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Monday, May 17th, 2010

If you like us are on facebook and like football, then you must try our Football betting app. The betting app works just like, with the only difference is that you’re betting with virtual money. Go ahead and challange your freinds in football betting on facebook now.

Now is a great time to install the app and start playing, the World Cup is just 24 days away and we’ll be boosting the app with tons of new features.

How does it work?

In our betting game, you start with a $100 budget and you can claim a daily bonus of $10 by visiting the application (once every 24 hours).

You win by predicting the right outcomes of football fixtures by betting coupons. Each coupon can contain any number of bets and you can have as many coupons you want. First, have a look at the matches and select your bets by choosing 1/X/2 for your predicted outcome of the match.

The “1” stands for a home team win, the “2” for an away team win and the “X” for a draw. For each $1 you bet, you win the given odds. If you choose to bet on more than one game on the same coupon, all your odds will be multiplied, giving you a larger possible win. But beware, if one outcome is incorrect, you lose the bet. Once you’ve chosen your bets, go to “View open bets” and enter the money you want to bet on the coupon. After the matches are played, you will receive your winnings. Good luck!


Would you like to see some new features or have any comments on our app? Post your comments and we’ll reward the best suggestion with €5.

Try Football betting on facebook here.

Facebook football betting application

“Red Mad” who won at odds of 120.05 in facebook football betting

Monday, April 5th, 2010

“Red Mad”, our pro punter in the football betting application on facebook, has done it again! Trashing his old record of 36.27 in winning odds with a 4-fold coupon backing the draws of Birmingham – Liverpool (X), Boulogne-sur-Mer – Toulouse (X), Getafe – Espanyol (X) and Sporting Gijón – Xerez (X) giving him a total odds of… 120.05(!!). Wow.  As promised, whoever would break his winning streak would get €5 on their account, it just happened to be “Red Mad” himself this time!

Red Mad 120 Odds

Here’s a challenge for you “Red Mad”: Break into the “Richest users” hall-of-fame before the end of this week (11 April) and we’ll let you chose three (3) football leagues, free of your choice, to add to the facebook football application. Until then, I’m going to place some multiples myself trying to get into the first hall-of-fame, but someone is making it hard to compete *wink wink* ;)

Football betting is probably the best betting application on facebook, at least if you should believe our active users who gave the application 4.6 out of 5 stars based on 16 reviews.