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2010 review: World, Cup, Ryder Cup, Nadal, Spurs, bets of the year – and Ian Holloway

Monday, December 20th, 2010

What has Felipe Scolari, Gareth Bale, Nadal, New Zealand, Colin Montgomerie, Ian Holloway, Sepp Blatter, Bluesea Cracker, West Ham and England´s World Cup team in common?

Well, they are all mentioned in Inside Expekt´s 2010 review when Richie Sheridan, Jonathan Deeley and Dan Vikman looks back at the year in sport in their own personal way.


World Cup 2010, Netherlands vs Denmark, Japan vs Cameroon and Italy vs Paraguay [Video]

Sunday, June 13th, 2010

Sepp Piontek led Denmark to glory as national team coach in the 80’s. Richie Sheridan tells some interesting stats around Japan when they face African opponents and that is something to consider before you place your bets on Cameroon. Italy vs Paraguay rounds this Monday off, and if you go for the draw you are not alone.

Matches Monday 14th June:

13.30 Netherlands – Denmark

16.00 Japan – Cameroon

20.30 Italy – Paraguay