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Expekt’s I Love Poker Valentine’s Day Tournament

Monday, February 11th, 2013

Join in the poker fun with Expekt this Valentine’s Day thanks to our guaranteed “I Love Poker” guaranteed tournament!


Expekt Poker's I Love Poker


Expekt Poker’s I Love Poker tournament!



At Expekt Poker we like to keep things fun so we have set up a special poker tournament this Valentine’s Day, Thursday the 14th of February 2013 at 20:00 CET.


Expekt’s I Love Poker Valentine’s Day Tournament guarantees a $1,402 prize pool and you can book your seat for less thanks to a buy-in of just $2 + $0.20.


We’re also offering you the chance to bounce back from bad beat or two with a re-buy option for just $1 to give everyone the chance to win a slice of the cash.


Book your seat now, find the tournament in our poker software under “Scheduled > All” and register.


If you don’t have our software yet, download it from our site today and all new players will get our Big Welcome Bonuses of a 200% deposit bonus and $10,000 in Welcome Freerolls!


Good luck – we hope to see you this Valentine’s Day!


The Expekt Poker Team


Pushing my bankroll up with another $6 with 2 first places [Guest blogger]

Tuesday, April 27th, 2010

Day 4 on my challenge and it’s really a shame to be sitting indoors when the sun is shining so bright and hot outside but since I have other obligations on Wednesday I have to step it up and play some games to be in front in my challenge.

I started the day with a Helsinki sit’n’go. There was one guy there playing all in every hand, of which I have no understanding of. I mean why even bother to register for a game when you don’t want to do your best. I know I have talked about this before and I’m sure it’s not the last time I have to address this but can anyone please explain this phenomenon to me?

I had Rockets in one hand, early on in the game, so I raised them up 4xBB to 240. The player in front of me re-raised to 420. So I pushed it up to 1,020 only to have him pushing all in. I snap called and he turned over A 10 off-suit. The flop came 4QK giving him a gutshot draw. Unluckily he hit his straight on the turn. I had him covered so I was still sitting on 750 in my stack but still A 10?

Then the same thing happened with another player who kept re raising my AK suited with A9 off-suit and doubled me up. It made me question if they even considered what I might have been holding or if they just got caught up in their own hand? There’s one major difference between playing to win and playing to lose in my book and that is to forget what hand-ranges your opponent might play against you!

The only negative thing for me today was that I felt like I had very little patience. So I thought that the best thing to do was to finish the Darwin-table I was playing and go for a walk to clear my mind, before the freeroll tournaments for tickets started. At least I managed to make third place in that final sit and go of the session. So out I went for my walk and refreshed my mind so I had the clarity to step my game up a bit.

Later on when I got back I decided to play a couple of tables at the same time. So I sat down to 2 Darwin tables, 1 Helsinki table and 1 freeroll. Unfortunately the freeroll didn’t go down too well at all, and neither did the sit and go at the Helsinki table.

Pokertable QQ vs KK

Maybe I should have folded my QQ(above) but as I knew the range of hands this player pushes with, I knew that a most of the time I’d be in front and that’s why I called him. Thankfully my luck held firm at the Darwin tables as I took down first place in both games.

I have to explain this hand since I the player who played the aces must have been thinking what I was doing here.

• First of all: I have to sometimes defend or at least establish a table-image of defending my BB.

• Second: he raised 4xbb to 160 on my BB making the pot 340 so if I call the 120 more, which is about 3-to-1 in pot-odds, with a reasonable hand like my pp 9s were then I could pull off a flop to try and hit my set.

• Third: To bet 240 on the flop just told me that he had an overpair to the board. He couldn’t have had the straight or trip Js because then he would have made a stronger bet to push me off a flush or higher straight-draw. I wasn’t folding to a 240 bet with a strong hand like I had so I re-raised to try and take the pot there and then with my three nines. I had him on AA,KK,QQ since he only raised 4xbb (according to my notes from previous encounters, raises for value with high pps and pushes with drawing hands like AK, AQ, AJ and A10, oooops! Did I just tell you my secret notes here? :D)

If his bet pre flop had have been bigger I just might have folded. Today’s results: Pushing my bankroll up with another $6 with 2 first places,1 third-place plus 1 ticket. Not too bad for a couple of hours work today. My buy ins for today have been 4 x $0.12 Helsinki-tables, 6x tickets at the Darwin-tables and 3 x $0.00 for the 90 days of freerolls.

I’m going to post graphs covering my progress once every week with a start next Monday. So this week is going to be 3 days longer in the graph! (even though the graph did have a huuuuuuuge dip on it Friday, LMAO, but I’m going to show it anyway)

One thing I’ve noticed past couple of days is the importance of eating right. Hungry = unfocused, stuffed = unfocused too. So late during the afternoon around dinner time I had to stop playing all together since it was useless and not worth the money. I haven’t had time to eat since breakfast. I simply started to play bad poker and misread the action people were giving me! On top of that the deck started to run cold for a while which added to my frustration, I could see my patience flying out through the window. So I was thinking to myself that I need to set up a schedule for the games that I’m going to play, planning ahead for food, coffee-breaks, what games to play, etc. As something I read somewhere before “Treat your poker as a job and do it well” Sounds like a good plan to me.

It’s so easy to end up being unfocused, which leads to getting knocked out and then to immediately register for another game without even considering what went wrong in the previous game. I don’t want to do that again so I made a plan and this time I’m going to stick to it :D