have to do, a very much overdue, spring cleaning and we’re having a meeting later in the afternoon so I’m going to have to take a poker free day.Tried to play an “ahead of schedule” kind of a game today and I did fairly good. After these 5 games I took my lunch break and went out for a walk with the dog.The weather was really warm and beautiful even though the sun was hidden by the clouds.

When I came back I sat down at 2 Helsinki, 2 Darwin tables and 4 of the MTT freerolls again and oboy how much better I played after that break. It cleared up my head so good that I won first at the Helsinki, finished third in 2 tourneys and won myself one freeroll ticket.

Here are a couple of pictures from Tuesday’s tournaments:

Poker lobby

Ever since I started playing poker or any other game for that matter this view is the most exciting view I know in a game. This is what I’m playing for, to see my name at the top of the leader board. Now in this case I’m second but the game wasn’t over yet.

KK vs A6

One of the hands I had KK on my 60 BB. There was one player in seat 4 limping plus one in the SB, everyone else folded up to me so I raised it up to 160 to get calls here. Both players called me to see the flop 5c, 10d, Qc. SB threw out a 240 bet which I re raised up to 1200 to make it expensive to draw to either a straight or the flush. Player in seat 4 re raised all in. I was right here, he was drawing to a flush with A6 but I called the extra 140 while SB folded. My Ks held up and I doubled up.

Folding KK

Just a couple of hands later I looked down on KK again and this time I was in middle position so I made a stronger bet of 240 instead of the 160 last time. I had a bad feeling about my hand this time and didn’t want everyone to call and chase. One player called and to my horror the flop Jh, 6d, Ad came up on the flop. This time I only made a 240 continuation bet only to be re raised all in. I had the feeling from start he was going to do that and since I needed either a K, 2 diamonds or Q, 10 to win there were no chance for me to win this hand and any ace would beat me I folded still in good shape and only to a cost of 480. If his bet would have been smaller I just might have re raised to see how serious he was about his hand but he gave me no option to do so.

My challenge hasn’t been going the way I predicted so far but it’s still early so I’m not worried just yet. I do have stepped up the aggression a bit more but as usual when it comes to these cheaper tournaments people think it’s cheaper to just call everything with any hand and then buy in to a new one if they lose, rather than actually consider what I might be sitting with in my hand.

I have been saying this before that even if it is a $0.10 game or a freeroll you still need to play it at your best. It’s easy to just sit down and register for 10 x $0.10 sit and go’s, lose them and register for 10 more. 100 games is nothing when sitting online and play them. Just open your account and check your tournament history or better yet go to either Sharkscope or Bluff Magazine and check the status of your game. Then try to improve your game instead of throwing away money.

Quickly enough you do lose everything in your bankroll just because you don’t plan ahead how to and what to play.

Well now I’m going to head off to bed and sleep so play well and have fun playing well.

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