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Final day of Scotty’s Boot Camp, Tournaments, dinner and clubbing till 5 am!

Saturday, May 29th, 2010

After the long day of lessons yesterday we felt that our Scotty’s Boot Camp players needed a treat so we took them to one of the gourmet restaurants at the Venetian and then the renowned Lavo club at the Palazzo. It was a night to remember with a flow of bright drinks, great music, a lot of dancing and an occasional real live superman (true story) flying across the room with a bottle of champagne.

Let’s just say it’s a different kind of night club than what I am used to in Malta, and judging by the players faces, their countries too. When we left about 4 players at palazzo at 3 am I thought there’s a good chance they’ll miss this morning brunch and last day of the Scotty’s boot camp but amazingly enough they all arrived (maybe not on time.. ) and were eager to sit down and play Scotty who had a bounty on his head as did the instructor Alex.

The tournament brought many laughs at all kinds of situations. One of these was when Juzzu from Finland got a cramp in his leg conveniently at big blind and couldn’t move to the dealer’s frustration only to one hand later fold AK pre- flop. Scotty was wondering if he hadn’t listened at his lessons?! The players were fighting for an exclusive Word Series of Poker leather jacket signed by Scotty and the “lucky” winner in the end was Georgios from Greece.

The time came to say good bye from our end as we make our way back to Malta tomorrow. I assured my players that I’m way tired of them and would ignore there constant phone calls and text messages, but truth is.. I will miss them! On Saturday they enter the $1,000 #3 event and I will be sitting crossing my fingers all day that they make it through day 1 and show everyone what players are made off!

PS. Did you know that new poker players at poker get a $600 welcome bonus?


Halfway through day 1A in the Norwegian Championship

Wednesday, March 24th, 2010

The first hours of the Main Event passed and we can already conclude that NM 2010 is a success! Last year approximately 450 players registered to the Main Event, this year we have over 700 players registered and 800 Vikings have taken over Riga! Amongst these crazy Norwegians we have one person sticking out from the crowd. Scotty has landed in the suite! With a golf course on the terrace and an Xbox tournament going on the Prince is definitely satisfied.

Scotty is telling us why he started playing poker and which players had him star struck, mainly that was Doyle Brunson and Stu Ungar who gave him the inspiration and desire to be someone and mainly to be successful. But he also speaks about how important the trip to the US was for him, most of his friends and family had to join the army at a young age and some of them didn’t come back.

Day 1 of the Main Event will go on until midnight and at ten we are looking forward to seeing Scotty host an evening here at the casino for all our Norwegian players which will last long into the night.

Scotty Nguyen knocked out Phil Ivey – finished third in NBC Heads-Up

Monday, March 8th, 2010

Scotty Nguyen played a major role in the annual NBC Heads-Up Poker Championship at Caesars Palace in Las Vegas.

Scotty bootcamp

The poker ambassador finished third among the 64 invited word-class players after beating Phil Ivey and Gabe Kaplan among others.

Scotty knocked out Ivey with triplet 9: s, he said “sorry, baby” to Ivey and offered him a hug, but Ivey just smiled and left the table.

Scotty Nguyen faced Jason Mercier in his final-8 match and won it to earn him a place in the semi-final against Erik Seidel. Scotty and Seidel had near equal chip count when the decisive moment earned Seidel the victory with a full house beating Scotty’s triplet 9: s. Annie Duke later won the final against Erik Seidel. Scotty walked out with 125,000 USD in his pocket and is next playing in the WPT Bay 101 Shooting Star.

- I wanted to win the trophy of course but at the end of the day I must be pleased with my result in this tournament, says Scotty.

Scotty is now planning for his European trip with us at where he will visit Prague, Warsaw, Riga, Helsinki and Stockholm at the end of March.

– I am really looking forward to meet players from and see these European cities where I will talk a lot about my Scotty Boot Camp project together with

The world champion is hosting his own Scotty Boot Camp in Las Vegas in May later this year. Only players at can compete and win a Scotty Boot Camp seat.

Scotty Nguyen