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‘WViking’ to represent Expekt in Vegas for the second year running

Wednesday, July 6th, 2011

Norwegian Magnus Skumsnes, known as WViking on the tables, is making a nice habit of representing Expekt Poker in Las Vegas.


Last summer he won a place in the “Scotty Boot Camp” and in the 2011 WSOP he will play both the main event and a side event as an Expekt player.


“It really feels like a dream come through, and make no mistake, I have ambitions on the poker tables in Vegas and am not just travelling as a tourist”, a delighted Magnus told Expekt Poker.


Expekt will have two players in the main event. Magnus will play in the a side event on 5th July ($1,500 NLHE) and the $10k main event starting on day 1D (10th July).


He won this package worth over $16,000 by finishing 2nd in our WSOP Warrior promotion showing great consistency by gaining 152 points. He has been an Expekt player since 2006. You can follow his progress right in an online diary.


The second representative will Lukas Soucek (Suk12) from the Czech Republic. He qualified via a Super Satellite on Expekt on 30th May winning a Main Event package worth $13,000.


He is also a longstanding Expekt player having played on the site since 2008 and will start the tournament on Day 1D.


Lukas told Expekt Poker:


“It feels really good to have won the prize because I really wanted to go to the WSOP this year. It is my first time to Vegas as well so I can’t wait to get underway. I have played in a number of small tournaments but this is my first experience of a big tournament,” he added.


Magnus will also play his first main event but not in Vegas thanks to the “Scotty Boot Camp”. This was a promotion where a number of players got the chance to meet Scotty Nguyen and learn the tricks of the trade from the Expekt ambassador before they played in a side event.


“The experience in Scotty Boot Camp was just amazing with the poker lessons from Scotty and the hospitality around it. So it feels quite amazing to go there again as an Expekt player and this time play the main event too.”


What will the tactics be?


“I will be patient and wait for my chances. I have ambitions and will not just be there as a tourist. I play around 30 hours a week online at Expekt and hope to bring some of what I have learned to the live poker scene now,” said Magnus.


Lukas is also counting down to the main event


He said: “I am looking to build and collect some good experience in Vegas which will hopefully help me in the future.”


“One of my big strengths is my ability to read other players but it will be very difficult at this tournament because there will be lots of pros hungry for success.”