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Really looking forward to the Mini ECOOP [Guest blogger]

Wednesday, May 12th, 2010

[SWeNetty is from northern Sweden now living in England and I have been playing poker at ever since. started up by playing Chicago, you know another name for 5-card draw but without the betting between rounds, with her brother and something they called knuckle-poker in school. SWenetty will contribute regularly here but you can also follow here at]

Sitting in the living room with the most gorgeous view of the sunset blinding me right now. The sun is so red it’s really amazing to watch it. Past couple of days I have been very careful when it comes to choosing what tournaments to play and it’s ben paying off. I have leveled up to playing the $1.20 Toronto instead since i’m up over $20 in bankroll and since have changed it’s payout structure of the freerolls to $1.20 for top 20 instead of $0.60 for top 33. I’m at the oment investigating if it’s to challenge us customers making it harder every month or if t’s just “one time only policy” they’ve changed. But it’s more challenging to get to top 20 than top 33. My stats at the moment when it comes to the freerolls is a ticket every 5 games played which makes it 20% ROI in the freerolls. When I do reach the tickets i’m mostly in the top 5 when the tournaments ends so i’m playing more steadily right now. poker lobby

With 5 to go until the money May 7th poker lobby

With one more to go until the money May 11th

I played 3 $1.20 Toronto-tables today and I placed second, third and bubbled one making $5 profit for these 3 and 3 tickets used. I do have a couple of really sweet hands to show you all now. First is the 5 high Straight flush I got a couple of days ago. Unfortunatley I didn’t get anyone to pay me off so it didn’t go to showdown. I did however get some payoff for it but not nearly enough what I wanted. poker hand AA vs 77

5 high straight flush spades, May 7th

And here’s my Quad aces. Everyone folded to me on the button so I’m raising 3xBB to 360. SB re raises to 600 and i’m thinking Yum-yum, this is what I want. Someone going nuts when I have the rockets! I 3-bet to 1080 and I honestly was expecting a fold here but he pushed all in, I called and SB turns over pp 7s and I really questioned why this aggressiveness with this medium to middlepairs The flop Ad, 5c, 2d shot the odds in my favour even more and the As on the turnput the final nail in the coffin. I didn’t scream this time, well not really a scream, more of a grunt. The scream kind of got stuck in my chest but I swear I could hear my heart pounding really hard. It really felt sweet to get paid for that hand doubling me up. I mean that’s why I play, to get the heart pumping when you see that you’re making the right decisions and your game is going exactly as you planned it to go. poker hand, AA vs 77

Quad Aces doubling me up, May 11th I’m really looking forward to the Mini ECOOP starting now May 14th. I’m going to play 10 of them and right now I feel really pepped up to start the first one. The Quadruple sounds interesting where everyone’s playing 4 tables/tournaments at the same time. That’s going to be the game for the multi tasking ones. But the 2 deep stacks, Event 3 and Main Event are the ones i’m going to enjoy most. There it’s going to show who’s having the most stamina and least getting bored over the slow structure. It’s something that suits me with the 20 minute blinds and 5000 starting chips. Even though I would have preferred the double chip stack (10 000) to start with. That would even more sort out the ones that think it’s allin/foldem and not strategy that counts. So who’s going to meet me at the table in these Mini ECOOPs? You?

Mini ECOOP at

Mini ECOOP tournament schedule May 14th to May 23rd

Have fun playing well


This is what I’m playing for, to see my name at the top of the leader board [Guest blogger]

Friday, April 30th, 2010

I’ve just heard that it’s been snowing in my old home town. It makes me happy that I’ve moved over to England from Sweden. The long winters back over there really drags your mood down even though the summers in Sweden in general are really sunny and hot.

The poker sessions of today:

I started Tuesday’s daily poker sessions by playing 2 Helsinki and 3 Darwin tables. Made second at one of the Darwin tables but played very badly at the others. Tomorrow’s events were very much hanging over my head. I have to do, a very much overdue, spring cleaning and we’re having a meeting later in the afternoon so I’m going to have to take a poker free day.Tried to play an “ahead of schedule” kind of a game today and I did fairly good. After these 5 games I took my lunch break and went out for a walk with the dog.The weather was really warm and beautiful even though the sun was hidden by the clouds.

When I came back I sat down at 2 Helsinki, 2 Darwin tables and 4 of the MTT freerolls again and oboy how much better I played after that break. It cleared up my head so good that I won first at the Helsinki, finished third in 2 tourneys and won myself one freeroll ticket.

Here are a couple of pictures from Tuesday’s tournaments:

Poker lobby

Ever since I started playing poker or any other game for that matter this view is the most exciting view I know in a game. This is what I’m playing for, to see my name at the top of the leader board. Now in this case I’m second but the game wasn’t over yet.

KK vs A6

One of the hands I had KK on my 60 BB. There was one player in seat 4 limping plus one in the SB, everyone else folded up to me so I raised it up to 160 to get calls here. Both players called me to see the flop 5c, 10d, Qc. SB threw out a 240 bet which I re raised up to 1200 to make it expensive to draw to either a straight or the flush. Player in seat 4 re raised all in. I was right here, he was drawing to a flush with A6 but I called the extra 140 while SB folded. My Ks held up and I doubled up.

Folding KK

Just a couple of hands later I looked down on KK again and this time I was in middle position so I made a stronger bet of 240 instead of the 160 last time. I had a bad feeling about my hand this time and didn’t want everyone to call and chase. One player called and to my horror the flop Jh, 6d, Ad came up on the flop. This time I only made a 240 continuation bet only to be re raised all in. I had the feeling from start he was going to do that and since I needed either a K, 2 diamonds or Q, 10 to win there were no chance for me to win this hand and any ace would beat me I folded still in good shape and only to a cost of 480. If his bet would have been smaller I just might have re raised to see how serious he was about his hand but he gave me no option to do so.

My challenge hasn’t been going the way I predicted so far but it’s still early so I’m not worried just yet. I do have stepped up the aggression a bit more but as usual when it comes to these cheaper tournaments people think it’s cheaper to just call everything with any hand and then buy in to a new one if they lose, rather than actually consider what I might be sitting with in my hand.

I have been saying this before that even if it is a $0.10 game or a freeroll you still need to play it at your best. It’s easy to just sit down and register for 10 x $0.10 sit and go’s, lose them and register for 10 more. 100 games is nothing when sitting online and play them. Just open your account and check your tournament history or better yet go to either Sharkscope or Bluff Magazine and check the status of your game. Then try to improve your game instead of throwing away money.

Quickly enough you do lose everything in your bankroll just because you don’t plan ahead how to and what to play.

Well now I’m going to head off to bed and sleep so play well and have fun playing well.

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First freeroll tournament and I’m still running cold cards [Guest blogger]

Monday, April 26th, 2010

First freeroll tournament and I’m still running cold cards. Not in a immediate panic yet sitting on some 22.5 BBs but I need to start doing something about it soon. Just at this level and not that far in the game people are less likely to fold any ace rag or stop thinking what you might raising with so I’m still going to play tight until a bit later in the game.

Sitting at another freeroll tournament and I still have problems understanding why people keep pushing all-in first couple of hands. Think I’ll never going to understand this but I got AK first hand there and called 2 all ins J8 and KQ which tripled me up here. So there I’m sitting pretty good at 12th place, in my first one I’m at 46th of 74 but they’re paying top 33 so nothing to worry about yet but I’m stealing as much as I can right now!

But I’m simply not getting the cards to go the way I need them to go. So unfortunately no tickets for me today. But there’s a tomorrow so I’ll have the rest of the night off and just relax.

We’re off for a walk on the beach in the sunset so tooodiloooo for now and see you all at the table tomorrow Keep following my private blog too, and @SWnetty

A couple of Helsinki sit’n’go and my poker-day is on, racing for the bankroll at [Guest blogger]

Saturday, April 24th, 2010

Good morning everyone! 9AM Starting up my poker-day by register for a couple of Helsinki sit’n’go. This early I just start off with one table as a warm-up to get into the game after a good nights sleep.

Third hand in the game the guy immediately before me pushes all-in from early position, I know that this guy is capable of pushing with the most variety of hands like Q6 off since I’ve been playing against him a couple of times before. I call with my pp Qs and double up against his A4.

A couple of hands later I get pp Qs again and raise them up to 140 from 40 BB on the button. BB a new guy I’ve no notes on re-raises me up to 480, I call only to see A34 coming up on the flop. His C-bet of 320 makes me think he’s got at least on Ace in his hand so after a long time of thinking I fold my Qs.

Next round I get Rockets on the button so I raise them up and get myself one caller with K 10 off, the flop is K66 so I decide to make a cheap enough bet to give me information to whether he’s having the K or maybe A6 and at the same time giving me value if he’s not having anything at all. He calls and the 3, 8 on turn, river and the value-bets I get from him gives me a good 2500 chip-lead over second with his 3100.

After these three hands I see that people starting to be hesitant to call me so my table-image now is giving me really good opportunities to steal from position. Raising and C-bet portraying I’ve got the hand makes them fold their hands. Unfortunately it’s also that time in the game where people start feeling the pressure of the blinds which now have levelled up to 100/200, we’re 6 left out of 10 and the short-stacked with between 800-2000 are pushing with more dodgy hands but folding to my BB not willingly to get involved with my stack.

With 4 player left and I get AJ on my 400BB when UTG pushes all-in for 1400 more for me to call and since I still would be in chip-lead, I make the call. He turns over Q8 suited and I see 7JJ come up on the flop. 2 Spades so I notice myself keeping my breath here hoping the trips will hold up but when the third J landed on the turn sealing me winning that hand I jumped up and down screaming QUUUAAAAADS!

What a glorious beginning of this day! I’m singing loudly here to the dog keep starring at me with the expression “pleeeease stop and feed me” on her face! We’re now heads up and just after a couple of hands I won the first game of the day. Wooohooo this sure looks promising don’t you think?

So on to next couple of games this time I’m playing 2 tables this time but not getting along with any hands on the first table at all. Running cold there and when I do get a hand I don’t hit anything on the board. Getting called with any 2 there and bubbled out.

On the other table I’m at the moment second in chip-lead with 6 players left. It’s the allin-frenzy there at the moment. Blinds are 100/200. Well doing very well now with my second heads up with a guy who played pretty much ABC-poker bet when he have something and fold when he’s no-draw which means I could steal a lot.

Won my second first place out of 3 games. Overall it’s been a profitable day but since I’m going to be occupied tonight and tomorrow I have to leave the poker for now. Going to a birthday-party but I’ll see you around at the tables if you want to play :D Play well and have fun playing well.  Netty.

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