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FC Bayern Munich – a club with many faces

Thursday, February 10th, 2011

This week we have had international friendlies and therefore there is no Bundesliga game on Friday night. We have – however – nine exciting Bundesliga matches to look forward to on Saturday and Sunday. One of the games is between FC Bayern Munich and Hoffenheim. Bayern Munich is an interesting club for many reasons; it is not only the most successful club of German history but it is also a club that people tend to have strong feelings about. When traveling around in Germany you easy get the feeling that people either hate the club or love it. Why is it that people tend to be so opinionated about the southern club?

As mentioned above Bayern is the most successful club in Germany and with success you usually get a lot of enemies. Success makes people envious of you but this might not be the whole truth. People who oppose the club claim that they – the Bayern – tend to disregard other German clubs by using their financial muscles unfairly when buying up young talented German players. The fans of the club dismiss this argument and claim that Bayern – as opposed to many other clubs – at least by German players and try to make them grow and develop in a proved environment. Another reason for people to dislike the “reds” from Munich is the attitude of the officials of the club that many Germans name as “Überheblich” (eng. arrogant). The president of the club Uli Hoeness is often accused of being over-confident or big-headed. The proponents of Hoeness argue that you have to have a self-confident attitude in order to lead a club with very high ambitions.

On top of the club’s high-profile officials Bayern have had a culture of signing players that tend to be very vocal and outgoing in many ways. One of these players was Stefan Effenberg. In the World Cup of 94 he gave the finger to the German fans at the stadium following a poor performance of the German team. On another occasion he was fined 10,000 euro after having called a police officer “asshole”. To top it all off he married the highly controversial Claudia Effenberg who is the ex-wife of former team mate Thomas Helmer. Some other famous Bayern stars that are worth mentioning are Oliver Kahn, Mario Basler and Frank Ribery. Kahn was famous for his immense desire to win which sometimes brought him into disrepute. In a game against Dortmund in the year of 1999 Kahn tried to kick the Dortmund player Chapuisat which rendered in the nick name “Kung Fu-Kahn”. Mario Basler was a very talented player but he was also in the habbit of living a wild private life which included heavy smoking and fights in bars. Frank Ribery is the player in today’s squad that most frequently appear in the yellow press. Last summer he went to see a prostitute that at the time of the encounter only was 17 years of age. Ribery later denied having known about the girls age and also denied having paid for the sex although he admitted giving her 100 euro in pocket money.

Regardless what you think about Bayern Munich and the officials of the club you can never take away their success nor their ability to entertain people who like football. Let’s be honest – we all like to read about players who don’t act like media trained robots all the time.

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