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Stanley Cup Playoffs, Trotting and the World Cup – Read about my betting weekend [Guest blogger]

Friday, May 28th, 2010

[Tobbe “Hippie hockeydynamit” from the northern parts of Sweden is an avid sports punter and customer since many years back. Tobbe has been with us on multiple customer events, last in New York for an exclusive NHL-weekend with our own ambassador Niklas Wikegård. Tobbe blogs mainly about ice-hockey and trotting.]

Stanley Cup Playoffs

As I’ve had some days off not only from blogging here but also from following any sports as well as from betting on them I’ve almost lost interest in it as I tend to do over the summer.

Okey, I’ve been watching the NHL semi-finals and the Ice-hockey World Championship with at least one eye, and I send BIG congratulations to 19-year old Timrå IK player Magnus Pääjärvi-Svensson for making the all-star team as well as finishing in the top of most statistic listings for the World Championship and bringing home a bronze medal to Sweden with him!

Coming up soon is of course the World Cup in South Africa and I will watch it but not follow every game and I’m a little surprised to see so many seems to think Spain will win the cup easily and even more surprised that England is among the favourites. I think this Cup will be hot in more than one way. Because of that I believe either Brazil or Argentina will win it. As for surprise teams I’ll go for the African ones, and looking back at the last African Nations Cup I think there will be more nations than Ivory Coast and Nigeria to watch out for this time as Ghana, Algeria and Cameroon all are teams good enough to stir up some fuzz even if neither of them of course will stand there as winner in the end.

South Africa will most certainly leave with three straight losses as they are simply not good enough in my eyes. But there’s still a couple of weeks until the World Cup starts and for me as a trotting and ice-hockey fan I have the swedish Elitloppet to look forward to already this weekend as well as the first game of the Stanley Cup final on the same sunday and on saturday there will also be some great races on Solvalla to watch and bet on with Sweden Cup as the highlight.

In the clash between Chicago and Philly I will put some money on Flyers as I think they’ve had the most impressive play of the two so far and has a great defensive. Blackhawks are too big of a favourite here and I really think they’ve had an easier way to the final so despite the fact that they have players like Toews I believe they at least will have a hard time going all the way – my guess for the series is that this will go to 6 or 7 games and a couple of overtime wins will be in it so I put my money on a draw in 60 minutes for the first battle to 4.10 in odds.

In Elitloppet I already have a bet on Lucky Jim but that was placed long before I knew he would have grid 7 behind the starting car in his trial heat. Now the race looks quite open and the qualifying races will show more and I rest for now when it comes to betting on the winner of the final. In Sweden cup I would have liked the opportunity to bet on from which qualifying heat the winner will come from as I think heat 1 has all the best trotters in it.

Now I’ll sit back, watch and look for anything worth betting for in the final instead but a small tip is that french horses are the best in the world so 5.50 on Quito D’aveze as winner of trial 1 for Sweden Cup seems okey at hand but remember grid 8 is almost impossible to win from at Solvalla and most probably you will see a lot of horses winning from the lead as usual in the summertime and especially on Solvallas track.

As I look for some higher odds as I’m not betting with big stakes on these two days of great racing I look at some place bets (top-3) instead and will put them in some kind of system, most likely in a Yankee, Patent or Trixie but I’m not at all clear about on which horses yet – much depends on what kind of weather and what type of track there will be and the first races of the two days will show a lot more of what to expect in the ones later on even if a first glimpse at the racing form looks like a lot of favourites will win both days.

Well, that’s all the thoughts I’ve got when it comes to betting right now and if I have to recommend just one bet I would put it on Copper Beech NOT reaching the Elitloppet final to 2.10 in odds – this horse has done well but I think he’s up against too good horses to finish top 4 in his heat this time.

Good Luck!

Supertoto coupon with a guaranteed winning of €10,000 to one sole winner [Guest blogger]

Thursday, May 13th, 2010

[Tobbe “Hippie hockeydynamit” from the northern parts of Sweden is an avid sports punter and customer since many years back. Tobbe has been with us on multiple customer events, last in New York for an exclusive NHL-weekend with our own ambassador Niklas Wikegård. Tobbe blogs mainly about ice-hockey and trotting.]

Hey there, betting fans! Coming up this weekend is first of all the last games of the italian and spanish top leagues in soccer and together with the final clash between Boston and Philly in the NHL play-offs (what a great series this has been!) and with the IIHF World Championships going into a more interesting phase this must be one of the most interesting betting weekends in a long, long time. And a great time in front of the TV is also expected for us “armchair sportsmen” :)

My own betting weekend is soon to begin while I’m writing this with two of the biggest trotting races in Sweden for 4-year old trotters with Queen Silvia’s and King Gustaf’s cups, and these two races each holds two really outstanding horses as favourites in Viola Silas and Maine Wise As and I’ve placed a couple of early bets on both of them to 1.85/3.25 as winners and as they are now down to 1.69/2.35 and still dropping it feels great right now anyway.

I also have a bet for a trotter named Askö Toy to 40 times my stake as winner of his race and 8 times on a place (top-3) bet and after as well a swedish expert as top catch-driver Erik Adielsson put out warnings for this one the odds has dropped to 20/7.50 so even that bet feels good but as you all know it ain’t over ’til the fat lady sings and just about at the same time I guess this blog will be posted.

I will have the answer to if my bets were that good that I believe right now. The clash between the toughest teams in the NHL right now will be interesting in more than one way as my beliefe (or hope, as I have a bet on Slovakia to win the World Cup) is that Satan as well as Chara will join the Slovakian team if Bruins get knocked out and I look upon this as a fairly good chance even if a team coming back from three straight losses from start to win a series hasn’t happened in the play-offs since 1975.

For the game as such I hope will have live-betting for this game as I for one will not miss watching it live! This game has a great chance to become a classic one and it will spell B-L-O-O-D and W-A-R on the ice!

And now to the football games at last. Nerves, psychology and maybe even bribes (in Italy, ha-ha) are things to consider here and I for one will place some money betting on the Supertoto Euro mix extra coupon for sunday. What happens if Inter or Roma scores early? Or if Barca or Real does the same? Or the other way around? And will teams like Xerez (sad to see them leave, frankly…) or Atalanta put up a fight?

Well, I must say this is the kind of Supertoto coupon I look for all year and with one match out (Milan-Juve) there’s only 11 left and with a guaranteed winning of €10,000 to one sole winner this one really thickles my nerves! Won’t tell you how I’ll be betting on my coupon but come join me to make a great pot for the winner now, will ya?

Now I’m going back to trotting for a while with my expectations for swedish Elitloppet (on May 29:th) where I’m looking forward as many trotting fans to see if US #1 trotter Lucky Jim is as good as the rumour travelling across the Atlantic before him speaks of. You can still get 3.50 on a win bet and 1.85 on place (top-4) betting with and as he is compared to a trotter like Mack Lobell it feels like quite good odds here, especially as there will most probably be no great french trotters in the race (Solvalla racing course will not pay for any flights to get trotters here from France as they have done before) and as swedish favourite Torvald Palema has not looked any impressive at all on the course this far.

If anyone is looking for high odds here I recommend a bet on canadian trotter Define The World which has been up there with Lucky Jim in the trans-atlantic elite races and will most probably be given a nice race by his driver to 35 in odds to win and 5 times your stake to finish amongst the top four.

Well, I believe that’s all for now and in a couple of hours I will have the answer to if my trotting bets for tonight were right or just useless and don’t forget mr Hockey’s blog here – he’s HOT right now!

Good Luck with your bets!


It’s almost impossible to lose if you just follow your brains, use statistics, bet on markets you know well [Guest blogger]

Tuesday, May 4th, 2010

Stupid, stupid, stupid and even more stupid, that’s the best way to describe myself when it comes to betting over the past few days. I’ve had just so many rights on my main bets starting with the Robertson-Spurs-Fenerbache three-fold which I mentioned in my latest blog followed by Chelsea’s win at Anfield, Xerez win against Almeria, Pens win in their first game (even a handicap bet there) against Montreal, the draw between Boston and Philly (etc…) and I even picked a winner on the trotting course each and every day since thursday but have managed to lose it all betting on systems, going all-in on other trotters and of course some bad luck in some games like the second battle between Sharks and Wings.

That brings me to speak some of the “bad luck” I don’t really believe in. I used to be just like many I know – blaming bad luck for my losses – but with the internet betting scene I’ve come to the conclusion that luck, or bad such, has nothing to do with wins or losses, nothing whatsoever. According to me “bad luck” is just another word for stupidity when it comes to betting.

If you just follow your brains, use statistics, bet on markets you know well and last but not least; NEVER follow your heart, then it’s almost impossible to lose. But that will of course take a lot of the fun of watching sports out of it :)

As an example from two nights ago I was watching Sharks vs Wings and Wings were wrestling down Sharks if not easily so at least they were in total control of the game. Usually I don’t bet on my favourite teams but in this case I did and watching the game I couldn’t keep from live-betting already from the first period and when I had in many ways already counted in my winnings.

What happens? Well – the ref’s sees a penalty on Bertuzzi that wasn’t there while closing their eyes for all the Sharks more or less obvious obstructions, Kronwall takes a stupid penalty in box-play and suddenly Sharks is 5-on-3 and scores. Okey, I thought, I have enough money on a draw to at least make a small winning, Detroit is starting to take over the game once more and then what happens? Yes, Lidströms stick break when he tries to take a shot up by the Shark’s blue line and suddenly the game is 4-3 in favour of the Sharks with only minutes to go… Bad Luck? Don’t think so!

I’ve been watchin hockey for too long, and as my fav team Timrå IK has a reputation of sleeping with the jinx I know what I’m talking about here, to know that this is hockey! At it’s finest, to be honest. Of course the refs would give the Sharks some advantages in the end of the game when they were playing at the Tank and Wings were in the lead. Composite sticks break a lot and it´s only when it comes to things like this it’s taken great notice of.

And when a team is being out-played as I believe the Sharks were most of the game (Well, I admit my eyes are somewhat coloured in red and white when it comes to hockey) and they score an equalizer they will even score the winner most of the times.

Well – that’s it for now and if you don’t believe in the jinx or that I’ve been cursed by it (sometimes I wonder myself, ha-ha…) you can always follow my example and bet for a trixie with draws on Valencia – Xerez tonight, remember Xerez is a totally different team now and that they still have a chance to stay in Primera, and on both the NHL quarter-finals and if Xerez manage to take a point in Valencia I will put in a small guard on a double with wins for Wings and Pens :)

Good luck with your bets!

NHL Sharks

I go for a three-fold with Spurs, Fenerbache together with Neil Robertson [Guest blogger]

Friday, April 30th, 2010

Sitting here in front of my TV with this mornings first cup of coffee in front of me and Red Wings first loss in the semi-final against Sharks behind me I’m feeling a bit philosofical around my role as a supporter in contradiction to the way I react as a betting man.

The fan of the Wings puts the blame on the referees, thinks Nabokov was more than lucky making that save with only seconds left and Howard was on the other hand of course just unlucky when San José got the puck in the net via his “fifth hole” (between his legs) while the part of me who lost on betting on a draw sees upon the same game from a different view: Of course Sharks will have some benefits playing at their home, even from the referees.

Nabokov had a great game between the posts and Red Wings must get more shots on goal to beat him more than the three times they did so. The Detroit defence including Jimmy Howard were useless for a couple of minutes in the first period and that’s enough to lose a quarter-final i ice-hockey.

Simply a bad bet that might have worked for me anyway with some luck but you can’t rely on luck to win on the betting scene. Good for me I had some winnings from earlier on Thursday eve, betting on a double with wins for Liverpool and Fulham (speaking of luck…) and I’m now even more confident then before in my bets on Red Wings, as I know they have so much more to show, and Pens, as they most probably already have won their place in the finals in knocking out Senators.

This weekend has lots of good sport to watch (when I clicked on my saved favourite leagues at I had to scroll down quite a bit) but I don’t find that many good bets. I go for a three-fold with Spurs, Fenerbache together with Neil Robertson (in lead 6-2) against Ali Carter in the snooker championships to double my stake as a starter.

Bets on the NHL play-offs will be on draws except for Pittsburgh – Montreal. I believe 1.72 on Pens is too good an offer to refuse ;-) I think this will be all I put any money on this weekend as I don’t have any real feeling for any team in any other game, just a lot of maybes, so to speak, and/or odds not worth betting for.

When it comes to the Swedish trotting scene, which I like to bet on from time to time and also make a good profit from most of the time ;), that’s very much the same with great races but not so good betting opportunities. I will put some money in on a Trixie with place bets on Bobtail (Örebro race 5 saturday), Debbie Brodda (race 8) and True Q (race 10) but I can’t pick even one winner…

Good Luck with your bets!


I’ve been making quite a good profit in the last days [Guest blogger]

Friday, April 23rd, 2010

After watching Senators vs Penguins last night I might just have had an od of hockey for a while, at least until Red Wings goes on the ice this morning :) Tonight I place my bets on Washington to knock out Montreal and Detroit to win together with draws in the other two games that’s on in a Yankee (if you don’t know what this is just click “bet system“) and if that fails I bet on Wings to win.

Thanks to swedish trotting and the snooker championship (an 8-fold on only favourites quadrupled my stake) I’ve been making quite a good profit in the last days even if my bets on the NHL didn’t go that well the last two nights. The 40-something ranked Martin Gould which I mentioned before as winning against Marco Fu in the snooker championships seems to be this years sensation as he now is on his way to knock out Neil Robertson but the big talkie is of course veteran Steve Davis that might be on his way to knock out reigning champ John Higgins! (This match is on right now while I’m writing with and 8-4 lead for Davis)

I haven’t checked out all the bets there is to choose from this weekend but I must raise a warning for Xeres in spanish Primera – they have lost only two of their last ten games (one in the last five) and Barca is too big of a favourite here. They have the CL title in their heads and before their eyes and things have gone too smoothly for them all season which showed not least in the derby against Espanyol last weekend as well as in their loss against Inter. Good Luck!