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It’s almost impossible to lose if you just follow your brains, use statistics, bet on markets you know well [Guest blogger]

Tuesday, May 4th, 2010

Stupid, stupid, stupid and even more stupid, that’s the best way to describe myself when it comes to betting over the past few days. I’ve had just so many rights on my main bets starting with the Robertson-Spurs-Fenerbache three-fold which I mentioned in my latest blog followed by Chelsea’s win at Anfield, Xerez win against Almeria, Pens win in their first game (even a handicap bet there) against Montreal, the draw between Boston and Philly (etc…) and I even picked a winner on the trotting course each and every day since thursday but have managed to lose it all betting on systems, going all-in on other trotters and of course some bad luck in some games like the second battle between Sharks and Wings.

That brings me to speak some of the “bad luck” I don’t really believe in. I used to be just like many I know – blaming bad luck for my losses – but with the internet betting scene I’ve come to the conclusion that luck, or bad such, has nothing to do with wins or losses, nothing whatsoever. According to me “bad luck” is just another word for stupidity when it comes to betting.

If you just follow your brains, use statistics, bet on markets you know well and last but not least; NEVER follow your heart, then it’s almost impossible to lose. But that will of course take a lot of the fun of watching sports out of it :)

As an example from two nights ago I was watching Sharks vs Wings and Wings were wrestling down Sharks if not easily so at least they were in total control of the game. Usually I don’t bet on my favourite teams but in this case I did and watching the game I couldn’t keep from live-betting already from the first period and when I had in many ways already counted in my winnings.

What happens? Well – the ref’s sees a penalty on Bertuzzi that wasn’t there while closing their eyes for all the Sharks more or less obvious obstructions, Kronwall takes a stupid penalty in box-play and suddenly Sharks is 5-on-3 and scores. Okey, I thought, I have enough money on a draw to at least make a small winning, Detroit is starting to take over the game once more and then what happens? Yes, Lidströms stick break when he tries to take a shot up by the Shark’s blue line and suddenly the game is 4-3 in favour of the Sharks with only minutes to go… Bad Luck? Don’t think so!

I’ve been watchin hockey for too long, and as my fav team Timrå IK has a reputation of sleeping with the jinx I know what I’m talking about here, to know that this is hockey! At it’s finest, to be honest. Of course the refs would give the Sharks some advantages in the end of the game when they were playing at the Tank and Wings were in the lead. Composite sticks break a lot and it´s only when it comes to things like this it’s taken great notice of.

And when a team is being out-played as I believe the Sharks were most of the game (Well, I admit my eyes are somewhat coloured in red and white when it comes to hockey) and they score an equalizer they will even score the winner most of the times.

Well – that’s it for now and if you don’t believe in the jinx or that I’ve been cursed by it (sometimes I wonder myself, ha-ha…) you can always follow my example and bet for a trixie with draws on Valencia – Xerez tonight, remember Xerez is a totally different team now and that they still have a chance to stay in Primera, and on both the NHL quarter-finals and if Xerez manage to take a point in Valencia I will put in a small guard on a double with wins for Wings and Pens :)

Good luck with your bets!

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