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Tuesday, May 25th, 2010

Scotty Nguyen and his wife Julie did a proper road-trip in Europe promoting Scotty’s Boot Camp at earlier this year. During seven days, five countries were visited and Scotty played a major role in Prague, Warsaw, Riga, Helsinki and Stockholm.

Now you can check out his own diary, the videos and images during an eventful and hectic week in Europe!

Scotty's European Tour

Video compilation of Scotty’s European Tour 2010

Monday, March 29th, 2010

During seven days Scotty and his wife Julie visited five countries starting in Prague, capital of Czech Republic, where the poker world champion made several interviews and played poker with customers. In Warsaw, Poland, Scotty got the golden pin from the Polish Poker Sports Federation as the second person ever and 66 invited players took part in the Scotty Nguyen Cup, among them mega pop star Michail who have sold 12m albums in Poland.

In Riga, Latvia, Scotty joined the Norwegian invasion during the Norwegian Championship tournament and had 48 hectic hours in the Baltic jewel. In Helsinki he almost froze to pieces during a photo-session att Senaten square and later in the evening discovered what we all know already, that the Finns like their beer and poker.

Last stop was Stockholm and classy Grand Hotel were Scotty handed over the trophy to the first ever Freecopp winner, young Tobias who got an evening he will never forget. – I have had a great time and it has been so nice to meet the media and players at, Scotty said with a smile before he and Julie boarded the flight to Las Vegas after seven days of touring Europe.

Scotty’s European Tour 2010 – Day 6 Helsinki to Stockholm

Saturday, March 27th, 2010

I understood that I had been Scotty-fied when I said “thanks, baby” to the taxi driver when myself, Scotty and Julie left the taxi at the hotel with no Eurosport and a flooded bathroom in Helsinki. The kind taxi driver looked a bit strange at me I can admit.

When you spend so much time with these guys during a week things get a bit twisted and I am sure that I will say “what’s up baby” and “thanks baby” when I’m shopping in Sweden tomorrow and that I will get some strange looks, but that is life as a Scotty-fied person. I probably will need to find a place at a Scotty-fied rehab centre after this trip. Maybe that is a good business idea, Julie? People can check in at a cool place far away from Vegas and get “baby” out of their heads. We’ll see what happens.

During an eventful afternoon in Helsinki Scotty learned some things about the Finns, like that they enjoy their beer and their poker but that is noting new hey? Scotty was photographed outside the Senaten square church and if we would have continued a couple of more minutes he would still be there as a frozen statue with the cigarette in his mouth.

Anyway, all went well and we are in Stockholm now relaxing and chilling ahead of this night’s events. Scotty will meet and greet our proud and first ever Freecoop winner and I will do a video on that.

Tomorrow the Nguyen’s head back to Las Vegas via Nice (!) and Salt Lake City (!!) so I told them to jump off in Nice and chill but they want to see their beloved kids as soon as possible. And the hotel here in Stockholm has Eurosport so Scotty is not shouting about that, and at least so far the bathroom is not flooded.

I should say “thanks, baby” to the hotel personel here for that but reckon I should start my Scotty-fied rehab directly.

So see you, baby. Oh, damned, there it was again!

Scotty Nguyen in Helsinki

Scotty’s European Tour 2010 – Day 5 Helsinki

Friday, March 26th, 2010

Scotty Nguyen is in a, for him,  freezingly cold Helsinki and took the invited media, fans and players with storm at the bar Motellet on Friday evening.

- It is great to be in Finland and next time I come I hope to be here when it is warm and see the midnight sun baby, Scotty told the crowd. The lucky guests got signed t-shirts and some card tricks inbetween his two sit’n’go tournaments with customers, media and affiliates.

Before that Scotty did separate interviews for the three biggest poker media in Finland and took some very special images at the famous church at Senaten square which will be published in Pokerisivut, the biggest poker magazine in Finland.

- It is beautiful here, just hoping to get warmer weather next time, says Scotty with a smile.

Scotty's European Tour

Scotty’s European Tour 2010 – Day 4 Warsaw

Friday, March 26th, 2010

It all happened in Riga for us, and when we boarded the flight to Helsinki this morning we had that small, kind of stupid, smile on our faces, and we just thought it was symbolic that we almost crashed a cleaning wagon with our suitcases in the narrow hallway with no bellboy in sight when we checked in at the Finnish capital. – See you Dan baby! Scotty shouted when he manouvred his and Julie’s suitcase through the door at Radisson Blu Plaza.

- Yeah, see you Osbournes, I yelled back, and then we laughed again. This after quite a magic night in Riga at Royal Casino during the Norwegian Championship. Scotty did more press, a glossy magazine and a TV interview, and he met Baltic players signing autographs and doing those card tricks that everybody loves.

You need to be two to tango so we set up a heads-up with Scotty and Norwegian poker legend Tor Has through the door at Radisson Blu Plaza. – Yeah, see you Osbournes, I yelled back, and then we laughed again. This after quite a magic night in Riga at Royal Casino during the Norwegian Championships.

Scotty did more press, a glossy magazine and a TV interview, and he met Baltic players signing autographs and doing those card tricks that everybody loves. You need to be two to tango so we set up a heads-up with Scotty and Norwegian poker legend Tor Hansen with all cameras flashing at the table. It all happened very quickly and after that, at midnight, Scotty did a live interview during the streaming from NM at They also recorded a interview which was interesting and is something to check out.

Sasha, the nice and hard-working owner of Royal Casino, had fixed a special treatment for Scotty and Julie in the form of a extremely talented magician so we saw some truly magic tricks before we headed to a nightclub for some more mingling. At this stage it was 2.00 in the morning and Julie said I was starting to look Chinese – her expression for a person with smaller and smaller eyes when they get tired. When you travel so much and spend so much time together you get a bit relaxed in the tone and we bursted into laughter when I said that it must be easier to follow the Osbournes than the Nguyens. I told Julie that they should do a reality TV show but she turned it down.

At 3am we hit the sack after sending a number of crazy text messages to each other and now we are in Helsinki. Time flies and it is time to head down to the reception for more press interviews. We will see what happens over here. Scotty is swearing over a broken TV with no Eurosport in his room and started to watch ESPN on the laptop, and before that their shower almost flooded the bathroom. All this within 30 min after checking in. It seems to be an eventful evening again. Travelling with the Nguyen’s. You can’t beat that.

See you, baby!

Scotty's European Tour map

Scotty’s European tour 2010 – Day 3 Riga

Thursday, March 25th, 2010

We went to Riga in a propeller aircraft and Scotty Nguyen napped while his charming wife Julie prepared for the flight telling me an intriguing story from her childhood: – My grandpa was a pilot in World War II, and when I was about ten he took me on a flight with his Cessna. When we flew over a sea grandpa turned off all the engines and we started to fall. I screamed and screamed, but after a while the engines started and grandpa calmly told me that he just wanted to check that the systems were working. When we were going to land I got even more pale and screamed again when grandpa steered away from the landing field towards the grass. But we landed safely and once again grandpa told me calmly that it is much smoother to land on grass. I guess you have a different view on flying when you have been a pilot in war, Julie told me with a smile.

This flight was with a Beechcraft, top aircraft that, so we landed nice in Riga, the capital of Latvia that has been invaded by 700 Norwegians who will play in the Norwegian Championships. NM is a mega-event and was earlier played in Nottingham. Now the numbers of participants have really hit the roof and I hope we will se some players at the final table. It will be a battle.

Scotty took over the show a bit in the casino greeting players, and later in the evening he showed some card tricks that made our Norwegian friends smile and gasp. My own Scotty trick favorite is the one when he lights a paper and shows which card has been picked earlier simply with the ashes being rubbed into his arm showing the card symbols. Scotty tells me that he likes to sit with a deck of cards when he is bored at home and invent new tricks. He is that kind of guy.

Scotty will meet more media today and will do an interview in national Latvian TV. I hope they have a long spot planned. The interview that Bluff did with Scotty last year is growing into a legend. They asked one (1) question. It was: “Why did you start to play poker, Scotty?” After that Scotty talked on for a couple of hours, and Bluff needed to do the piece with him over two issues.

There is only Scotty.

Scotty Nguyen signing t-shirt

Scotty’s European tour 2010 – Day 2 Warsaw

Wednesday, March 24th, 2010

Wow, time flies when you have have fun hey? From Prague to Warsaw and all of a sudden Scotty Nguyen says that he will skip the booze in the tournaments in the future. As a former journalist I saw the headlines flying cause of course this statement from the biggest beer lover and rock’n’roll styled profile on the poker tour will raise some eyebrows.

Just check out Scotty’s Boot Camp-shirt, with the red star and dates at the back. It could be Neil Young. Scotty will sip on non-alcoholic beer in tournaments in the future and it is some kind of message to his competitors I guess.

In Prague on Monday Scotty sticked to his zero percent pilsner and entertained the media and players from One journalist tried to tease him with some proper Czech beer in a TV interview but after some jokes and short sips Scotty continued with his new agenda on the beer planet. And it was the same deal in Warsaw on Tuesday when the players gathered at the poker club After Dark to meet him and play poker with him.

Before that we had a nice dinner with the board of the Polish Poker Sports Federation. Scotty got a golden pin and we will keep on lobbying to make online betting and poker free in Poland. We met pop star and mega celeb Michail Wisniewski who have sold 12M albums in Poland and he took over the show a bit in a video blog that I hope you will see soon. Michail is a profile with capital P. But what does his wife Anna say about his red hair?

Now we head to Riga, Latvia, for some more fun. And don’t miss Scotty’s Boot Camp at It is what they call a show-stopper at the Strip, and with Scotty onboard I have a feeling that the lucky winners will never forget those days in Las Vegas later in May. I will see if I can make him arrive there in a jeep as a general greeting his boot campers in the sun. It would be a sight.

Scotty Nguyen video from Prague poker club

Tuesday, March 23rd, 2010

Scotty’s Boot camp is coming up – here’s Scotty live from Prague on his 2010 European tour with