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WSOP 2010, Scotty Nguyen: I´m kickin’ ass, baby

Wednesday, July 14th, 2010

Scotty Nguyen stormed through the field on day 4 of the WSOP Main Event.

- I’m kickin’ ass, baby, this is my year, Scotty told after today’s play in Las Vegas.

The world champion and ambassador started the day with just over 47,000 in chips, but ended on 632,000 after twelve hours of poker drama at Rio Hotel. Scotty tells on the phone from Las Vegas:

- The turning point came when I was all in preflop with pocket kings and doubled up to 75,000 in chips. It just all worked for me today. I had QQ a few times and they hold up, as well as some key KK and AA. I feel very good heading into day 5, baby!

Scotty is among 595 players remaining after 1,203 players headed into day 4. In total 7,319 players started in this year’s Main Event competing about a massive $68,798,600, where the last nine clashes in the final table in London in November.

- I aim to be there, baby, Scotty says.

Looking at Scotty’s performance on day 4 he is a player to watch for any competitor going forward. He has almost double the average stack and he knows what it takes after his world championship title back in 1998 and his 11th place in the same main event in 2007.

Scotty Nguyen steps into the WSOP main event today – My strategy is simple: to win it baby!

Wednesday, July 7th, 2010

Scotty Nguyen, who won the main event title in 1998 and the $50,000 HORSE World Championship in 2008, had a hectic May when he welcomed the winners in Scotty’s Boot Camp in Las Vegas.

- It was great to meet the winners from and talk poker and have some fun time showing them my hometown. I hope to make them proud during the main event.

Scotty also nearly made the final table of the 2007 World Series of Poker Main Event, finishing in 11th place out of a field of 6,358 and earning $476,926. He is as always one of the favorites ahead of the long and challenging main event.

Will you do anything different compared to last year’s?

- Nothing different baby! Just play my game baby!

Is the main event the big goal for you this year?

- Of course baby! Every year it is baby!

How would you look back at the year so far, in terms of result?

- So far a decent year baby! I also work for better baby!

How do you look back at the WSOP so far for you own sake in terms of result and play?

- I played good, but ran into a lot of bad luck baby! That’s poker baby!

How do you use your own success earlier in the main event at the table?

-  It is always good to have that in the back-pocket baby!