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Thoughts on the WPT Championship [Article]

Wednesday, June 9th, 2010

[Scotty Nguyen, born October 28, 1962 in Nha Trang, Vietnam is a Vietnamese American professional poker player who is a five time World Series of Poker (WSOP) bracelet winner, most notably as the winner of the 1998 World Series of Poker Main Event and the 2008 WSOP $50,000 H.O.R.S.E. World Championship. This win also made him the first and currently only player to win both the WSOP Main Event and $50,000 H.O.R.S.E. events.]

For those that do not know, this was my second year in a row making a deep run in the World Poker Tour Championship at the Bellagio, finishing 6th place last year and now 8th place in this year’s event. I came into the event this year just knowing it would take a lot to throw me off my path of winning for my fans and family.

I’d like to tell you about my thought process in my elimination hand because it had many different elements to it: With blinds at 40,000-80,000, and a 10,000 ante, I raised from middle position to 260,000, and David Benyamine called from the big blind. We both checked to the turn on a board of Jh, 10d, 6d, 8h, David bet 350,000, I raised to 1,150,000, and David moved all-in. I called with 8-8 for a set of eights, but David showed 10-10 for a higher set, and I needed to catch the case eight on the river to stay alive. The last card was the 7d, and David won the pot with his set of tens to eliminate me from the tournament in 8th place.

Now the first factor to consider is that David called my raise from the big blind. Because he already has some money invested, David might be calling to defend his blind, to see a discounted flop with a variety of marginal hands, or he might have an actual hand like a pair or big cards. A call with a real hand here likely means he wants to control the pot as best he can out of position. Now when David checks on the Jh-10d-6d flop, I consider putting in a continuation bet, but I decided that a check would be better.

With so many draws out there, betting could only build up a bigger pot if he has anything, as he would have to re-raise to protect from the draws. I wanted to keep the pot small even if I had the best hand since my hand was vulnerable at this point, so I checked as well. Now that turn card, 8h, is gin for my hand as it gave me a set and didn’t complete the flush draw on board. The 8h did complete a straight on board, however David would’ve had to played gap cards like Q-9 or 7-9 out of position and I just didn’t put him on that type of hand.

When David bets into me on the turn, it can mean many things. David could’ve checked a hand like J-10 on the flop with the intent of check raising, expecting me to bet any overpair to protect against the flush draw. David could have pocket 9’s or 9-10 for a pair and draw, and decided that here is the time to find out if it is good or not.

David could also hold two diamonds and want to bet to decide the price of seeing the river, instead of checking and allowing me to bet and decide the stakes myself. Finally, David could have 6-6, 10-10, or J-J. I raised to $1.15 million here because I need David to know that he cannot draw cheaply, and I want him to pay if he has a flush or straight draw. David would have had less than $1.5 million behind if he calls. When David moves all in over the top of me, I thought for a couple minutes.

There are three problems with David moving in here – the board texture, my stack size and my image. Because the board texture is so draw heavy, it makes sense for David to try and push me off my hand here with a draw, which makes it hard for me to fold a strong hand like trip 8’s. David also knew that if he pushed all in, I would be put to a decision for my tournament life. If I call and lose, I am out, so he could be using this bet as a power play to make me fold an overpair, an A-J, or any hand that might be marginal in this spot.

Finally, I had been playing good, solid poker all day, and David could shove knowing that I would only call with an absolute monster hand. With less than $1.8 million to call and around $4.5 million already in the pot, I was getting better than 2-1 in this hand to call, and this, coupled with every other factor prompted me to call. As you can see, there were a lot of layers to this hand, and many factors that led me to ultimately calling.

It was unfortunate that the hand played out this way and I am disappointed as I am anytime I come so close.

However, I will be back next tournament playing harder than ever to improve on my finish in this tournament baby!

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Scotty’s Boot Camp in Las Vegas 2010 [Video]

Wednesday, June 2nd, 2010

Thanks to everyone qualifying and participating in Scotty’s Boot Camp 2010. Together with Scotty and our 10 winner we had some wonderful days in Vegas with poker, party, bowling and a lot of laughs! Hope we can make it next year again “baby”!

Scotty’s Boot Camp: This was one of the best days in my life! [Guest blogger]

Friday, May 28th, 2010

[Örjan Knutsson from Sweden won a full $10,000 Scotty’s Boot Camp package going to Las Vegas with Scotty Nguyen and playing in the WSOP. Scotty’s Boot Camp is being held in Las Vegas between 25-27th May.]

It was poker from morning until night on Wednesday and I picked up so much from Scotty and the instructor Alex. We started with chip stacks relevant to WSOP events and did a few hours of poker hands with a WSOP event profile. We analyzed hand selections, bet analyze, raise and re-raise, patterns, situational plays and reading hand quality at the table. Scotty gave us tournament strategy and filled in with tips all the time and special anecdotes from his long career.

The video session after lunch was great. Scotty showed situations from his most famous tournaments where he put in some tricks and overall view on choices. We got scenario based training with decisions and pre-flop and stack analyzes. It was very hands-on and we sat there all day like students eager to learn more.

We got specific situations to solve at the table and in the afternoon we were so filled with poker impressions that we needed a four hour siesta before we headed to the dinner and then a nightclub where we partyed till the early hours. This was one of the best days in my life!

Autograph Scotty Nguyen

(Image: Poker magazine)

Örjan Kunosson Scotty's Boot Camp

(Image: Poker magazine)

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Scotty’s Boot Camp, getting ready for the WSOP with poker lessons from the pro

Friday, May 28th, 2010

This was some heavy in depth poker lessons today. Starting off with Alex as our star instructor, teacher of the bracelet winners showing the Scotty Boot Camp players pre flop, bet size and pot size strategy with Scotty helping the players to get their play to a top notch level.

Moving on to some analysis off Scotty’s most famous hands such as the winning hand in 2008 WSOP Main Event, letting our Scotty’s Boot Camp participants give their opinion; how would they have played it? What did the players round the table do wrong? And who is showing the most obvious tells?

Today has been a most highly valuable day for our winners, mainly cause Scotty is preparing them hard core style for the #3 WSOP event starting on Saturday! No matter how talented and experienced our players are, they will shiver at the thought of sitting down at a table of the most prestigious tour in the world.

This is Vegas, this is where the legends of poker meet and its all new for our Scotty “Boot Campers”! But thanks to these last days they are more prepared than ever and Scotty will be proud to let them loose at Rio.

Jan from Czech republic is 22 years old and studies agriculture and is pretty amazed at finding himself at a one to one lesson with the Prince of Poker. He says he values the new knowledge of keeping focused on the pot at all times when playing live, even if you’re not in the hand, while Maris from Latvia who is doing his BA in law (!) Says he wants Scotty to teach him how to hide his tells before the event start.

The ten winners are all different people on different levels of poker but after this Scotty’s Boot Camp we know they have a shot in the WSOP event! What I know is, that after this day we definitely need to sit down for a nice dinner and then move on to the Las Vegas luxury night club that we put our sights on! Stay tuned for tomorrow when we will play a final tournament here at the Venetian and put the winners new knowledge to the test and don’t forget to check all the latest images from Scotty’s Boot Camp on flikr.

Örjan Kunosson graduating from Scotty’s Boot Camp in Las Vegas [Guest blogger]

Thursday, May 27th, 2010

[Örjan Knutsson from Sweden won a full $10,000 Scotty’s Boot Camp package going to Las Vegas with Scotty Nguyen and playing in the WSOP. Scotty’s Boot Camp is being held in Las Vegas between 25-27th May.]

When I stepped into the Hummer limo outside The Venetian I at last realized that this dream was for real. It was an amazing feeling to cruise in Vegas and meet all the other winners and it was obvious that all of us were a bit gobsmacked when we sat in this huge special limo sipping on a beer.

Scotty greeted us at a bowling parlour where we had a VIP section and plenty of food and drinks. We laughed a lot as we tried and do those strikes and Scotty finished it off with showing some card tricks. Now we are waiting for the poker action to start and it will be an experience to remember for my whole life.

Scotty is so cool and relaxed hanging around with and I hope that we get a great day and night!

Örjan Kunosson Scotty Boot Camp

(Image: Poker magazine)

Hummers, bowling and card tricks, and its only Day 1 of Scotty’s Boot Camp

Wednesday, May 26th, 2010

Our first Boot Camp day has just finished and I have to begin with saying that I was pretty surprised to see that all of our ten winners actually made it to Vegas! Ok – not on time, not with all their luggage, passports or perhaps even their full senses after 24 hour long trips, but none the less, they got here! We started up with jumping in a ten meter long, white hummer limousine that actually had a night club going on inside. It was more than enough to wake up anyone suffering from jetlag.

And when we were greeted by Scotty in his sergeant’s hat outside a private bowling suite filled with all the foods and drinks anyone could wish for, it’s safe to say that everyone was ready for the Boot Camp to begin!

Our big gang started bowling in good spirits and people saying they had only bowled once before in their lives couldn’t be telling the truth because no one scored under 100 points! I knew of course that I would be that person so I refrained from getting my stylish bowling shoes on.

Scotty’s team was close to winning but was beat by Dan’s team leading with our Polish winner Artur who cashed in a nice casino check as a first prize. The Boot Camp couldn’t have started off in a better way and we are all ready to get down to the real business tomorrow when Scotty will teach and instruct our players throughout the whole day, focusing on how to play a big tournament like the WSOP event #3 that our players will be seated for on the Saturday.

Follow us throughout the Boot Camp where we promise you more fun, more dramas, more poker and of course more VEGAS! Check the video from Day one and all view the images.

Limo Scotty Boot Camp

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Scotty Nguyen Bowling

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Scotty Boot Camp team

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All videos, blogs and pictures from Scotty’s European Tour 2010

Tuesday, May 25th, 2010

Scotty Nguyen and his wife Julie did a proper road-trip in Europe promoting Scotty’s Boot Camp at earlier this year. During seven days, five countries were visited and Scotty played a major role in Prague, Warsaw, Riga, Helsinki and Stockholm.

Now you can check out his own diary, the videos and images during an eventful and hectic week in Europe!

Scotty's European Tour

Scotty’s Boot Camp – Arriving in Las Vegas baby! [Guest blogger]

Tuesday, May 25th, 2010

[Örjan Knutsson from Sweden won a full $10,000 Scotty’s Boot Camp package going to Las Vegas with Scotty Nguyen and playing in the WSOP. Scotty’s Boot Camp is being held in Las Vegas between 25-27th May.]

Wow! So now I am in Las Vegas at last. The flight went well even if I struggled to sleep the last night when I discovered thay my new passport number didn’t match the booking. It was of course never an issue but it gave me some butterflies in the stomach.

We landed in Las Vegas via Munich from Stockholm and this city that never sleeps gave me some energy just like that!

Dan and Denise from Expekt greeted me at The Venetian where Scotty’s Boot Camp will be held and I can’t wait for it to start on Tuesday. But now I will get some sleep and load some energy for the next couple of days.

I guess I need it! – Orjan Kunosson, Scotty’s Boot Camp winner