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Sunday, March 28th, 2010

Geir Grønstad, player,  is sitting down at the final table at 2 PM today. He is playing for one (1) million Norwegian kronor (over €100,000) and a trip to this years WSOP in Vegas.

With approximately 500K chips he is shortstacked, average being over 1,000K and says he is planning to play aggressively and we are hoping that he doubles up within the first level.

The Norwegian Championship of 2010 has been a fantastic event but we can’t wait to see the final result today! Over 700 players bought in which is a record for the tournament and our guy has made it to the final nine which we think deserves extra applauds.

On top of this he will also get a package to next years Norwegian Championship 2011. The 5th floor at the Royal Casino in Riga is the place to be today, we will have a big crowd watching the tournament and I promise to update you on how Geir is doing.

Everyone cross their fingers for an winner in the The Norwegian Championship 2010.

Geir Grønstad player