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World Cup 2010, everyone remembers the top scorer

Thursday, July 8th, 2010

While we are preparing for the final and the bronze match in South Africa and comparing the teams and checking the odds inside and out, I have gone down memory lane looking back at some World Cups. What all big, memorable World Cups have in common is that they have a crowned king of the tournament. Mention 1986 and you think Maradona. 1982 spells Paolo Rossi. 1998 Zidane. And so on. As we approach the two last matches in South Africa it looks likely that either David Villa or Wesley Sneider will be the crowned king of South Africa 2010. I am not so fancied by Villa, he is a great player in a great team and nothing more sticks out, but I am truly amazed by Sneijder.

A friend told me that Inter coach Moruinho texted Sneijder some tactical orders when his transfer from Real Madrid was completed in August last year. The day after the contract was signed Sniejder made his debut and played a starring role when Inter thrashed AC Milan 4-0 in the San Siro derby. Mourinho is a clever coach and he knew that Sneider, educated in the Ajax academy getting all the goodies you can ask for as a youth learning the trade, would adapt easily tactically only with a couple of text messages. After that, Sneijder have never looked back winning the treble with Inter and now leading Holland to the World Cup final.

Sneijder have scored five goals so far, same amount as Villa, and yet he has not shown his classiest touch on the field yet: the set-pieces. It would be a true saga if Sneijder would score on a free-kick and lead this stubborn team to the title. At the same time, Spain is the favorite and Villa himself will equal Raul´s all-time record as Spain´s  best goal-scorer if he scores in the final. Not to mention that he probably will grab the Golden Boot.

Meanwhile, in the bronze match, Mirsolav Klose eyes Brazilian Ronaldo´s all-time record in the World Cup with 15 goals. One goal and Klose is on the same level in the history books, and if he scores two he passes the great Roanldo and could even win the Golden Boot. So let us wait and see who will be remembered as the king in South Africa 2010. But I must admit I hope for Sneijder.

The odds:

Final match (Sunday 20.30)

Holland – Spain  3.65  3.20  2.15

Bronze match (Saturday 20.30)

Uruguay – Germany 5.20  3.70  1.70

Top scorer:

D Villa 1.75

W Sneijder 3.60

M Klose 5.50

T Muller 15.00

D Forlan 15.00

L Suarez 67.00

L Podolski 67.00

A Robben 151.00

World Cup 2010, Paraguay vs Japan, Spain vs Portugal [video]

Monday, June 28th, 2010

Paraguay against Japan will be an interesting clash as both teams impressed in the group stage. Paraguay managed to draw against Italy and win against Slovakia while Japan won against both Cameroon and Denmark. Both previous meetings ended goal less and Paraguay are favorites if it goes to extra time. Japan had two amazing free kicks against Denmark and they are 5.0 to score any goal from outside the box in this game. Spain and Portugal also clashes tonight and this will be a close afair if you ask us. Spain have won 9 of their last 10 games and Portugal are unbeaten in their last 19 games. Will it be decided in extra time or even penalties? If so, Portugal have never lost a penatly shoot-out.

Today’s matches Tuesday 29th June:

16:00  Paraguay – Japan

20:30  Spain – Portugal

€5 is up for grabs to the one who first post a comment with the correct prediction of the score between Spain vs Portugal.

World Cup 2010, Netherlands vs Slovakia, Brazil vs Chile [video]

Monday, June 28th, 2010

Holland takes on Slovakia and the dutch are clear favorites but we shouln’t underestimate Slovakia, they will play without pressure in this match. Slovakia will have a chance if they manage to get this game to penalties as Holland have been involved in five penalty shootouts but only won one. The winners in this match will face the winner between Brazil and Chile. Brazil have won the last six meetings and scored no less than 25 goals in these matches. Will Brazil win again or can Chile break the their winning streak?

Today’s matches Monday 28th June:

16:00  Netherlands – Slovakia

20:30  Brazil – Chile

€5 is up for grabs to the one who first post a comment with the correct prediction of the score between Brazil vs Chile.

World Cup 2010, Germany vs England, Argentina vs Mexico [video]

Saturday, June 26th, 2010

Germany against England today at 16.00 CET, a clash that everyone is looking forward to. England is unbeaten for the last six matchs but they have just scored twice so far in South Africa. Rooney has not scored yet in the play offs and the question is what he can come up with against the German defence. Germany have their youngest squad for almost eighty years, a factor that maybe could work in their advantage. Will it be another thriller decided in penalties? Argentina are favorites against Mexico and they also won their last meeting. Messi still stands without a goal in the play offs, will he finally find the net?

Today’s matches Sunday 27th June:

16:00  Germany – England

20:30  Argentina – Mexico

World Cup 2010, Uruguay vs South Korea, USA vs Ghana [video]

Friday, June 25th, 2010

The World Cup 2010 in South Africa has reached the last 16 and first out today is Uruguay against South Korea.  Uruguay didn’t concede a single goal in the group stage and has impressed so far, the even scored more goals than Argentina during the qualify. South Korea scored five goals but conceded six in the group stage and looks a bit shaky in defence. Uruguay has won both previous meetings and with Forlán in great shape this will be a difficult task for South Korea. USA and Ghana also clashes tonight and Ghana hasn’t impressed so far. 2.70 on USA seems like a good price?

Today’s matches Saturday 26th June:

16:00  Uruguay – South Korea

20:30  USA – Ghana

World Cup 2010, Przemysaw Ziemnicki aims for the Olympics in London 2012

Thursday, June 24th, 2010

We spent the Thursday morning a bit different in Cape Town heading to a truly atmospheric boxing gym together with one of our 14 winners during this World Cup adventure. On trips like this you get to meet our customers for real and the 14 winners here have enjoyed every minute – they have watched some games, had plenty of good food and on their free-time they have done all excursions you can name almost. After all, this is South Africa.

But our Polish winner Przemysaw Ziemnicki is a bit different compared to other winners that I have met during the years. Przemysaw Ziemnicki is good on betting, but he is even better on kick-boxing and has won a lot of titles in that field. Now he is aiming to reach the Olympics in London 2012 in boxing and maybe you will see him there in the ring in middle-weight. It could be for Poland or even Austria, Przemysaw Ziemnicki haven´t decided yet if he reaches London.

Przemysaw has been doing two sessions each day in the gym at the hotel. I have done three and am proud of that, but if you aim for Olympic glory you have a bit different agenda I suppose. So this morning we followed Przemysaw Ziemnicki to a gym in Cape Town where he worked-out and sparred four rounds with a solid South African pro. I tell you that Przemysaw Ziemnicki can throw some punches and if we get into the wrong corners around Long Street here in Cape Town we know who want to have as a back-up. He is really nice and well-spoken as well and I will for sure follow his path to London. I really hope he makes it.

This afternoon we head to the Waterfront and then to see Cameroon-Netherlands. We saw Portugal thrash North Korea 7-0 and hope for some more goals now. Danish winner Rasmus is probably looking for an over-bet I guess. And on Saturday the last 16 matches starts with England vs Germany as the big one. I will for sure watch it.

World Cup, Paraguay vs New Zealand, Slovakia vs Italy, Cameroon vs Netherlands, Denmark vs Japan [Video]

Wednesday, June 23rd, 2010

In group E Denmark have to win to go through while Japan only needs a draw. Japan will play diciplined and tight and Denmark have to be patient if they want to survive the group stage. Bendtner is 6.0 to score the first goal of the match and is used to score important goals, will he save Denmark and take them to the last 16? It will probably get less dramatic in the meeting between Cameroon and Netherlands as Cameroon has no chance to pass the group stage and Netherlands already secured their place in the last 16.

In group F Paraguay takes on New zealand and Slovakia plays Italy. Paraguay only needs a draw to reach the last 16 while New Zealand needs 3 points to survive the group stage.  Slovakia have to win if they want to stand any chance of surviving the group stage and Italy have to better New Zealands result but they have to avoid defeat.

Today’s matches Thursday 24th June:

16:00 Paraguay – New Zealand

16:00 Slovakia – Italy
20:30 Cameroon – Netherlands
20:30 Denmark – Japan

€5 is up for grabs to the one who first post a comment with the correct prediction of the score between Paraguay vs New Zealand

My last blog post for this summer

Wednesday, June 23rd, 2010

[Tobbe “Hippie hockeydynamit” from the northern parts of Sweden is an avid sports punter and customer since many years back. Tobbe has been with us on multiple customer events, last in New York for an exclusive NHL-weekend with our own ambassador Niklas Wikegård. Tobbe blogs mainly about ice-hockey and trotting.]

I decided some days ago that this will be my last blog post here for this summer as I, among other things, just have bought myself a house which will keep me occupied and as the only sports of interest right now is the World Cup and tennis from Wimbledon and I know there are people much more insightful then I am when it comes to these sports and I do like the different video-blogs here at expekt company blog.

Betting on the World Cup has been so-so for me this far and I’ve put all the money I had left on my expekt account on a favourite four-fold for today, mostly because this Wednesday brings on the teams I were most certain of getting through in advance (England, USA, Germany and Serbia) and even if I’m not all that sure anymore I feel I have to stick with my original idea this time.

Speaking of original ideas I thought the cup would end up going to either Argentina or Brazil and of course it still might but I must admit I thought the weather would be hotter and the team that have impressed most on me so far is Holland. Not because of their offensive skills as I think will grow with Robben on the field but for their defense and neither Denmark nor Japan, which I look upon as fairly good teams, were close to scoring against them and this can make Holland go all the way.

The sensation so far is of course Kiwis – the New Zeeland team are the underdogs I didn’t give a chance getting even one point and now they have two and can go even further by beating so far solid Paraguay tomorrow but this can’t happen, or…?

The really interesting part of the World Cup is of course from now on and I do believe the referees will have to step up quite a bit in their performances from now on. No real scandals so far (I think the 3-2 goal that was stolen from USA is the worst but that might be because I had a bet on them) but it’s from now on there will be stuff like “God’s Hand” etc. and this makes betting a bit different if not harder. Live bets might be the best way to make some winnings as you then can get some idea of what’s happening in the particular game you’re watching but that didn’t help me much last night when I thought Nigeria would score late in their game.

Well – I hope you’re enjoying the World Cup as well as the summer and will keep on doing so and good luck with your bets!