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Ten winners heading to Las Vegas and Scotty’s Boot Camp

Monday, May 10th, 2010

Ten happy Scotty’s Boot Camp winners are now heading to Las Vegas with for a ten day adventure with world champion and poker legend Scotty Nguyen.

“This is like a dream coming through”, says one of the winners, Swedish Örjan Kunosson.

The ten winners are:

Juha Niemelä, Finland

Örjan Kunosson, Sweden

Jan Orlicky, Czech Rep

Dmitrijs Kohanovs, Latvia

Georgios Alexopoulos, Greece

Artur Jakubiec, Poland

Eugen Schmidt, Germany

Magnus Skumsnes, Norway

Maris Smilga, Latvia

Stefan Schumann, Germany

The ten winners from around Europe will spend ten days in Las Vegas where they will get exclusive poker lessons from Scotty Nguyen, poker ambassador at, during the first three days at Venetian Hotel. In the evening they will have a private BBQ with Scotty and also have a big night out at the Strip, Las Vegas famous landmark. Everything will be rounded of with participation in WSOP event 3 at Rio Hotel. “The whole prize and trip is a big honor to me, this will inspire me as a poker player and to meet Scotty will be a memory for the rest of my life”, says winner Örjan Kunosson.

Scotty’s Boot Camp is being held between May 25 and 27, and the WSOP event 3 start on May 29.

“I am really looking forward to meet the winners from I will be able to give each player a lot of time, attention and advice – the fact that it is limited to ten players means that I can give one-on-one training and I will also show them all that Vegas has to offer at night”, says ambassador Scotty Nguyen, who have cashed more than $11 million during his career in live tournaments.

Congratulations to all winners!

Scotty's Boot Camp in Las Vegas

Scotty Nguyen finished eight in last week’s WPT World Championship

Monday, April 26th, 2010

Scotty Nguyen finished eight in last week’s WPT World Championship and is full of confidence ahead of the WSOP in Las Vegas which is the next big event for the poker legend.

- I feel much better this year compared to 2009 and I will be there at the tables to beat them in the WSOP baby, says Scotty. The poker ambassador was one of the main title contenders with ten players to go in the WPT World Championship at Bellagio.

- Everything felt right during the first five days and I was really gunning for the title, recalls world champion Scotty.

Scotty did an amazing run among the 196 players in the massive $25,000 buy-in tournament and had even the WPT Player of the Year Award in his hand if he would have won the title, but he finally busted against Daviud Benyamine with a set of eights against a set of tens.

- At that moment I felt bitterly disappointed, but looking back at the tournament, and also the spring overall, all feels very good for me at the tables now.

- Afterwards I went home and worked in the yard, it wore me out and made me happy again; I got other things on my mind.

This weekend, the online finals in the Scotty Boot Camp are held at were the lucky winners who will go to Las Vegas at the end of May, for an exclusive poker boot camp with Scotty and, will be picked.

At the end, David Williams won the WPT World Championship and bagged $1,5m. Scotty Nguyen cashed $105,823.

Scotty Nguyen in the WPT

Late nights at the Norwegian Championship in Riga

Friday, March 26th, 2010

Hi everyone! Yesterday was without a doubt the heaviest night of the Norwegian Championship 2010!

Day 1B was long and had a start field of over 400, making the tournament hall absolutely packed! Our Terje started out with the leader jersey and we will get the chip count later on today to find out who is on top.

Scotty was definitely on top last night when he decided to play a heads up with Thor Hansen, WSOP winner. Being the bigger man he let Thor take this one home… the guys enjoyed their game with a couple of beers and kept it on playful level this time. But we are hoping for a rematch soon.

After a good time at Bellagio in the casino we moved to the best night club around in Riga with over 30 players and showed them how we enjoy ourselves expekt style. We had one of our big Latvian players, bratPARTYPANA who is right now on 6th place in our Scotty Boot Camp. Lets all cross our fingers that he gets a seat to our WSOP event! Hans Ari Varsi, Omaha winner had to celebrate with champagne and I have a feeling everyone might just be a bit tired today when ME day 2 starts at 2 pm. I will keep you posted!

Celebrating Hans Ari’s big win with a glass of champagne.

Scotty and Thor is getting ready for the heads up.

“Malicya” is leading the race for Scotty’s Boot Camp in Las Vegas this summer

Sunday, February 21st, 2010

Scotty’s Boot Camp started last week and we have a leader, “Malicya” with 129 Boot Camp points, closely followed by 24romanSK and MrSwingy. Scotty’s Boot Camp will be a once in a lifetime opportunity to learn, play and chill out in Vegas with’s own World Champion Scotty Nguyen. Will you be there? Check out the full leaderboard here.

The Scotty Boot Camp packages are worth $10K each and includes a buy-in for the WSOP event 3, flights for you and a friend and money cannot buy night out, BBQ, poker lectures etc with our own Scotty Nguyen.

We had Scotty Nguyen on the phone from Las Vegas looking back at 2009

Wednesday, December 23rd, 2009

Poker legend Scotty Nguyen finished 2009 on a high when he reached the final table in the WPT Doyle Brunson Classic in Las Vegas cashing $250,000 just before Christmas.

- It was nice to end the year with a good run. My big goal for 2010 will be to win an EPT tournament, the only title I don’t have, says Scotty, poker ambassador for

Scotty Nguyen has won almost everything you can wish for as a poker player in his long and illustrious career. Scotty Nguyen became World Champion back in 1998 when he won the WSOP Main Event. He is currently the only player in the world who has won both the WSOP Main Event and the $50 000 WSOP H.O.R.S.E event. He won the massive H.O.R.S.E title in 2008, a title by many viewed to prove whom is the best all round player on the planet with the huge buy-in and challenging structure. All together he has cashed $11 million in tournament winnings.

Scotty says:

- Whatever you win as a poker player, the Main Event in WSOP is the biggest title you can win. It does not compare to anything and it is a title that all poker players aim for, to be the world champion.

Can you win it again?

- Of course I can. I came close in 2007 when I was chip leader with 13 players of 6 000 left. It still hunts me that I didn’t win it for a second time, but it also drives me on to reach that dream again.

Scotty swooped the World Series of Poker in 2007, boasting six tournament cashes, two final tables, and that near repeat performance of his 1998 Main Event victory.

We called up the poker legend in his beloved Las Vegas and had a chat about life and poker looking back, and ahead to 2010.

Will you always live in Las Vegas, Scotty?

- Does the pope have a funny hat, baby? It was Las Vegas who made me who I am. It shaped my life when I came from Asia and it is a city to cherish and respect for me and my family. I will always love and live in Las Vegas.

Your family and wife Julie means a lot to you?

- Julie is my rock in life. She is my biggest support and biggest love. I am blessed in that way, baby. I think 80 percent of all top poker players is divorced. The reason might be that too many just have poker on their mind. No wonder that the wife gets sick of listening to bad beats and good beats night and day.

- I don’t even have a deck of cards in my house! When I come home from work I am only two things; a husband and a father. I relax when I have my family around me and I play with the kids, cook food, chill out and take care of my garden with all the flowers.

Still, will your kids be poker players you reckon?

- No. I want them to study and play sports. I really try to steer my kids into sports, basketball for example. I love sports myself, basketball, boxing, soccer. At home I watch a lot of sports and nature and animal programs, but never the poker channels. What would you have done if you hadn’t been a poker player?

- I am poker through and through and will play until my last day or at least as long as my hands work. But if not, I would have come up with some way to make money and support my family. I learned that in Vietnam, starting to play poker in the streets as a seven-year old. My mum never had to buy me anything; I bought my own clothes, food and books for school.

- I also did a lot of trading in the military camps. I bought sweets and cigarettes for 50 cents and sold it for 1 dollar. I have always been like that, finding a way to do money. – Then, later on, when my mum come to Las Vegas for the first time and a stranger stopped us at the street and asked for my autograph, she started to cry. She was proud. She knew her little son had made it.

You were in Europe a lot last year with What did you think about that?

- I loved Europe, especially Budapest. It was a great city and I hope to come back there. I never seen my wife Julie photograph so much as she did there. She had the camera in her hand all the time. I also liked the clean air in Stockholm and the buzz in Barcelona. But you struggled in the tournaments?

- I am not at all pleased with my results from WSOP and onward, until my fifth place in Doyle Brunson Classic in Bellagio before Christmas. At WSOP everyone was talking about my goal to win $4 million and it affected my play and concentration.

- In Bellagio, I was back on track. I was short-stacked with 15 players left but wasn’t that worried. Daniel Negreanu always says that he never worries about me when I am short-stacked because I am at my best then. Some say I am the best short-stacked player on the planet and I think I showed that in Bellagio. The other players fear me when I am short-stacked, baby.

Going back to Europe, what do you think about the players here?

- I admire the attitude among the top European players. In US, so many players just think about surviving until the next day. European players come out to play and they attack. I see a younger me in some of the younger European players I met. They fear nobody and really have attitude. Some of them even intimidate me.

What are your big goals as an player in 2010?

- WSOP will be better this year for sure. But my big goal is to claim an EPT title. It is the only title I lack in my career. I will do also my best to learn the players more about poker in my columns at and the fans can also follow me on Twitter and my Facebook fan page. Together with I will as well do a very special promotion in 2010 during the spring, but I will get back to that. Sounds interesting, baby.

We can look ahead to a new and exciting poker year. With Scotty Nguyen onboard planet poker, you feel that anything can happen.