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Expekt Poker player wins Maui Progressive Jackpot!

Friday, June 15th, 2012

An Expekt Poker player picked up over $20,000 after putting together a once-in-a-lifetime run of results and landing the Maui Progressive Jackpot.


Expekt Poker's Maui Jackpot


Expekt Poker’s Progressive Jackpots grow all the time!



Expekt Poker is known for having some of the best poker players around and this has never been more apparent than when “xxSitOutxx” recently won our Maui Jackpot.


Our Sit N Go progressive jackpots reward players with huge lump sums if they can finish in first place in successive 10-seater tournaments – which is no easy feat!


We have four different variations; Dirty Dozen, Maui, Rio and Fort Knox which offer up to $50,000 guaranteed if you can finish top of the pile several times in a row at varying stake levels.


“xxSitOutxx” managed to win his cash lump sum of over $20,000 by securing five consecutive $5 + $1 tournament 1st place finishes. Not a bad return for buy-ins totalling just $30!


We also have cash rewards if you finish 1st or 2nd to act as a cushion for any bad beats along the way!


Why not have a look at our Progressive Jackpots, which you can find HERE.


Each week the prize is unclaimed, the jackpots grow bigger – see if you can stop one climbing today!


Good luck!


The Expekt Poker Team


Hans won a massive €77,319 on the Progressive Cyberstud [Winner]

Friday, May 14th, 2010

Three weeks ago, Swedish customer Hans started to play casino. And he hit the Jackpot almost right away when he won a massive €77,319 on the Progressive Cyberstud. Not only that. Just minutes later he won €20,000 more.

- I couldn’t believe my eyes, this means a lot to me and my family, says Hans, father of four.

- I played at a couple of years ago and I decided to come back a couple of weeks ago. I have tried a lot of different casinos at different online bookies and I find Expekt to be the best online bookie with the best casino.

How do you remember the feeling when you won?

- This is so amazing. I remember starting the computer and logging onto the casino at I staked 1 euro and then I must admit a lot gets a bit vague. The screen started to flash and when I saw that I had a Royal Flush I thought someone was fooling me.

When I started to understand that I had won I transferred the currency from euro to Swedish krona so I could understand how much I had really won. I tell you my heart was beating!

And then you won some more?

- Yes, since I had some money on the account I betted some more and won €20,000! How about that? I cannot believe how lucky I have been.

What will you do with the money?

- I will pay of some of the loans I have on our house and our four kids will have some for their future. We will do some nice travels as well. Yesterday I booked a summer holiday to Turkey for the whole family.

Have you had some dinner to celebrate?

- You bet, we had plenty of good food in this house since I won, I think we need a new stove soon! But tonight we will have a nice dinner out.

Hans can afford it after his amazing €77,391 + €20,000 win. Maybe it is you who will be lucky next time at casino?

Expekt casino Cyberstud Jackpot

28,000th time lucky? Congrats to Simon who cashed in $25,000!

Sunday, January 17th, 2010

After two full years of playing 28,000 (!) jackpots, Simon finally hit jackpot winning 6 Rio SitnGo’s in a run, winning $25,000. He says it’s about time and we don’t blame him. But Simon has been extremely close to winning big prize pools before. Last year he suffered what has to be the bad beat of his life!

He was playing for the Fort Knox with $180,000 in the jackpot. After five wins he was only one away from cashing in the big $$ when he went all in with QQ, was called with A7 and his opponent hit the A – on the turn… typical. Well, at least he has $25,000 to make up for it.

Here’s the screen showing Simon’s winnings making his wallet heavier.

Simon’s luck has finally turned. When asked what he is going to do with the money he answered he will pay off some debts, always a relief! But there’s a chance he will cash in even more in the near future as he won a qualifier on last week to the ECPokerTour Barcelona kicking off in mid March. We will keep you updated on Simon’s success there!

Simon aka PanjoBere