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World Cup 2010, Uruguay vs Germany [video]

Friday, July 9th, 2010

Uruguay has done a great World Cup and eyes a bronze medal when they clashes with Germany this Saturday. Uruguay pays a massive 5.10 in odds and Diego Forlan is still in reach of the Golden Boot title. The same goes for Miroslav Klose who will equal Ronaldo’s all-time record with 15 World Cup goals if he scores a goal. So plenty to play for here, and Dan and Richie at takes a look at the 3rd place match and gives you the best tips and odds.

Bronze match Saturday 10th July:

20:30 Uruguay – Germany

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I didn’t know what to believe when Maradona took charge

Friday, June 11th, 2010

For the first World Cup ever, I have a feeling that a coach will dominate the headlines more than any star player out there, at last during the first week.

When Diego Armando Maradona took charge of Argentina I didn’t know what to believe. Of course he was getting fitter and fitter in all departments, but as a coach he is, well, not like a Rioja with full flower if you put it like that. We have seen same great players taking on the coach role with less or no success throughout the years – Lothar Matthäus! – and you can only be a hard-core Argentina fan if you think that Maradona will fix this South African adventure.

But I truly hope, having Maradona as the greatest player ever with his outstanding performance in the World Cup 1986 as a masterpiece that never will be matched.

Argentina faces Nigeria in their first match on Saturday and there is not many similarities between the coaches, with Swedish veteran Lars Lagerbäck being in charge of the Super Eagles. Lagerbäck played lower-league football but didn’t look back when he stepped in as a coach and led Sweden to five consecutive championships.

Lagerbäck is kind of a grey character but when it comes to team-building he knows a lot more than Maradona and maybe Nigeria can upset Argentina.

The bet of the weekend for the punters is anyway the treble with England/Argentina/Germany and the bookmakers are getting ready for a hot and exciting month.

Today’s opening matches sees South Africa clashing with Mexico, while France is challenged by Uruguay. In here you have another coach in focus, the French odd-ball Domenech, who I will come back to later.

As you see, there are some coaches to talk about from South Africa, but I surely hope that the players take charge. For France, that could be the receipt for success, but I doubt it will happen.

It is time for kick-off and to place the first bets. If you have predicted two draws in the matches today, you are not alone. I go for South Korea and Serbia. Nice ones!

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Bafana Bafana

Paul crosses Malta if Zlatan wins

Thursday, March 18th, 2010 now pays 50 times the money on Zlatan Ibrahimovic to win the Golden Boot in Spain – and  bookie Paul Gran has pledged to walk a distance of 27.3 km, which, following a south-east to north-east lineation, is the longest uninterrupted distance possible on the tiny island of Malta, should Ibrahimovic triumph.

- Sorry Zlatan, you have no chance to become the top scorer, but if you do I will do this walk in burning heat this summer, says Paul. paid 12.00 in odds before La Liga started on Ibrahimovic to become top scorer in Spain, and before Christmas, when the Swedish striker was on fire, the odds was down to 3.50.

Now Zlatan has been suspended and out of form and we pay a massive 50 times the money. Messi is huge favorite at 1.35 ahead of Higuain, David Villa and Ronaldo, says Paul Gran, veteran bookie at Malta based since nine years and once winner of Norwegian Jeopardy.

- I am so sure that Zlatan will not win this title that I promise to walk the longest distance in Malta from the south-east to the north-west, which is 27.3 km, in burning heat this summer if he does. It will be tough and not pretty, and maybe Zlatan can offer me some drinks on the way if it would happen.

Zlatan is on 12 goals and is distanced by Messi, who is leading the pack with 22 goals so far.

Odds top scorer La Liga:

L Messi 1.35
Gonzalo Higuain 4.50
David Villa 6.00
Cristiano Ronaldo 10.00
Zlatan Ibrahimovic 50.00
Roberto Soldado 100.00
D Forlan 100.00

Top scorers in La Liga at the moment:
1 Lionel Messi        Barcelona     22
2 Gonzalo Higuain     R Madrid      19
3 David Villa         Valencia      17
4 Cristiano Ronaldo   R Madrid      15
5 Diego Forlan        At Madrid     12
5 Roberto Soldado     Getafe        12
5 Zlatan Ibrahimovic  Barcelona     12