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Expekt Special Poker Month – Cash Game Hero and Sit & Go Showdown

Friday, March 1st, 2013

March is a special month at Expekt Poker with two big races designed to satisfy every customer’s poker needs!
Expekt Poker's super month of races!


Expekt Poker’s Cash  Game Hero and Sit & Go Showdown! 



March is a big month on Expekt Poker with two big races set to spark the interest of poker players of all kinds. Whether you like cash tables or Sit & Go go tournaments, low or high stakes,  there is definitely no excuse not to play poker with Expekt during March.


If cash tables are your thing then Cash Game Hero will certainly suit you! Battle it out on the Expekt Poker cash tables and become the Expekt Hero by reaching the top spot in our weekly leaderboards by raking as many hands as possible and ultimately beating the competition.


Choose between the Micro, Low or Medium/High stakes levels and play for a share of over $32,000 and the much coveted title of Expekt’s Cash Game Hero.


More the Sit & Go type? Sit & Go Showdown on Expekt Poker for the most exciting Sit & Go tournament yet!   With three different buy-in levels: Gold, Silver and Bronze, we’re giving everyone the chance to win a share of the over $24,000 on offer.


And that’s not all! The top 250 players of the month across all the Sit &G0 Showdown leaderboards will get exclusive access to a special $5,000 freeroll which will take place on Sunday 3rd April at 19.00 GMT.


With over $56,000 to be won, and payouts given to over 200 players, Expekt Poker is definitely the place to be playing poker during the month of March.


If you don’t have our software yet, download it from our site today and all new players will get our Big Welcome Bonuses of a 200% deposit bonus and $10,000 in Welcome Freerolls.


Good luck – we hope to see you soon!


The Expekt Poker Team


I made a terrible beginners-miss at the Darwin-table [Guest blogger]

Sunday, April 25th, 2010

After a night out partying last night, I’m feeling great today. Feels like it was just what the doctor ordered. We went to a birthday-party for the 21-year old birthday-guy! So now I’m sitting down at 2 tables playing some sit’n’gos. I made a terrible beginners-miss at the Darwin-table not thinking what the guy might have been minimum-raising with.

I hit my Queen so I check-raised making him push all in with his Rockets. I had him covered so it wasn’t the end of my tournament-life but it crippled me heavily, bad me, bad me, BAD ME!

Expekt poker My bad misstake

I managed to work my way up again to third in chips by some really mean ass stealing and the luck I had a guy there calling everything with any 2 just because he could and was big stacked so he doubled me up a couple of times. So when he raised from off position, I called with my pp 4s knowing that he might raise with absolutely nothing, amazed I watched my tournament seat just swooosh by when he hits with his 8 10 suited, 2 pairs.


In my other game at the Helsinki-table I’m chip leader now when we’re on the bubble. The amazing thing is that people are starting to push all-in on the bubble? OK the blinds are right now 200/400 and there are some on 2,000 some chips but still it’s ridiculous to risk it all like that by pushing all in for 2,000 chips when that’s less than a third of my stack and we’re on the bubble.

But my bad playing in the Darwin sit’n’go have disturbed me so I end up third in the Helsinki and with nothing at the Darwin. Had one guy sitting right after me who was totally impossible to knock out. He got lucky every time he was forced all in. But a third is still money so now I’m going off for a while, having me a cup of coffee and shake off the bad negative emotions I’m surrounding myself with.

Can’t afford to let things like this effect me like this. Karma-karma-karma-karma! After been taking a couple of minutes break for coffee I decided for another go at the sit’n’gos. But sometimes you do everything right and still you get knocked out ending up with nothing which I did the last 2 games I played, so now I’m going to register for the freerolls instead and leave the sit’n’gos for a bit. I was card dead all through the tourneys which led to me almost being blinded out. The dynamic at both sit’n’go-tables was somewhat aggressive so there were little room for going for stealing in position since they weren’t going to lay down any ace. Well well at least I know I went in with the best hands and I didn’t do anything major wrong.

I decided to play for one of my Poker freeroll tickets again [Guest blogger]

Sunday, April 25th, 2010

After a usual morning of sweet chaos when the kids are here. (Games on highest volume, likewise with the football on the TV, since I’ve got myself a football-nut here LMAO) I decided to play for one of my Poker freeroll tickets again. I did pretty good there winning myself second place.

So even if it doesn’t sound much $1.50 for it is still $1.50 up on my bankroll. Here are some of the more crucial hands getting me there. It’s against a guy I’ve played before so I knew a bit of how he played and he was sitting right after me in order (Calling him RAM for Right-After-Me). We had one other guy at the table who had been raising every other hand only to be forced to fold due to a bit weak play never C-betting or anything just raise and then check all through the hands (Calling him OB from now on here) and he raised this hand again to 120 on a 40bb.

I was sitting on pp 6s so I called his 3xbb bet since I knew that RAM was going to call as well giving me better odds. And I was right he did call this raise, this time with 10 J off. when the flop came 2c, 8c, 2h. OB checked and so did I. RAM bet 105 into the pot and since I didn’t find it likely that either he was sitting on either 2 or 8 and that OB who checked just check/called here on a flush draw if he had either the 2 or 8 I called this as well. Turn came 8d which made this better for me since I had higher 2 pairs that them if they both were sitting on an ace.

Expekt Poker Darwin 66 vs 10J

I kind of had them both on either A rag or nothing at this point, higher pps and they would have pushed all in pre flop. RAM was trying to portray he had the nuts betting a pot bet but I didn’t believe him so I re raised and he called only to draw dead when the Qs hit.

The 3,125 chip stack was going my way here. Next time was a couple of rounds later when I got KK, everyone had folded up to my SB so I raised it to 300 on a 100bb. RAM on BB only had to call 200 so that bet got him to call. 4d, 2d, Jd flopped so I checked here and so did he. Turn 6d I checked and so did he. I got the gut feeling he didn’t have a diamond so when the 10s came on the river I bet 300 and he re raised me all in trying to trick me to believe he was sitting on a diamond. If he would have this guy would have bet his draws and when he didn’t I knew he was either beat or betting the 10. I called the last 1,865.

Uhm.. I have to say that “hu!” I made a big mistake but I had to try being aggressive in position so I raised 3x the 300bb with Q7 suited only to be re raised with by his pp 9s. I misread him and called the bet only to cripple myself and when my AK off came next hand I had to push all in for only 2,125 and he called that bet with LMAO Q rag suited and he turned the flush only to seal my fate as second in this tourney.

Expekt Poker Darwin KK vs A10

I’m building a bankroll from scratch at poker [Guest blogger]

Friday, April 23rd, 2010

Hey everyone! I’m SWeNetty, the guest-blogger here at I’m from northern Sweden now living in England and I have been playing poker ever since. Well time of dawn. At least it feels like that from time to time.

I started up by playing Chicago, you know another name for 5-card draw but without the betting between rounds, with my brother and something we called knuckle-poker in school. That’s pretty much 5-card stud but with a twist. The winner gets to punish the looser depending on what card the looser is drawing. Well needless to say you had to progress strategically, become a better player OR go home with bruises on you knuckles or arms. :D

My favourite games are 5-card draw and lowball. It’s just that it’s really hard to find a decent game of 5-card draw or lowball. 7-card stud is another game. I’m more than happy to sit down to play, find these games challenging since you’re completely lost if you don’t pay attention to what’s going on at the table.

I’ve been blogging about my poker-experience and other worldly stuff for a couple of years now at so you can catch up on me there too.

About 1.5-2 months ago I got challenged to see if I could make myself a bankroll at poker from absolute zero, I gladly accepted the challenge and planned to write about it in a blog, to document it. On top of that I have a new challenge going on which include the mini ECOOP events to be documented as well.


Since is having this really good deal for new customers, 90 days of freerolls to help you build your bankroll 5 times per day, in total 450 freerolls. It makes it a bit easier to get started as a poker player. The freerolls are capped at 500 registered and pays top 33 a ticket into a $0.60 sitngo where you can win $2.50. So if you calculate your odds there they’re pretty damn good, don’t you think!

The perfect scenario if you’re that good and have that much luck (which wouldn’t be much of a challenge and just theoretical but for the sake of calculation) you can make in 90 days time $1125 for your bankroll. More plausible would be something in between if you take this seriously. So far I’ve made 22 tickets. I’ve used 2 tickets winning me the first in both for a total of $5. Now I’m just using those $5 to just get my bearings around the sitngo-tables and up my game there.

Poker freerolls

To get familiar with the structure, players and more. I decided for this bankroll-challenge to use the 5% rule strictly, to have a bankroll-management that’s not going to ruin it for me when I run cold, I’m aware of that’s going to happen sooner or later realistically. well that’s pretty much all for now but the story will continue for everyone that are interested…

Play well and most of all have fun playing well. PS. You can follow me on twitter @SWNetty.