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“Hello Mr.Nilsson, flash me a peace sign” [Twitter]

Thursday, May 20th, 2010

Avid tweeter and Scotty Nguyen fan @parcahontas on twitter tweeted me a few days ago wanting a picture of our PR Manager Dan Vikman holding a brief case, how weird doesn’t this sound? Well, after a bit of investigation I figured out were all of this was coming from.

Remember the Scotty’s Boot Camp European tour earlier this year? Scotty had his beloved and wonderful wife, Julie Nguyen, with him ready with her twitter powered Blackberry always ready to catch the action. So, lonely at one of Europe’s smaller East European airports Dan “the man”, as Scotty likes to call him, was caught tired after many hard working hours half asleep on Scotty’s bags… story doesn’t tell if the photo was staged or not :)

Twitter parcahontas

Well,  @parcahontas, in true spirit of social media engagement here it is, Dan “the man” with brief case and me flashing you a peace sign. No, don’t come with any more weird requests please ;)

Joakim Nilsson Dan Vikman

Tell us why YOU should be our facebook fan of the week

Monday, May 10th, 2010

Are you our facebook fan of the week (FFOTW)? Last week we got to know more about Marin from Croatia, who likes Barcelona and’s orange colour. Now we want to know why we should pick you as our facebook fan of the week #19.

If you’re picked we’ll contact you and ask you a couple of questions, so that our community can learn more about you. As thanks to that we’ll credit your account with €5 and send you the coolest t-shirt available on earth, an fan of the week t-shirt.

Now head over to our page and post your comments and tell us who to pick!

Facebook fan of the week t-shirt

Our social media profiles just got a little bit nicer

Thursday, December 17th, 2009

Our design team at has been working hard day and night updating our brand manual, the final result is nothing but amazing in my eyes. Having said that, I was obviously really existed to receive the final delivery for our social media profiles from design team.

We’ve created a consistency between our different Ambassador facebook fan pages by using the “expekt ambassador”-logo, the landing tab on has been improved flags showing which languages is spoken on each page and we’ve given the Expekt Football application the same look as our odds menu at

Niklas Wikegard