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Expekt Poker Player Andre Klebanov finish third in London EPT

Saturday, October 8th, 2011

LONDON. Best friends Julian Kabitzke and Andre Klebanov have had a poker year to remember as Expekt players.


Earlier this year, Kabitzke won The One in Cannes, and this week Klebanov finished third in EPT London main event. In only his second EPT tournament, Klebanov took the field at Hilton Metropole Hotel in London by storm.


“I will be happy in a couple of day’s time, but when you make the final table you just want to win,” said Andre Klebanov. 


At the second level of the tournament, where a total of 691 players bought in creating a total prize pool of £3,351,350, the 21-year-old found himself down to 4,000 chips but he bounced back time and time again.

 Klebanov, who was born in Belarus but resides in Kemnitz in Germany, made it to the final 9 with the shortest stack of around 700,000 chips but after winning an all-in race with Ace, Jack against his opponent’s pocket eights he gained a much needed double up.


He was then able to build up his impressive stack to 2.7 million with some well-timed plays. At the final table he manoeuvred himself into a top-3 spot and was in a good position to double up but an unthinkable turn and river filled his opponents straight and Klebanov was out.


“I couldn’t believe it when the river filled his straight but that is poker,” he added. “Overall I am extremely happy with my performance and I’m sure I will be smiling about this in a few days time.”


Klebanov cashed £265,000 finishing third with Benny Spindler winning ahead of Steve O’Dwyer. Andre Klebanov started playing poker online when he was 18 focusing on sit/and/goes and later playing multi-table tournaments.


“I will play more live events going forward. A third place in EPT London is a great boost for me,” said Klebanov.

 You will probably spot Klebanov with his best friend Julian Kabitzke at some of the biggest poker tournaments in world in the future gunning for the titles. And they will be aiming for more wins – with Expekt Poker.