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Congratulations to the Expekt player who won the ONE in Monte Carlo

Wednesday, April 27th, 2011

Julian Kabitzke emerged as the victor in Everest Poker’s first ‘The One’ tournament. The 21 year old, who qualified through VIP promotions won a total of €300,000 in this prestigious tournament that was played in the luxurious Salle des Palmiers in Monaco last weekend.


221 players added to the prizepool, which totaled €1,071,850



“I have had a couple of fantastic days in Monaco and I wish to thank Everest Poker and Expekt Poker for this experience and great final,” Julian Kabitzke told after his triumph.



What was your strategy in The One?

“My general tactic was to stay patient, play my best poker and look for reasonable spots to increase my chip stack. More specific strategy was of course applied to my knowledge about each player and his/her weaknesses.”



Can you please describe some of the key hands that were involved in day 1?

“I pick three moments: 1. The first 3 hours were slow but in the 4th blind level the following occurred: Blinds (ante 25, 150/300). Early raise to 800 from early position, 3 callers, and I decided to call with Ah9h from the Big blind. Flop is A98 rainbow. It is checked to the fish at our table, which bets large, button calls and I go all in. Fish snap calls, and the button folds. Fish shows AJo and didn’t improve. This doubled my starting stack from 30,000 to 60,000. 2. 6th level in the blinds. I raised under the gun with KQ off suit. Button and big blind calls. Flop: Ah, Jh, 10c. Big blind checks, I fire a continuation bet, button calls. Turn: 10s. I immediately check. Button throws in a huge bet, I push all in and immediately call the floor manager to make sure the time is kept and to put my opponent on more pressure. He folds and I win a huge pot. 3. During day 2 I successfully abused the bubble play and raised almost any two cards to increase my chip stack, so that I managed to enter the final table as 3rd chip leader. “



When did you feel that you could win the tournament?

“I never really concentrated on winning the tournament, I was always thinking step by step and Alex was the chip leader through the entire final table until we reached heads up. In heads up I was able to play him step by step and slowly realized that I was probably going to win it.”



How long have you been playing poker?

”I have been playing for a couple of years. 99% of my poker career so far has been online and this is a huge step for me.” What will be your goal as a poker player in the coming years? “I have no plans for my poker career in the coming years. I am focused at being successful this year as well and then decide from there how I will continue. But after this victory I will definitely play more live events.”



Any final words?

“Thanks to all my friends and railbirds that cheered for me during the tournament. And thanks to Expekt for making this victory possible for me.”



Everest The One final table results:



Position Name Country Prize euro

1 Julien Kabitzke Germany 300,000

2 Alexander Debus Germany 170,000

3 Joel Dodds Australia 112,000

4 Alessio Isaia Italy 90,000

5 Xavier Carruggi France 75,000

6 Julien Pouchain France 58,000

7 Adrian Aston UK 47,500

8 Marc Sander Germany 37,000

9 Manuel Bevand Frankrike 26,350



Expekt player won the Monte carlo One