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The German national team – a winning machine

Friday, March 25th, 2011

No Bundesliga action this weekend but instead we have some qualification games to look forward to. As I usually try to put the focus on the Bundesliga I have this weekend chosen to cast some light on the German national team, also called die Nationalmannschaft in German.

The German national team is a success story. As individuals the Germans aren’t the best players in the world, but when they come together they form a group that grows and become stronger than most other teams in the world. It doesn’t seem to matter in what form the players are in when coming in to the team, they always seem to come out on top of their game. A good example of this is the German striker Miroslav Klose. He hasn’t been very successful in Bayern Munich the last couple of years, but as soon as he puts on the white shirt with the eagle on the chest he transforms in to a world class striker who scores for fun.

But what is it that actually makes the German players grow and become better players than the English, the French and the Italian players who often perform well in their club teams but don’t seem to bring it when playing for their countries? My theory is that tradition and mentality play huge roles. The German national team has a winning tradition. They have always been successful and managed to grow a winning culture within the team and their surroundings. This winning mentality is something that is cultivated in many youth teams in Germany. They are brought up to be winners with a winning mentality. In many countries young players are hindered from competing at a very young age since the focus is on participating and having fun rather than competing. In Germany the tradition of competing and winning is greater than participating and socialising. Arguably you could have opinions about this. But on the other hand, this mentality will bring winners. Winners that won’t complain about the media pressure and other things when failing in the world cup. Pressure is nothing new to the German players, they have dealt with pressure since being 7 years old and competing in their local youth team.

Have a look at this weekend’s qualification games!

World Cup 2010, USA vs Algeria, Slovenia vs England, Ghana vs Germany, Australia vs Serbia

Tuesday, June 22nd, 2010

Our regular host Dan Vikman is still in South Africa enjoying the beautiful African winter and the brilliant World Cup atmosphere, but one of our producers Niklas Joelsson will, together with Jonathan Deeley and Richie Sheridan, look into all the different possibilities and scenarios ahead of the last matches in both Group C and Group D today.

All eyes will be on England ahead of their final match against Slovenia in Group C and English bookmakers Jonathan and Richie are having their say about England’s current form and their chances.

Ghana is currently sitting in top of Group D, but will they overcome Germany and reach the second round, or will Serbia and the Germans leapfrog them in the last group stage round to reach the last 16? Don’t miss all the preview talk in today’s Inside Expekt.

Today’s matches Wednesday 23rd June:

16.00 USA vs Algeria

16.00 Slovenia vs England

20.30 Ghana vs Germany

20.30 Australia vs Serbia

Also, predict the correct score in the Ghana vs Germany vs tonight and you can win €5 into your betting account at The first posted comment with the correct prediction wins.

World Cup 2010, Germany vs Serbia, England vs Algeria, Slovenia vs USA [Video]

Friday, June 18th, 2010

England are looking to bounce back after the 1-1 draw with USA and they are massive favorites against Algeria. Will Peter Crouch start the game? Jonathan Deeley thinks so.

USA meanwhile is favorites against Slovenia in a massive encounter – if Slovenia wins, they are through.

Germany thrashed Australia 4-0 in their first match and are now clashing with Serbia that needs a result after loosing 1-0 against Ghana.

Today’s matches Friday 18th June:

13.30 Germany vs Serbia

16.00 Slovenia vs USA

20.30 England vs Algeria

I salute a Germany that showed some master-class in their attacks

Monday, June 14th, 2010

Since I have some really good friends in Australia, I must admit I felt sorry for The Socceroos when Germany thumped them in the World Cup late on Sunday.

I guess they focused on their Victoria Bitter cans at the end. Australia has passion and pride in sports, but they had less chance than a Kiwi trying to sing New Zealand’s national anthem at 2am in Kings Cross darkest streets in Sydney this time.

I salute a Germany that showed some master-class in their attacks, but wait a bit with title chants. To be honest, this was a weak Australia team, far away from the Guus Hiddink led powerhouse four years ago.

Tougher matches will come for Germany. But now it feels that the World Cup has started, and Holland, Italy, Brazil and Spain are lining up next. Here we go!

World Cup 2010, Germany vs Australia, algeria vs Slovenia and Serbia vs Ghana [Video]

Saturday, June 12th, 2010

Germany is entering the tournament against Australia and we have German ex-striker Fredi Bobic from with us live on the phone from Berlin. Fredi Bobic feels that Germany have a young, interesting side that can reach the semi-finals and they start the tournament as favorites against Australia.

Jonathan Deeley eyes Algeria vs Slovenia and Serbia vs Ghana. Serbia is a red-hot outsider and the odds on Serbia is something to consider.

Matches Sunday 13th June:

13:30 Algeria – Slovenia

16.00 Serbia – Ghana

20.30 Germany – Australia

We’re looking for the correct score between Germany – Australia, post your predictions and we’ll reward the first correct comment with €5.

We take the Pulse on Germany in the World Cup [Video]

Thursday, June 3rd, 2010

Inside Expekt and Dan Vikman are back from Las Vegas and Scotty’s Boot Camp. We’re in sunny Malta, Sliema, outside the German Bavarian sausage van taking the pulse on Germany to win the World Cup. Mario is convinced that Germany will win the World Cup, no question about it.

What are your thoughts on Germany, can they make it this year? Germany pays 13.00 times the money currently if the would win the World Cup.

World Cup 2010, Group D betting preview [Video]

Wednesday, June 2nd, 2010

We’re back with reviewing Group D of the World Cup tournament with Germany, Australia, Serbia and Ghana. Germany and Ghana are the clear favourites in this group. Hear what Dan and Richie has to say about Group D.